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This plugin adds sticky menus and headers to your WordPress website and blog, helping you create an interactive and user-friendly design. Increase page engagement and appeal with sticky menus & headers that reduce bounce rate.
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Very highly recommended!

Sticky Menu & Sticky Header: A Comprehensive Review

The ‘Sticky Menu & Sticky Header’ is a WordPress plugin that allows users to easily incorporate sticky elements into their WordPress site for true usability of the site for their customers. Sticky menus or headers provide the visitor with an easier and more enjoyable experience on the page and makes it easier to navigate and engage with the website’s content. The feature is particularly useful on longer pages, where sticky menus act as an anchor to the top of the page and helps visitors to find their way back without having to scroll down the entire page. With the ‘Sticky Menu & Sticky Header’ plugin, users can create and customize sticky menus and headers directly from their WordPress dashboard.

Sticky Menu & Sticky Header: Breakdown

Basic Sticky Menu Settings screen

The ‘Sticky Menu & Sticky Header’ plugin is built on a drag-and-drop platform, allowing users to easily customize the appearance of their sticky menus and headers. It is also fully compatible with any modern WordPress themes, enabling users to use their existing web design to create and customize a sticky header that preserves the overall look and feel of the site.

Using the plugin, users can create a sticky menu bar that displays on any page, post, or archive on their WordPress site. This enables visitors to find content faster as they do not have to scroll to the top of the page or scroll through the entire site search bar in order to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, users can create a sticky header containing a logo, main navigation, and secondary navigation. This allows visitors to easily understand the site’s main organization and hierarchy of content.

Furthermore, the plugin also offers an array of customizable elements to help users tailor the appearance of the sticky menus and headers to their liking. widgets, icons, and color pickers. Users can also control the position of the menu and header and the responsiveness of the elements on different devices.

Pros of Using Sticky Menu & Sticky Header

Increased Visibility: With the Sticky Menu & Sticky Header WordPress plugin, you can keep important sections of your website visible at all times, which increases visibility for users and encourages more engagement. This means more click-throughs and conversions.

Keep Info in Sight: No matter how far a user scrolls through your page, the menu andheader will remain in sight, making it easy to access other pages of your site, contact info, or other quick options.

Customize Position: With this plugin, you can customize the position of your menu and header to any spot on the screen. This helps draw attention to any area of focus, such as an upcoming product launch or discount offer.

Adjustable Dimensions: Not only can the plugin be used to move the menu and header around, it also features adjustable dimensions. This means you can resize the header and menu bar, make it bigger, smaller and adjust it to fit the special needs of your website.

Save Time & Effort: Another fantastic feature of the Sticky Menu & Sticky Header WordPress plugin is the ability to save time and effort in rearranging your page structures. By making the menu and header stay in the same place, this plugin eliminates the need to adjust page layouts every time you update the website.

Cons of Using Sticky Menu & Sticky Header

Incompatible with Themes: Depending on the theme you are using, there may be incompatibilities with Sticky Menu and Sticky Header WordPress Plugin. This can cause problems like changes to the look and feel of your website, or the inability to use certain features like menu items.

Limitations on Menu Items: The WordPress plugin has a limitation on menu items. It restricts the number of menu items that can be anchored to the top of the page, and there is no option to add or remove any of those items. This can be problematic for websites with multiple menus, as all those anchors will have to fit into the same space.

Lack of Customization: The plugin does not offer much in terms of customization options, so you will have to accept the basic look and feel of the sticky menu and header. This can be an issue for those wanting to customize the look and feel of their website to reflect their own personal brand or design aesthetic.

Obstructive to User Experience: Sticky Menu and Sticky Header WordPress plugins can sometimes be obstructive to the user's experience. The sticky menu or header may cover some of the content on your page, or move as the user scrolls, making them have to constantly wait for the menu bar to load or search for the item they want.

Slow Loading Times: Sticky Menu and Sticky Header WordPress plugins can significantly increase loading times, especially when paired with other plugins and scripts. This can be especially problematic for those with slower internet connections, or if visitors are using mobile devices to access your website.

94% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Sticky Menu & Sticky Header plugin is a great way for users to incorporate sticky elements on their WordPress websites for enhanced usability of the site. It provides visitors with an easy way to navigate the page and quickly find the content that they are looking for. The plugin is extremely easy to use and allows users to customize the plugin’s elements to make it look and feel consistent with the overall design of the website. Furthermore, the plugin also offers improved responsive support for different devices, allowing visitors to easily browse the website on any platform.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.32
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 3.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.2 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Allow for better website navigation
    Sticky Menu & Sticky Header WordPress plugin is an ideal tool to provide easier website navigation. With this plugin, users can easily access the navigation links anywhere on the page. You can set up the menu as sticky so that it stays visible, even if the user scrolls down the page. This eliminates the need for users to scroll back up in order to access the navigation menu.
  • Appealing Visual Effects
  • Advanced Features
  • Increased Interactions
  • Ease of Use
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