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The Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM is a plugin that allows you to easily add social media icons to your WordPress site. Easily customize your own set of icons from 20+ social networks simply with a few clicks.
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Very highly recommended!

Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM: A Comprehensive Review

The powerful and feature-rich WordPress plugins by WPZOOM make your website look professional and have an easy to use the interface. The ‘Social Icons Widget & Block’ from WPZOOM is an immensely popular choice for adding social media profiles to a website. It allows users to link to their social media networks easily and customize fonts, colors, and backgrounds. This plugin takes your website visitors towards your social media profiles, driving more traffic and conversion.

Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM: Breakdown

NEW: Social Icons Block

The Social Icons Widget & Block is among the most stable and feature-rich WordPress plugins developed by WPZOOM. This plugin allows its users to display social media icons on their website in a highly customizable way. The plugin offers full control over the size and colors of icons along with font family customization. You can link up to 9 social media profiles in a single widget with the Social Icons Widget & Block.

The Social Icons Widget & Block offer styling options for changing the Icon Size, Color, Style, and Background Color of the widget. It also provides support to most popular social networks by default, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and many more. Additionally, you can add your own custom icons to the widget by uploading them in SVG format. If you want to increase the visibility of icons, you can also have them arranged in a drop-down menu.

The WPZOOM plugin also supports collaborative efforts by allowing you to add links to member profiles. So, if you want to display profiles of all the members of the company, you can do that with a single widget, adding members’ social media profiles. The network remains synchronized across all the connected websites, and editing any of the profiles makes the change visible across all sites.

The Social Icons Widget & Block plugin sets itself apart from other social media plugins by offering unlimited customization options. Users can control the direction of the icons, choose a layout type, transform how the icons look with custom CSS, create a hover effect, change the influence of light and shadow, and customize font family, size, and color.

The Social Icons Widget & Block is also fully integrated with WPZOOM themes, allowing its users to easily customize the look and feel of the widgets according to their individual aesthetic preferences.

Pros of Using Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM

Easy Setup: Setting up the 'Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM' plugin is quick and convenient. Once you've installed the plugin, it automatically creates 9 attractive social icon sets ready to be placed wherever you want them on your website. All that's left to do is connect each icon set to relevant social media accounts and you’re ready to go.

Choose from 9 Eye-catching Icon Sets: The 'Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM' plugin offers 9 beautifully designed icon sets for you to choose from. You can quickly switch between them without any coding knowledge. To customize each icon set, simply select the sizes, shapes and colors you want in the options panel

Simple to Link Accounts: It's quick and easy to link each icon set to the relevant social media accounts. All you have to do is enter the account URL in the relevant icon box and the plugin will do the rest. No need to paste any code which makes the process super convenient and straightforward.

Display Icons Everywhere: Once you've connected your accounts, you can add the icons to any page or post using the Gutenberg Social Icons block. Alternatively, if you're using a widget area, you can simply drag and drop the 'Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM' widget to display your icons in any widget-ready area.

Link Icons to External URLs: The 'Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM' plugin also enables you to link each social icon to an external URL of your choice. This feature is great for linking your social icons to a social account, a website, or any other URL you need without having to manually enter it each time.

Cons of Using Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM

Incompatible with Multisite: The Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM plugin is not compatible with WordPress Multisite feature, which makes it inconvenient for websites that rely on network functions to efficiently promote their social media presence.

Limitations on icon design: The plugin is limited to the selection of icons that are available to choose from, which restricts users from creating unique and personalized designs for their social media icons.

No control over icon placement: The plugin does not offer users any control over the placement of the icons on their website. This means that users have to manually adjust the coding of the icons in order to position them exactly how they want them to appear on the page.

No support for Social Media APIs: The plugin does not have any support for connecting to the api's of social media networks which could allow the user to fetch content from the social networks for displaying on the website easily.

Difficult to Customize: The plugin is difficult to customize, which makes it even more difficult for users to make their social media icons stand out from the rest of the website's content and layout.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM is an essential tool if you want to add social media profiles to your website. It is compatible with all major browsers and fully integrated with the WPZOOM themes. The plugin provides unparalleled freedom when it comes to customizing colors, fonts, and backgrounds. It is suitable for all types of websites, whether they are business websites, personal blogs, or eCommerce platforms.

Moreover, the plugin is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. It is also suitable for collaborative projects, as it allows users to link member profiles and keep them updated across all connected sites. Therefore, if you want to make your website up-to-date with modern social media standards, the Social Icons Widget & Block is an ideal choice.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 4.2.15
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 5.2+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.2 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Choosing Social Icons
    Using the Social Icons Widget & Block by WPZOOM, users can quickly and easily add social icons to their WordPress site in multiple ways. When users install the plugin, they can select from a selection of pre-existing optimized social icon sets or create their own custom selection. This is extremely helpful for creating a cohesive and visually-pleasing design.
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