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Easy Social Like Box – Popup – Sidebar Widget icon

Easy Social Like Box – Popup – Sidebar Widget

The Easy Social Like Box – Popup – Sidebar Widget plugin is a powerful WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that enables website owners to add a like box to their WordPress and WooCommerce website. This like box can be used to create a social network that allows your website visitors to access your social media profiles with the click of a button. The Easy Social Like Box – Popup – Sidebar Widget plugin also makes it easy for website owners to build customer loyalty and loyalty programs, add social activity streams to their websites, and customize the look and feel of their like box. Furthermore, this plugin supports five popular social networks and includes a wide range of customization options.
Simple Like Page Plugin icon

Simple Like Page Plugin

The Simple Like Page Plugin is a powerful and popular WordPress plugin designed to help website owners and administrators enhance the user experience and engagement. With this plugin, you can easily integrate like buttons for your content, pages, social media accounts, and other associated activities. This plugin allows for immediate feedback from visitors and helps to increase website visitor activity, driving increased traffic and more shares of your content.
Booster Extension icon

Booster Extension

The Booster Extension for WordPress is a powerful and comprehensive plugin that has been created to help users optimize their WordPress websites. This plugin can be used to make WordPress run faster, reduce page loading times, improve loading speeds for mobile users, boost SEO rankings, and more. It was created with users of any skill level in mind and fully integrates into the WordPress dashboard, making the plugin extremely easy and convenient to use. This article will provide an in-depth description of the Booster Extension and what it can do to benefit WordPress users.
Genesis Simple Share icon

Genesis Simple Share

The Genesis Simple Share plugin is an incredibly convenient WordPress plugin designed to quickly share content from your WordPress website or blog on your social media platforms. Installed in a few easy steps, this plugin gives you the functionality to add dozens of popular social sharing icons to any page of your website. You no longer need to fumble through the code library or edit website features manually, as the Genesis Simple Share plugin can alleviate the whole process and make social sharing quick and easy.
Simple Share Buttons Adder icon

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder is an incredibly popular WordPress plugin that provides an easy way to add share buttons and other related social media functions to any WordPress blog or website. This plugin is easy to install and offers a unique set of features that make sharing content across social media platforms quick and easy.
Social Login & Register for WordPress – 40+ Social Networks icon

Social Login & Register for WordPress – 40+ Social Networks

... In the vast realm of digital experience, the creation and management of a website require thoughtful decisions, especially when it comes to user experience. The versatility, relative ease, and flexibility provided by WordPress make it one of the highly chosen platforms for creating a website. Nevertheless, it is the purposefully developed plugins that make the WordPress ecosystem even more resourceful, and one such plugin is the 'Social Login & Register for WordPress – 40+ Social Networks'. This plugin stands out not only for its core objective and capabilities but also for the simplicity and user-friendly nature it has been designed with. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of this WordPress plugin and help you understand its nuances.
Social comments by WpDevArt icon

Social comments by WpDevArt

Social comments by WpDevArt is a powerful plugin for WordPress websites that helps website owners to engage their visitors, boost website presence in terms of social media sites, and increase communication between the website and its users. With social comments plugin, website owners can create a unique discussion scenario in which social media users may share their conversations without leaving the page. It is a great tool for websites aiming to boost their user engagement and build relationships with their target audiences.
10Web Social Post Feed icon

10Web Social Post Feed

The 10Web Social Post Feed is an incredibly versatile and impressive plugin for WordPress users. It is designed to help WordPress users share content from their social networks on their own WordPress websites. With a few simple steps, users can integrate content from popular social networks like Twitter and Instagram into their WordPress website, creating a visually appealing and interesting home page.
Sticky Social Icons icon

Sticky Social Icons

In the vast realm of connectivity and digitization that is our present world, blogging has not just become a hobby but a professional activity carried out by millions of individuals and corporations across the globe. WordPress, known for its user-friendly interface and diversity of components, stands as one of the most utilized platforms for this activity. One such essential component that adds to the functionality and appeal of a WordPress site is the 'Sticky Social Icon' plugin. Evolving with the proliferation of social media, this plugin manifests the interplay between blogging and social media platforms, enhancing the reach of the blog while providing readers with a seamless experience.
Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress website icon

Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress website

The Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress is a powerful and innovative tool designed for website owners who want to keep up with their visitors online and make sure their content stays fresh. This plugin is simple to install and use, and provides a variety of features for users of all levels of experience. It allows you to integrate multiple social networks into your website, giving people an easy way to follow you and share your content. You can also create a visually appealing feed of your website posts, as well as keep track of the latest news and posts on social networks.