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The Head Meta Data Plugin for WordPress allows you to add custom meta info and keywords to posts and pages. Quickly set up meta data for better SEO.
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Head Meta Data: A Comprehensive Review

Head Meta Data is a WordPress plugin that can help add, modify and manage meta tags in the header of every page of a user’s WordPress website. Designed to allow website owners and developers to quickly and easily optimize meta tags, the plugin can be especially helpful for those looking to boost their SEO or increase their rankings in searches. By properly managing and constructing the meta tags in the header of a page, users can ensure that their pages are correctly indexed and that they are presented in the best possible way to the search engines.

Head Meta Data: Breakdown

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The Head Meta Data plugin makes it incredibly easy for users to improve the SEO of their websites. It comes with a variety of features and settings that allow users to quickly and easily manage and construct the meta tags in the header of their WordPress pages. With the plugin, users can easily create and add meta tags to each page of their site, as well as edit the existing tags to make sure they are optimized for search engine ranking criteria.

The plugin also comes with a number of helpful features that make it easy to track the performance of your website. It allows users to monitor how their pages are performing on search engines, and make any adjustments necessary to improve their SEO. It also helps users identify common problems with meta tags and other SEO elements, and suggests ways to fix those issues. Additionally, Head Meta Data provides users with detailed analytics and analysis of their webpages’ performance.

Moreover, Head Meta Data is designed to work with WordPress’s existing theme and plugin system, making it a breeze to integrate into existing websites. Users can easily adjust and customize the plugin via a simple user interface, and access a number of pre-built settings to get their website running efficiently in no time. The plugin also comes with detailed instructions and helpful tips to ensure a smooth setup process.

Pros of Using Head Meta Data

Easy to integration and setup: The Head Meta Data WordPress plugin is easy to integrate and set up. All users need to do is simply install and activate the plugin, and they can start initiating head meta data for their websites. Furthermore, users can customize the plugin settings to adjust it according to their needs.

Great time-saving tool: Head Meta Data WordPress plugin allows users to save a great amount of time when setting up and optimizing their websites. This plugin offers a simple dashboard to define meta data headers for posts, pages, and custom post types. This allows users to easily review and update their metadata settings.

Enhanced SEO: Having head meta data on a website helps to enhance its search engine optimization (SEO). Head meta data can provide information about the page topic and content which is useful in better understanding and organizing the content by search engines. The WordPress plugin makes it easy to ensure the data is accurate and optimized for maximum SEO effect.

Customized fields: The WordPress plugin allows users to customize the head meta data fields by setting data limits for title and description to ensure the content adheres to the search engine’s requirement. Furthermore, users can additionally set image and image sizes to have the best results according to the desired search engine.

Multiple user roles: The Head Meta Data WordPress plugin provides access to multiple user roles. This allows users or teams to collaborate on the head meta data setup and benefit from the plugin settings. This feature can be very useful for organizations that have several members maintaining the website.

Cons of Using Head Meta Data

Inability to customize output: The Head Meta Dataplugin does not allow users to customize the fields of the output. Some users may are looking for more customizable outputs, such as including dynamic data selections. This will limit the way users can utilize the plugin.

Incompatible with certain themes: Head Meta Data may not be compatible with some WordPress themes. Issues may arise, depending on the theme used. Developers suggest that to mitigate this possibility, users should seek out themes that are compatible with the plugin and use those instead.

Delay in Indexing Meta tags: The indexing of meta tags after activation of the Head Meta Data plugin is at least a few days, as it takes time for the search engine bots to spider through and view them. This can put a delay in the user’s website optimization, and in turn their overall SEO efforts.

Lack of Updated Versions: Head Meta Data has not seen an update since 2015. So, while it still works and is compatible with up-to-date WordPress versions, the lack of updates means that any potential bugs may not be fixed in the future.

No Export Option: Users of Head Meta Data cannot export or back up the metadata information into an outside file, which can be time-consuming process for larger WordPress sites. This lack of data portability means that users need to manually try one plugin if they wish to switch from Head Meta Data to another plugin later.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Head Meta Data is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add, modify and manage meta tags on a website. With a variety of features and settings, the plugin makes it easy to improve the SEO of a website, while also providing users with analytics and analysis of their website’s performance. It’s easy to integrate into any existing WordPress theme or plugin system, and it comes with helpful instructions and tips to ensure a smooth setup. For those looking to increase their SEO and website rankings on search engines, Head Meta Data is a great tool to have.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 20231026
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6.20 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Backup and Restore Head Meta Data
    This plugin allows you to easily back up and restore head meta data, such as meta tags, meta descriptions and other content relating to the title tag, from one WordPress site to another. This plugin can be used to avoid the tedious and time consuming process of manually copying and pasting tags from one WordPress site to the other. This tool also allows users to preview their changes before committing them to the website.
  • Reuse Head Meta Data
  • Verify Head Meta Data Content
  • Optimise Head Meta Data For Social Media
  • Create Automatic Redirection Linking
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