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SMTP Mailer: A Comprehensive Review

The SMTP Mailer plugin for WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool that allows users to take control of the outgoing emails sent from their WordPress website. Increasingly, email sending from a website requires taking advantage of an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. The SMTP Mailer plugin allows users to configure their WordPress site with an external SMTP server, such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook or other SMTP-compatible mail service. As a result, users can have complete visibility into the emails sent from their site, reduce the number of invalid emails sent, and gain insight into how many emails were opened, clicked or bounced.

SMTP Mailer: Breakdown

SMTP Mailer Settings

The SMTP Mailer plugin gives WordPress users the ability to access and use their own external SMTP server to send emails from their WordPress site. By leveraging an external SMTP server for sending emails, users can benefit from increased visibility, improved security, and increased deliverability of emails. The plugin is also extremely user-friendly and does not require a lot of technical knowledge to implement. The SMTP Mailer also offers a range of advanced features that give WordPress users the power to take greater control of their email sending. For instance, users can use a variety of authentication methods such as OAuth2, Basic Authentication, or CRAM-MD5. This provides WordPress users with the added security of a secure connection to their SMTP server. Additionally, by using the SMTP Mailer, users can create custom emails and view detailed email logs. Lastly, users can also use the SMTP Mailer to set up email filters and restrictions, allowing them to send emails to only specific users, or to block certain types of emails from being sent.

Pros of Using SMTP Mailer

Low Prevalence of Issues: The SMTP Mailer WordPress plugin is well-known for its reliability and low prevalence of issues. This makes it a convenient and low-maintenance plugin choice that does not require as much user attention or bug-fixing for optimal performance.

Import/Export: SMTP Mailer provides a convenient feature for exporting or importing settings. This is an especially useful feature for developers who have access to multiple WordPress websites and need to quickly establish the same set of settings for both.

User-friendly Controls: The plugin's interface is simple and intuitive, making it straightforward for all levels of users to set up and configure. From the simple drop-down menus to the easy-to-understand alerts, users can quickly adjust their settings without needing to consult external tutorials or documentation.

Compatibility: SMTP Mailer is known for its compatibility with most WordPress versions, hosting providers, and email systems. This makes it a great choice for developers who need an email plugin that can cover a wide range of set-ups without needing additional customization.

Premium Support: The SMTP Mailer plugin also provides premium support, which is especially useful for businesses or developers who need quick assistance with any issues or questions they may have. This makes it an ideal choice for users who need extra support or security safeguards.

Cons of Using SMTP Mailer

Lack of Security: One of the main downsides of using the SMTP Mailer WordPress plugin is that email security is not as comprehensive as with services like those offered by Gmail and Outlook. In some cases, messages can be sent from unencrypted servers, leaving them vulnerable to hackers. Furthermore, the lack of authentication may result in a higher chance of spoofing or phishing emails.

Potential Conflicts: Using the SMTP Mailer plugin can lead to conflicts with some other WordPress plugins. It’s best to disable the other plugins when you’re actively using the SMTP Mailer plugin, as several plugins do similar functions and can cause conflicts with this one. Failing to do this can lead to unexpected errors in the WordPress dashboard or errors in the sent emails.

Dependent on Provider: Using an SMTP server from a provider like Gmail and Outlook means that any downtime in their services can affect your ability to send and receive emails. Additionally, changes in their security policies can disrupt the plugins function, forcing you to re-configure it to match the changes.

Spam Grievances: Having the SMTP Mailer plugin in your WordPress installation can leave you open to complaints of being a potential spammer. If you send out mass emails, there is a high chance that your message will wind up in the spam folder of a user. This leaves you vulnerable to potential grievances as well as possible blacklisting of your domain.

Restricted Access: The SMTP Mailer plugin restricts access to those who have access to the WordPress dashboard. This can be a major issue if your team is made up of people who are either not tech-savvy or do not have access to the dashboard at all. Furthermore, daily responsibilities and deadlines may fail to be met if access to the plugin is restricted.

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In conclusion

The SMTP Mailer WordPress plugin is an essential tool for any WordPress user who wants to have complete control over the outgoing emails from their site. It is user-friendly, secure and provides users with visibility and control over their email sending process. By implementing the SMTP Mailer plugin, users can take advantage of improved security, increased visibility, greater deliverability, custom emails, detailed logs, and email filters and restrictions.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1.11
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 60,000+
  • WP Version: 6.4+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Notifying Customers of a Promotion
    The SMTP Mailer plugin can be used to craft an email template for customers informing them about an upcoming promotion. This plugin simplifies the process of making sure the email reaches the right person and helps ensure that the template looks professional. Additionally, the plugin can be used to create additional email templates for updates, special offers, and correspondence with customers
  • New User Account Confirmations
  • Emails About New Content
  • Creating Newsletter Templates
  • Alerts and Notifications
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