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Advanced iFrame is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily embed any web page on your WordPress site using an iframe. It provides seamless integration with multiple features to customize, secure, and optimize iframe content without coding skills.
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Highly recommended!

Advanced iFrame: A Comprehensive Review

Advanced iFrame is a WordPress plugin that allows users to embed external content into their website or blog. It has a number of powerful features that enable users to control the look and layout of their embedded content without writing any code. With Advanced iFrame, users can utilize a range of useful capabilities such as ‘lazy loading’, iframe customization, and additional security options. It is the perfect tool for those seeking to embed third-party content and have greater control over their iframe options.

Advanced iFrame: Breakdown

Comparison between normal iframe and advanced iframe wrapper. The red areas are modified by the advanced iframe to display the content better.

Advanced iFrame comes with a number of features that allow users to customize the appearance and behavior of their iframe elements. Firstly, the plugin comes with a ‘lazy loading’ feature which aims to speed up page loading by only loading content when it is visible to the user. This is useful for those with pages with multiple embedded elements. They can adjust the settings to ensure that only the element which are visible to their user are downloaded.

Users can also control how they show their external content by customizing the iframe'sbasic look and feel. They can adjust its border width and color, and set the padding to ensure the content is embedded responsively. Furthermore, users can also adjust the iframe'swider dimensions by adjusting the width and height settings, which is a useful feature for those wishing to meet specific design requirements.

Advanced iFrame also come with a long list of security options to ensure that users are in full control of what content can be embedded onto the website. This plugin gives users the ability to hide or disable several iframe options, such as the frameborder, height and width. It also allows users to completely restrict the access to their own iframe, so there is no unauthorized changes can be made to the existing content. As a result, users can feel secure that their content cannot be altered, preventing any potential malicious problems.

Pros of Using Advanced iFrame

Build custom iframe page setups: The Advanced iFrame plugin allows developers to build custom iframe page setups whereby they can control the styling, design, and content of different iframe settings. This is especially helpful for those who require deep customization of iframe contents within their pages. Developers can take advantage of the plugin’s wide range of settings and accessibility options that are available to ensure that the iframes that are on their pages are optimized for user experience.

Flexible whitelist: The plugin also offers a flexible whitelist option where users can easily create an access list to allow certain domains and URLs to be inserted into their WordPress pages. This is highly useful when it comes to protecting the content of an iframe from external sources, and thus, preventing any malicious code or activities from taking place.

Responsive design: The Advanced iFrame plugin has a responsive option which makes it easier for website developers to enable a responsive design solution for their iframe content. This makes the user experience better, as the content within the iframe will be resized and scaled appropriately across different devices and platforms, providing consistent look and feel.

Secure HTTPS: For security purposes, the plugin allows users to enable HTTPS on the iframe so that users can access their data securely. This ensures that the data is kept encrypted and secure, preventing any potential malicious activities or other intrusions from accessing the user’s sensitive information.

Integration with other plugins: The plugin can easily work with other WP plugins such as Formidable Forms, TablePress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and more. This allows developers to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of other plugins and extend their use beyond just setting up iframe contents, enabling the creation of powerful websites.

Cons of Using Advanced iFrame

Lack of Support: Advanced iFrame is not supported by the WordPress plugin repository, and its developer provides limited and sometimes outdated customer support.

Poor Security: Advanced iFrame is quite vulnerable to security attacks, especially when running the free version of the plugin. Despite the recent updates, the plugin may be vulnerable to malicious code coming from outside sources.

Hard Learning Curve: Using Advanced iFrame can be difficult for beginners. It requires a lot of initial setup, including downloading scripts, creating HTML templates, and activating API’s. For those without coding or plugin experience, Advanced iFrame can be overwhelming.

Lack of UI: Although the plugin has a built-in UI, it doesn't have all the customization and management features that more advanced users often require. This can make it difficult to get the exact look and functionality desired.

Outdated Features: Advanced iFrame is not regularly updated, so the features are often out of date. This can lead to incompatibility with other plugins and may require users to modify code themselves to achieve desired results.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

Advanced iFrame is an incredibly useful WordPress plugin for those wishing to embed third-party content onto their website or blog. It comes with a range of features which enable users to customize and secure the iframe'sappearance and behavior in a variety of ways. This range of options will give users the confidence that their content can be displayed exactly the way they want, while also remaining secure. The user-friendly interface also makes it easy to customize the iframe, so even novice users can benefit from the advanced features Advanced iFrame offers.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2023.10
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 60,000+
  • WP Version: 3.3+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Display External Content in an Iframe
    Advanced iFrame WordPress plugin allows users to easily insert external html into an iframe on their WordPress site. This is great for displaying content from another page on your page, such as a customer review, or even a blog post. You can customize the dimensions and features of an iframe, using Advanced iFrame’s customization options. Users can also block elements from within an iframe using Advanced iFrame’s security feature. This plugin also includes a simple shortcode to insert an iframe wherever needed. This is great for showing content from another page, or simply from another website altogether.
  • Cross-domain Communication
  • Include IFrame Tabs Directly into WordPress Site
  • Prevent Spamming
  • Optimized Performance
  • content
  • embed
  • iframe
  • resize
  • zoom