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WP Activity Log is an advanced activity monitor for your WordPress sites, keeping a complete log of every action and change made on your WordPress websites, including user and other activity.
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WP Activity Log: A Comprehensive Review

For users of WordPress, the WP Activity Log is a useful and effective tool for monitoring changes, notifications, and even a complete user activity log with comprehensive information about user roles, capabilities, and security. It serves as a logbook for WordPress that helps keep track of what users are doing on the system and when, making it an invaluable resource for system administrators or power users that need to monitor and track events.

WP Activity Log: Breakdown

The WordPress activity logs from where the site administrator can see all the user and site changes.

WP Activity Log, also referred to as WP Security Audit Log, provides an easy way to log user activities, changes, and other important events in the WordPress dashboard. It can be used to profile user roles and capabilities, to identify and fix errors, and to perform audits for security purposes. It logs information about user activities such as login attempts, changes to posts and pages, security updates, and more. Additionally, it can be configured to log activities from other plugins as well. The plugin provides an easy way to view and filter all the events that have been logged in the WordPress dashboard.

The plugin provides detailed information about the type of event and user profile. For example, when a user logs in or out, the plugin will display the username, IP address, and user agent of the user. When a user changes a page or posts, it will document the content that has been changed. In addition, it shows details about the user activity, such as the date and time of the event and the user’s role. It is also capable of generating reports that allow users to analyze trends in user activities.

WP Activity Log also provides notifications and alerts that are displayed on the WordPress dashboard. The alert messages contain the type of event as well as the username and the IP address of the user that generated the event. This feature helps users to quickly identify any suspicious user activity. Additionally, the plugin provides an RSS feed and an action log viewer that can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard. This allows administrators to access user activity log information from any web browser.

Pros of Using WP Activity Log

Security and Compliance Monitoring: The WP Activity Log plugin is an effective security tool, as it is able to detect any changes made to your WordPress website. It provides in-depth reporting and monitors all type of events, such as changes to content, modifications, logins, failed logins, and suspicious activities. It automatically tracks activities and generates extensive reports that can be used for compliance reporting and audits. Furthermore, it allows you to set up custom alerts for instances, like potential hacking attempts, that can be sent to you via email, SMS or webhooks. This feature lets you stay on top of the security of your website.

Easy to Use: The WP Activity Log plugin is designed for users of all levels of technical expertise. Even the most novice user can take advantage of this plugin's features. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin, and the monitoring begins. This process takes only a few clicks, and is very fast and easy.

Performance Visibility: The WP Activity Log plugin provides visibility into backend operations of your WordPress website. It keeps track of the changes made by users, both logged in and logged out. It also tracks user activities that are happening in the background, without leaving any traces that were there beforehand. This helps in performance visibility, and better management of your website.

User Management: The WP Activity Log plugin provides a comprehensive user management feature. It can identify which users are logged in, what activities they are performing, and when they last logged in. This can help make user management more efficient, and minimize potential risks that can arise from access to unauthorized activities. This feature also allows you to instantly revoke user access, restrict access to certain content, and forgot passwords for users.

Improved Website Visibility: The WP Activity Log plugin allows you to better understand what’s happening on your website and how users are interacting with your content. It provides detailed visibility into website activities, such as pages visited, logins, content that is being modified, etc. This helps you to make better informed decisions and optimize your website performance.

Cons of Using WP Activity Log

Lack of Details on Activity Logs: The WP Activity Log plugin does not provide detailed and descriptive activity logs like other commercial logging solutions. It shows just the basic details of activities like ‘User X logged in’, but not full details like ‘User X entered the settings page and changed the URL of the homepage’. This is a major issue for organizations that require a lot of detail and logs to control user access and other activities in security purposes.

Poor User Interface: The user interface of the WP Activity Log plugin makes it difficult to quickly find the logs and search for specific activities. It also limits the number of logs that can be seen on a single page to 100. This makes it difficult to quickly analyze the user activity logs as they are not easily searchable and accessible due to the limited number of logs displayed.

Potential Security Issues: The WP Activity Log plugin is not a fully secure log service. It does not provide the level of security that is available with commercial logging solutions and thus makes a website more prone to security threats. It does not provide any kind of encryption of data stored in the logs as well, which makes the data vulnerable to be intercepted by hackers.

Requires Regular Database Maintenance: As the WordPress Activity Log stores all the logs in the WordPress database, it requires regular maintenance of the database. This often requires manual effort and can be time consuming and costly. Moreover, if the database gets corrupted, then the logs will also be affected and the data can become unavailable.

Resource Intensive Plugin: The WP Activity Log plugin is quite resource intensive because it keeps creating log entries for every action that a user triggers on the website. This can considerably impact the system resources and cause slowdowns in the performance of the website.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

WP Activity Log is an effective tool for monitoring user activities, changes, and security updates within WordPress. It provides detailed information about user profiles and activities, as well as notifications and alerts for suspicious activities and reports for analyzing trends. The plugin can be configured to monitor activities from other plugins, and it provides an easy way to view and filter events in the WordPress dashboard and an RSS feed for accessing activity log information from a web browser.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 4.6.1
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 200,000+
  • WP Version: 5.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.2 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • General Website Auditing
    The WP Activity Log plugin is a complete solution for website auditing. It helps to track who is making changes to your WordPress website, when those changes are made and what kind of changes are made. It logs all kinds of events and actions including user activities, security changes, plugin and theme changes, and much more. The plugin is extremely useful for tracking all the website changes users make and generating reports of the findings. It makes auditing the website a lot easier and more efficient.
  • Plugin and Theme Updates
  • User Activity Logging
  • General Security Management
  • Error Logging
  • Activity Log
  • audit trail
  • security audit log
  • security event log
  • user tracking