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Boost your website's user experience with PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – the top WordPress plugin that effortlessly generates PDFs of posts and pages on your site.
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PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – WordPress Posts and Pages PDF Generator Plugin: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is a versatile platform catering to the requirements of a wide array of websites and blogs, consequently bringing numerous plugins into existence. Each plugin has its unique features to assist users in various tasks. One such plugin, which is extremely beneficial for content developers, bloggers, educational portals, or essentially anyone who wants their readers to have an option for offline reading, is the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft.'

The 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' Plugin is a WordPress plugin explicitly designed to enhance reading options for blog readers. This utility software works as a PDF generator for WordPress posts and pages, providing readers the convenience of printing or saving posts and pages in PDF format. This WordPress Plugin would be a valuable addition to any WordPress site owing to its efficient functionality, ease of use, and the entire bundle of benefits it offers to both the site owners and their readers.

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – WordPress Posts and Pages PDF Generator Plugin: Breakdown

Displaying PDF&Print buttons in the post on your WordPress website.

The 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create PDF documents and printable versions of their blog posts and pages. It comes packed with features that make it easy for bloggers and website owners to offer their audience a seamless experience.

At its core, this plugin is about converting WordPress posts and pages into PDFs and printable versions. Once installed and configured, it adds buttons on your website that allow visitors to print out a post or page or download it as a PDF document directly from the website. This means that your content can easily be made available for offline reading or printing, increasing its accessibility and usability.

The plugin supports custom post types, enabling users to convert any type of post or page into a PDF document or printable version. Additionally, this plugin also supports the use of shortcodes, meaning you can intelligently control where and when the print and PDF buttons appear on your website.

The plugin offers various customization options, which include the ability to customize the buttons' appearance to match your website's overall aesthetic theme. Furthermore, users can also set specific settings for the PDF document, such as adding custom fonts, setting the paper size, orientation, and the document's margins.

Moreover, the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' Plugin goes beyond merely creating a PDF but also includes features to fully customize the generated PDF. It includes a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to fully tailor the title, header, and footer of the PDF. You can also include or exclude certain elements, such as images, custom fields, and posts metadata from the PDF document.

Pros of Using PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – WordPress Posts and Pages PDF Generator Plugin

Easy Content Distribution: The plugin allows you to convert your WordPress posts and pages into PDF format. This is a universal format that can be opened on any device, making it easier for your audience to access and share your content. It also preserves the formatting and layout of your content, ensuring it looks the same no matter where it's viewed.

Print Option: PDF & Print by BestWebSoft provides a 'print' feature. This permits site visitors and users to easily print your posts and pages directly from the website. For businesses that rely on printable resources, guides, or instructions, this function is invaluable.

Customization: This plugin facilitates customization of the output PDF. It allows you to add a custom header and footer, choose what elements to include (like images, captions, etc.), and even design the button that users click to generate the PDF or print the page. This can help you maintain brand consistency across all your content.

SEO-friendly: The PDF & Print by BestWebSoft Plugin doesn't interfere with SEO. The plugin ensures that duplicate content issues do not occur when posts are converted into PDF's as the PDFs are not indexed by search engines. Therefore, your website's SEO rankings won't be negatively impacted.

Compatibility: This plugin offers excellent compatibility. It works smoothly with the latest version of WordPress, alongside various themes and other plugins. This reduces the chances of encountering technical difficulties or conflicts, ensuring a seamless user experience on your website.

Cons of Using PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – WordPress Posts and Pages PDF Generator Plugin

Limited Customization Options: While the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' plugin allows for some basic customization, it lacks advanced design options. This restricts user control over the look and feel of generated PDFs. If a user wants to create more aesthetically appealing PDFs for high-end presentations or client proposals, this could be a potential issue.

No Bulk Operations: The plugin only allows single document generation at a time. This means that for websites running numerous posts and pages, transferring content into PDF or print format could be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Requires PHP Knowledge for Full Potential: Some features of the plugin, especially the more advanced ones, may require the user to have knowledge of PHP. This might not make it suitable for beginners or non-technical users, who would need to invest additional time or resources to fully make use of the plugin.

Limited Free Version: The free version of the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' plugin offers a limited range of features. To unlock full functionality and receive updates, users need to purchase a premium version, which comes with increased costs. For small businesses or individual bloggers on a budget, this could be prohibitive.

Compatibility Issues: As with many third-party plugins, there could be potential compatibility issues with different WordPress themes or other plugins. This might require some technical troubleshooting or adjustments, adding extra work and potential headaches for users.

80% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

The 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' Plugin is an invaluable tool for any WordPress website or blog. With its functionality of converting posts and pages into PDFs and printable versions, it expands your content's reach, allowing it to be more accessible to your audience.

This plugin brings features beyond a simple conversion. The 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' plugin provides a complete suite of customization tools giving users the flexibility to modify several PDF parameters and align them with their branding requirements. It enhances the user experience and makes the transmission of information an efficient process.

Finally, the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' can prove beneficial to various online platforms, be it educational blogs, content creators, ecommerce sites, or any online portals that aim to offer content offline to their users. By utilizing this plugin, website owners can not only extend the reach of their content but also improve the overall quality of their website, making it a more user-friendly platform for their audience. All in all, the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' is an exceptional WordPress plugin that delivers functionality and flexibility in one efficient package.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.3.6
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 5.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Blog Archivation
    A blogger can utilize the 'PDF & Print by BestWebSoft' plugin to create PDF versions of each blog post as they’re created. Over time, these can be stored for historical records or used to create an offline collection of blog posts. This usage ensures that important or beloved content won't be lost due to unforeseen web issues.
  • Product Catalog Enhancement
  • Educational Resources
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Event Information Sheet
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