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ACF Quick Edit Fields WordPress plugin allows you to quickly add, edit, delete, and sort custom fields directly from edit screens in WordPress. It supports Advanced Custom Fields & Custom Post Types and offers additional options for custom field visibility and sorting.
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Very highly recommended!

ACF Quick Edit Fields: A Comprehensive Review

The ACF Quick Edit fields plugin for WordPress is an incredibly useful tool that allows users to quickly edit and update their WordPress posts and pages without having to leave the page. This plugin allows for easy access to the data fields, which are often lost in the WordPress dashboard. It also allows for quick changes to the content of pages and posts, as well as how they appear on the page.

ACF Quick Edit Fields: Breakdown

Field group admin with filter option (Select field)

ACF Quick Edit Fields is a WordPress plugin with many benefits. Once installed, it allows users to quickly and easily add fields to their posts and pages. This plugin adds the ability to customize individual fields for each post or page, including titles, dates, authors, categories, tags, and even descriptions. It also allows users to easily edit or delete existing fields from their pages and posts. Additionally, it provides users with the ability to add custom fields, such as images or videos. This plugin also allows users to quickly modify post and page drafts, as well as preview changes before saving them.

The ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin is extremely user-friendly. It allows users to quickly switch between fields, so they can easily make changes without having to move from page to page. It also displays a clear outline of the various fields so users can easily see which ones they need to edit. This saves a lot of time, as users don’t need to dig around in the WordPress dashboard to make changes. The plugin also includes helpful tutorials and support to help new users successfully navigate the plugin and its various features.

Finally, the ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin provides users with an option to save their changes without publishing them. This feature lets users save their work and make changes whenever they’d like without having to post the edited version right away. This adds an incredible level of convenience for users who are regularly making changes to their pages and posts.

Pros of Using ACF Quick Edit Fields

Enhanced User Experience: The ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin provides a quick and easy way for users to customize the content of post and page editing. It saves time by allowing users to quickly add custom fields to a post or page and edit them without having to go through the whole editing workflow. This plugin also allows users to enter a wide range of data types from images to codes with ease.

Dynamic Content: The ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin also allows for dynamic content. This means that the content within posts and the pages can be easily tailored to the preferences of the user. This can be done quickly and easily with no coding required. This allows the content to fit the needs of the individual user.

SEO Friendly: The ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin helps users create SEO friendly content. The plugin allows users to add meta descriptions, page titles, and other SEO-relating details to the posts and pages that are being edited. This helps to increase the visibility of the content on search engine results pages, helping to boost the ranking of the associated website.

Customization: The ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin allows for great styling and customization to be made to the content. Through the use of custom fields, users can control everything from the colour scheme to the font size and style. This helps to ensure the website stands out from the competition and makes it more attractive to visitors.

Open Source: The most appealing aspect of the ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin is that is open source. This enables users to modify the coding of the plugin to their own specific needs. Furthermore, many of the features of the plugin are free to use providing a cost-effective alternative to many of the other web-editing plugins available.

Cons of Using ACF Quick Edit Fields

Lack of compatibility with Older Versions: ACF Quick Edit Fields only works with versions of ACF Pro 5.8+ and WordPress 4.6+, making it inaccessible or limited for users of older versions of either platform.

Loss of data integrity: The Quick Edit Fields plugin is designed for quick setup and editing of field groups, but this may lead to data integrity issues in specific cases.

No Custom Validation or Conditions: Using the Quick Edit Fields plugin limits the ability to set field conditions or custom validation rules due to its reliance on the existing ACF validation.

Potential for Conflicts: Because the Quick Edit Fields plugin is built on top of the existing ACF framework, it is possible that it could be subject to conflicts with existing ACF functionality depending on how it is used.

Requires a Subscription to Access: In order to access ACF Pro, and thus the Quick Edit Fields plugin, users must have an active subscription to the software which may not be available to all users.

90% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin is an invaluable resource for WordPress users. It makes editing existing posts and pages incredibly easy and efficient. It also adds a level of customization to the user’s page or post, allowing them to add custom fields, images, and videos. Finally, it provides users with the option to save their changes without publishing them, allowing them to make changes when they wish. All in all, this plugin truly is a must-have for those who work with WordPress.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.3.0
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.7+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Backend Editing of ACF Content
    This use case involves editing the content created using the ACF Quick Edit Fields plugin within the WordPress admin area. The plugin provides a number of fields with associated settings that can be used to easily edit existing data. For example, users can modify post titles, author names, publish dates, and more. This allows admins to quickly make changes to content without having to manually edit it through the WordPress content editor.
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