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AddQuicktag is a WordPress plugin which assists in adding HTML tags to the visual editor. It adds integration with HTML editor to provide easier and faster access to frequently used codes. Improve workflow and increase productivity with AddQuicktag!
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AddQuicktag: A Comprehensive Review

The internet has revolutionized the modern world, connecting almost every corner of the world together. As a result, businesses of all sizes now rely on forms of digital media to reach wider audiences and increase their customer base. WordPress has long been a popular website builder for entrepreneurs to establish and manage their own blog. One such plugin, AddQuicktag, offers webmasters an intuitive interface that allows them to effectively customize and manage their WordPress sites. In this article, the functionality of the AddQuicktag plugin will be explored in detail.

AddQuicktag: Breakdown

Settings area in WordPress 4.0-alpha

The AddQuicktag plugin is a simple but powerful tool designed to give webmasters total control over their WordPress blogs. At its core, the plugin adds the ability to instantly insert HTML tags such as the “h1” tag for headlines or “ul” tag for lists, into content text without having to manually type them out. This function is not only extremely useful for bootstrapping a website, but also for allowing greater customization down the line. For example, webmasters can readily include styling options such as bolding or streaking of word or sections in a post.

Aside from the insert functionality, the AddQuicktag plugin also offers several easy management features. These range from the ability to easily add custom HTML tags to update the look of a page to the ability to easily create and manage different versions of a website before its launch. This helps webmasters ensure that the site they are creating will meet all the desired criteria before its launch.

Moreover, the plugin also has a built-in code editor that makes it simple to debug code and preview changes before they go live. This in turn can save countless hours of manual testing and can significantly reduce the time needed for successful launch and maintenance of a site.

Pros of Using AddQuicktag

Easier Editing: AddQuicktag helps streamline the process of editing posts and pages. The plugin adds buttons for frequently used HTML or XHTML tags to the Write or Edit Post/Page screens. This saves users from having to manually enter tags, allowing them to commit less time to formatting and more time to creating interesting content.

Quick and Simple Installation: Setting up the AddQuicktag plugin is easy. It only takes a few moments to download the plugin and install it through the WordPress Plugin Installer. This quick and simple installation is the first step to streamlining your editing experience.

User Friendly: The user interface and design of AddQuicktag is great for novice users. Choosing a button adds the relevant HTML or XHTML code to the post. This makes the plugin straightforward and easy to understand.

Frequent Updates: Regular updates for AddQuicktag are available on the WordPress Plugin Directory. These updates fix any reported bugs and further improve plugin functions. Keeping AddQuicktag up to date ensures that it is compatible with the latest WordPress version and runs securely.

Time Saving: Using AddQuicktag is a great way to save time. After creating posts or pages, users can click on the buttons provided by the plugin and quickly insert tags without having to manually write HTML or XHTML code. This time saving feature makes it an especially beneficial plugin for frequent WordPress users.

Cons of Using AddQuicktag

Lack of Security and Quality Assurance: Using 'AddQuicktag' WordPress plugin is a potential security risk as it has not gone through any quality assurance process prior to being released to the public. The plugin itself is very easy to use and simple to install, but without adequate security measures it is possible for malicious code to be smuggled in and executed in the browser. Despite the plugin allowing you to customize your quicktags, there is no guarantee that those changes are secure.

Difficulty to Upgrade: Upgrading the 'AddQuicktag' WordPress plugin can be especially difficult as the plugin is built on an now unsupported legacy version of WordPress. This makes it difficult to ensure that any changes or updates made to the plugin are compatible with the current version of WordPress. Additionally, if you wish to add new features or modify existing ones, you may need to build custom extensions which can be time consuming and difficult to test.

Performance Issues: When using 'AddQuicktags' WordPress plugin, performance may suffer as the plugin adds an extra layer of complexity on top of the WordPress core. This can make your WordPress site slower to respond, which can lead to decreased user satisfaction. Additionally, the plugin often runs inefficiently due to its complexity which can add additional strain on server resources.

Impairs Usability: The 'AddQuicktag' WordPress plugin does not always play nicely with the default WordPress editor, and may break the user experience of trying to edit material in a timely and efficient fashion. This is because the plugin adds its own set of quicktags which can interfere with existing ones, causing confusion amongst users about which quicktags are the most relevant.

Poor Documentation: Documentation for the 'AddQuicktag' WordPress plugin is also lacking as the information provided is often difficult to understand, and instructions are often vague and incomplete. This makes it difficult to get the most out of the plugin as users are often left to their own devices when it comes to troubleshooting and solving any issues which they may encounter while using the plugin.

94% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The AddQuicktag plugin is a fantastic and extremely useful tool for creating and customizing a website. With its suite of features, webmasters have total control over how their site looks and how it functions. From the simple insertion of tags to more advanced debugging, the plugin has the tools to make website building and editing easier and quicker than ever. If you’re looking for an efficient and powerful tool to build or customize your WordPress site, the AddQuicktag plugin is definitely worth considering.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.6.1
  • Last Updated: 3 years ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 5.7.10
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Adding a bio to an About Us page
    The 'AddQuicktag' WordPress plugin can be used to instantly add shortcodes to a page. This can be especially helpful when a website owner needs to quickly insert a bio paragraph to an About Us page. Simply add the [quicktag bio] shortcode to the HTML of the About Us page, and then use the 'AddQuicktag' settings in the WordPress admin panel to customize the bio content and its appearance. All that's needed is a few clicks, and the desired content will be inserted into the page.
  • Adding widgets to pages
  • Adding email opt-in forms to blog posts
  • Adding links to pages
  • Adding embeddable content
  • add buttons
  • button
  • editor
  • quicktag
  • tinyMCE