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Click to Chat – HoliThemes is a powerfull WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily implement live chat capabilities on your WordPress website in order to provide fast customer support and interact directly with website visitors.
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Very highly recommended!

Click to Chat – HoliThemes: A Comprehensive Review

Click To Chat – HoliThemes is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add click-to-chat functionality into your website. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a ‘Contact Us’ page to your website, as well as provide users with a direct link to initiate contact through a variety of different chat applications. It is a great way to provide customers with another way to contact you, and can help establish a more reliable and user-friendly way for prospects and customers to interact with your business.

Click to Chat – HoliThemes: Breakdown

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Click To Chat – HoliThemes is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to quickly add click-to-chat functionality to your WordPress website. It allows you to place a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website that allows customers to quickly and easily initiate communication with you through a range of different chat applications. This plugin has a simple setup process which can be completed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to integrate 1 or multiple chat applications without having any programming or coding experience.

Once the plugin is installed, it provides a direct link which customers can simply click on to initiate contact, making it incredibly simple for both you and your customers. With over 20 different chat applications available, you can choose the best one for your needs. Some of the available chat applications include Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts. This plugin also allows you to add your own custom message when the link is clicked, enabling you to personalize the customer experience.

Click To Chat – HoliThemes also allows you to customize the ‘Contact Us’ page according to your personal preference. It enables you to add a logo, background image, font, and color to your page, making it easy for customers to recognize the business. It provides you with the ability to add a short summary of the business, giving customers a clear understanding of the services you provide.

Pros of Using Click to Chat – HoliThemes

Faster customer service: Using the Click to Chat – HoliThemes plugin is a highly efficient way of providing customer service that requires very little effort on the part of the customer service agent. The customer simply needs to click on the “Click to Chat” button, enter their details, and the customer service team can then start chatting with them in real time, providing faster service that could result in better customer satisfaction.

Customizable design: The plugin provides many customization options, allowing you to tailor its design to match the look and feel of your website. You can easily customize the colors, font size, and other design elements to create a unique experience for your customers. This ensures that your customers have a pleasant and consistent experience when using the plugin.

Improves customer engagement: The Click to Chat – HoliThemes plugin is an excellent way to engage with your customers. With its easy-to-use features, you can quickly and easily build relationships with your customers, as it allows them to ask questions and receive answers in real-time. This plugin provides an interactive way to interact with your customers, helping to foster loyalty and trust in your business.

Increased customer satisfaction: Using a plugin such as Click to Chat – HoliThemes can help to increase customer satisfaction. By providing an easy-to-use and efficient customer service solution that facilitates real-time conversations, customers are more likely to have all their questions answered in a timely manner, leading to a better overall experience.

No coding required: Using the Click to Chat – HoliThemes plugin does not require any coding knowledge or technical experience, so it is accessible to people of all skill levels. This makes it easy to set up and use, allowing you to quickly get it up and running on your website without the need to hire an expensive development team to do the job for you.

Cons of Using Click to Chat – HoliThemes

Lack of Customization Options: The main drawback of the 'Click to Chat – HoliThemes' WordPress plugin is that it doesn't offer much customization options. The plugin only allows users to make a few changes in certain areas, such as the link to the chat session, the color scheme, the icon and the message users will receive. This means that any changes or features that require more extensive customization will need to be coded from scratch.

Difficult to Keep it Updated: The 'Click to Chat – HoliThemes' WordPress plugin is often susceptible to bugs and other issues. This means that in order to keep the plugin up-to-date and working, it must be regularly updated with any fixes or patches that may become available. Unfortunately, this can be troublesome as users may not always remember to check for updates or take action when necessary.

Lack of User Documentation: The 'Click to Chat – HoliThemes' WordPress plugin also lacks user documentation. There is only one page of written documentation available which provides general instructions on how to use the plugin on the website. This results in users having to search the forum or other websites for answers to questions they may have.

Malicious Code Risk: While the plugin does contain a few security measures to prevent malicious code from running on your WordPress site, the risk is still there. Hackers can still find security vulnerabilities in the code and use them to inject malicious code. This means that users of the plugin need to be aware of this risk and take extra precautions when using it.

Difficult to Integrate Other Services: Finally, the 'Click to Chat – HoliThemes' WordPress plugin is not designed to integrate with other services or applications. This means that if a user is already using other services or applications, they may have to spend extra time coding for the plugin to work in conjunction with the existing setup.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Click To Chat – HoliThemes is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that makes it simple to add fast and reliable click-to-chat functionality to your website. With an easy setup process and a range of customization options, this plugin is sure to provide customers with a convenient and reliable way to contact your business. It is an essential tool for any website and is sure to help your business establish a more user-friendly customer service experience.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.31.1
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 500,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Social media integration
    The 'Click to Chat – HoliThemes' WordPress plugin provides a great way for website owners to easily integrate their website with their existing social media accounts. This allows visitors to easily reach out to you by simply clicking a chat icon, which connects to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media accounts, without ever having to leave the website. This plugin not only simplifies communication between website owners and their visitors, but it also increases engagement and interactions on their social media pages. This plugin is extremely easy to set up and requires minimal effort.
  • Activity tracking
  • Customer support
  • Automated response
  • Live personalization
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  • whatsapp
  • whatsapp business
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  • whatsapp support