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WooCommerce Blocks icon

WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks, the newest WordPress plugin, has been released to the public as part of the WooCommerce suite. This plugin empowers web developers to build customized ecommerce experiences with the new Gutenberg-based WooCommerce Blocks, which are designed to be powerful, flexible, and developer-friendly. Simply put, WooCommerce Blocks can revolutionize the way businesses create and manage their online stores.
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Melhor Envio

In today's digital age, shipping logistics can be a challenge for ecommerce businesses, especially when it comes to efficiently managing different couriers, calculating costs, and ensuring a seamless delivery process. These businesses are continually looking for ways to simplify the shipping process while still providing excellent customer service. One such solution is the Melhor Envio WordPress plugin. The plugin is an innovation designed to alleviate the hassles associated with logistics, thus enabling ecommerce sites to function more smoothly and effectively. This article provides an in-depth understanding of the Melhor Envio plugin and proves why it is a must-have for every ecommerce entrepreneur.
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WooCommerce Amazon Pay

The online e-commerce landscape has changed significantly in recent times. Consumers now have wider access to a wide range of products from around the world, while businesses have been able to expand their customer base to include customers from virtually any location. As such, in order to maximize profits, it has become essential for online businesses to have a payment solution that meets the needs of both customers and merchants alike. This is where WooCommerce Amazon Pay comes in – a WordPress plugin that helps online businesses to accept payments from customers using their Amazon account.
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WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway

Do you want a payment gateway that is secure, quick and convenient to use? The WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway for WordPress is a plugin that can provide your customers with the fast and secure checkout process they need to make online purchases. This plugin seamlessly integrates PayPal’s checkout system into your e-commerce site, allowing you to quickly and easily start accepting payments through PayPal. Whether you’re starting an online store or you’re looking to upgrade the checkout process of an existing store, this plugin can help you do it quickly and securely.
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Pinterest for WooCommerce

In the digital age, it is especially important for business owners to have an active presence on as many platforms as possible. People use different platforms for different purposes and if a business could capture users’ attention on more than one platform, it would greatly increase their exposure and user engagement. That is why WordPress platform has become such an attractive option for businesses to create their websites. Through WordPress, users can install plugins and expand the functionality of their website, from adding posts to creating an eCommerce store. One of the most popular plugins for eCommerce stores on WordPress is Pinterest for WooCommerce, which allows businesses to create a seamless integration between their online store and the Pinterest platform.
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Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook has become a major player in the world of e-commerce. With millions of users, it allows businesses to reach huge audiences with ease. But managing and optimizing a Facebook presence can be challenging. To make it easier, there’s the ‘Facebook for WooCommerce’ WordPress plugin. This helpful tool allows users to connect their WooCommerce site to their Facebook account, meaning they can start increasing their conversion rates even faster.
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Klarna Payments for WooCommerce

The eCommerce landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, and store owners are always looking for new opportunities to gain an edge over the competition. One way to do this is to incorporate innovative payment solutions into a store’s checkout process. Klarna is a popular payment provider used by many stores, and the Klarna Payments for WooCommerce WordPress plugin allows store owners to easily add Klarna checkout and payment options to their WordPress-powered online store.
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WooCommerce PayPal Payments

The WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin is an all-in-one solution for WordPress users who are looking for an easy way to accept payments on their WordPress websites. This handy plugin integrates PayPal’s secure payment gateway directly into your WordPress dashboard, meaning you don’t have to leave your website to accept payments. With its range of features, offering customers a secure and convenient way to pay for goods and services is hassle-free.
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WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

Shipping and tax are an integral part of any online business activity. Merchants need to ensure their products and services are packaged and delivered to the customer in the best possible way. This means that merchants need to come up with good solutions for different aspects of the shipping and tax process. One such solution is WooCommerce Shipping & Tax – a WordPress plugin that helps e-commerce sites manage their shipping and tax needs in a smooth and efficient way.
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Shapely Companion

The Shapely Companion is a WordPress Plugin designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of the popular ThemeShapely theme. It offers a range of features and tools that can be used to customize and improve the overall look and feel of any WordPress website. The Shapely Companion provides a range of features aimed at both beginners and experts alike and is a must-have for any website running the Shapely theme.