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Say What? is a WordPress plugin designed to make plugin and theme translation easier. This easy to use tool enables you to quickly customize text strings and domain names right from the WordPress dashboard.
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Say what?: A Comprehensive Review

The Say What? WordPress Plugin provides a powerful admin tool for website owners to easily view, edit, and delete text strings within their website’s themes or plugins. It so happens that text strings, such as company slogans, are hard-coded into themes and plugins, making them difficult to update. The Say What? WordPress Plugin makes this process significantly easier and more efficient. With the help of this invaluable plugin, users can quickly and conveniently access, modify, and delete hard-coded text strings, allowing them to keep their website content current and attractive.

Say what?: Breakdown

List of configured string replacements

Say What? works in tandem with WordPress’s Developer Tools. Simply install the plugin, then navigate to the Theme or Plugin’s Editor in the Dashboard. The editor will list all the available text strings for the theme or plugin in question, giving the user the opportunity to review, edit, or delete any string from the theme or plugin. To make the process even easier, the Say What? WordPress Plugin remembers each text string and its corresponding editing capability, lists it under the appropriate heading, and even shows a preview of what the customized text string will look like.

Say What? WordPress Plugin also provides the user with insight on how the changes made to text strings will impact their website. It does this by showing the user a detailed list of all the changes made, with helpful descriptions of what each of the changes does, as well as any warnings that may be associated with a particular change. This feature makes it easier for webmasters to make sure they are applying the correct changes to their website in order to achieve their desired effect.

Say What? WordPress Plugin also provides the ability to bulk edit multiple text strings at once. This can be especially beneficial for users who need to change text strings on multiple pages, such as updating terms and conditions across multiple product pages. Say What? allows users to select multiple text strings, apply the chosen change, and quickly update multiple pages at one time.

Finally, Say What? WordPress Plugin allows users to backup their text strings and restore previous versions. This can be handy for users who want to go back to their original text strings after trying out a new version. Simply make a copy of the original, make the changes to the text strings, and use the plugin to restore the original text strings at any time.

Pros of Using Say what?

User Friendly Interface: The Say What? WordPress plugin makes it easy for users of all levels of technical expertise to configure and edit their posts and pages. The intuitive interface allows users to quickly identify selections with titles that are immediately apparent to them. Additionally, the plugin creates a convenient dropdown list of all previously selected strings, allowing for easy reuse of labels or titles within the same page or post.

Improved SEO: When configuring a page or post in WordPress, titles, button or form field labels, and other elements should be as easily found by Machine Learning algorithms and search engine crawlers as they are by humans. The Say What? WordPress plugin allows webmasters to control exactly how these elements are represented, allowing for better indexing of content and, ultimately, improved SEO results.

Change Text On The Fly: The Say What? WordPress plugin enables webmasters to quickly and painlessly change various text elements on their pages or posts without having to manually edit source code. With a few simple clicks, text can be changed from one language to another, rewritten or customized, transformed to comply with new regulations, and more.

Editable Labels: The Say What? WordPress plugin allows webmasters to label any of the elements of their page or post with a custom string. This allows for quick and painless organization of web pages into categories, menus, or other related groups, providing an extra level of contextual meaning and allowing for better search engine optimization.

Dynamic Text: The Say What? WordPress plugin also allows webmasters to include dynamic text into their pages or posts, such as weather updates, news stories, or stock quotes. This extra level of interactivity can lead to higher engagement and improved user experience on the resulting page or post.

Cons of Using Say what?

Inefficient Performance: The 'Say what?' plugin is known to be inefficient and loads slowly, which can severely impact the user experience. It does not always respond as expected or quickly, leading to longer page loading times that can diminish the user’s attention and increase the likelihood of potential errors. This can be especially frustrating for businesses that rely on user experience in order to keep customers coming back to the website frequently.

Buggy and Unreliable: The plugin can often be unreliable and glitchy. Developers of this plugin are known to push updates that introduce more problems than they solve, and the errors that occur can cause improper page and post loading. This can lead to consumers having a negative experience due to slow loading times or improper formatting.

Lack of Ongoing Support: Although the plugin has been around for a while, the developers do not offer much in terms of ongoing support. This means that if a user finds themselves with a question or issue that needs to be addressed, they often find themselves having to find a solution on their own in order to continue using the plugin.

No Support for Older Versions: One of the main problems with using the 'Say what?' plugin is that there is no official support for older versions of WordPress. This means that users may find themselves having compatibility issues if they are running an older version of WordPress and can lead to long-term usability problems if they are unable to update to the latest version.

Limited Functionality: The 'Say what?' plugin is limited in terms of its functionality. While it does provide basic features, such as being able to view the source code, the plugin does not offer any advanced features or modifications. This makes it difficult for users who want to maximize the potential of their website through customizations.

86% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Say What? WordPress Plugin is an invaluable asset to any website owner looking for a convenient way to edit and delete hard-coded text strings within a theme or plugin. It saves the user time by allowing them to quickly review, edit, delete, and backup text strings, as well as preview the changes before applying them. In addition, it provides insight into how changes to text strings might impact the website and allows the user to bulk edit multiple strings at one time. All in all, the Say What? WordPress Plugin is an incredibly useful tool for website owners who need to keep their website content up to date.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.1.6
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: 6.2+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Using Say What? for Accessibility on WordPress Sites
    Say What? is an invaluable WordPress plugin for ensuring websites are accessible to everyone, regardless of their disability. This WordPress plugin is easy to install and use, allowing developers to edit any strings of content on WordPress sites. They can easily rename, change, and adjust HTML elements on a page, making it possible for individuals with disabilities to use the websites without being excluded. With Say What?, web designers can make WordPress websites more accessible and usable, ensuring the website is easy to use for everyone. This WordPress plugin is a great way to give your website a higher degree of accessibility, making it easier for people of all abilities to access and engage with your website.
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