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Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows website owners and businesses to add customer testimonials to websites. As a business owner or webmaster, you can easily manage customer testimonials with this plugin in no time. Testimonials tend to add credibility to a business and can be an effective tool in converting visitors into customers. Easy Testimonials is the perfect plugin if you're looking for a hassle-free way to showcase customer reviews or testimonials on your website.
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Event Tickets and Registration

Are you planning a conference, workshop, or other type of event? Making sure that your guests can easily register and purchase tickets for your event can be a challenging task. The ‘Event Tickets and Registration’ WordPress plugin is the perfect solution to make event registration hassle-free. It is an easy to use and feature-rich tool that provides a secure and fast way to manage ticket sales and registrations for all types of events.
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Analyticator is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to easily track the performance of your website in various ways. Whether you are tracking the performance of a single page, a blog post, or an entire website, Analyticator can easily and accurately provide the insights you need. Tracking data such as the number of visitors, page views, and most popular posts can give you the feedback you need to optimize your website and boost your online presence. With Analyticator, you have the tools to make informed decisions about your website and its content.
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Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin

The 'Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin' is an innovative and much-needed solution for the real estate industry. Developed by iHomefinder, a renowned company specializing in real estate solutions, this plugin is specifically designed for WordPress websites. The genesis of this system is a response to the ongoing digital revolution in various industries globally, including real estate. The Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin has made it easier for real estate agents, brokers, and firms to have a powerful and fully-functional real estate website that targets a broad spectrum of customers with its unique and advanced features.
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SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images WordPress plugin is a powerful tool for optimizing images on WordPress websites and blogs. It allows users to quickly and easily add extra attributes to images, making them easier to find by search engines. This plugin has been around for a few years now and is constantly being updated to stay ahead of the latest SEO trends. This plugin is ideal for website owners wanting to maximize their use of images for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.
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Google Listings & Ads

Google Listings & Ads is a powerful WordPress plugin from MediaVibe that provides business owners and marketers with an efficient and reliable way of advertising their business in Google search results. With the help of the Google Listings & Ads plugin, businesses can significantly improve their presence in search engine results. It also provides detailed metrics and feedback to help businesses better understand their online performance in terms of organic search traffic and advertising.
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AI Powered Marketing

AI Powered Marketing is a WordPress plugin that can help you use artificial intelligence (AI) to create an effective online marketing strategy. This plugin is designed to provide users with a comprehensive marketing solution that is both easy to use and powerful. It can help to drive more qualified leads, improve sales conversions, generate more traffic, personalize content, and more. As the name suggests, AI Powered Marketing is powered by artificial intelligence, providing users with the ability to quickly and accurately analyze and segment data, as well as to develop personalized campaigns and strategies.