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Elements Plus! is the ultimate WordPress plugin that allows you to customize and add extra features to your WordPress page with powerful built-in options. It is easy-to-use and provides the flexibility you need.
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Very highly recommended!

Elements Plus!: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is one of the most popular web development platforms for building and maintaining websites. For those looking to build a professional website that includes elements such as an e-commerce store or a blog, it helps to have some sort of tool that makes this task easier. One such tool is the Elements Plus! WordPress plugin. This plugin is a powerful and comprehensive set of additional custom design elements, shortcodes, page builder elements and functions designed to enhance and extend the functionality of WordPress.

Elements Plus!: Breakdown

The available widgets

Elements Plus! is designed to help users customize the layout of their webpages with a library of drag-and-drop page elements, and a selection of powerful shortcodes. Using the plugin, users can quickly and easily create unique pages with custom designs that look professional and are tailored to their needs. The plugin also makes it easy to insert images, galleries, audio and video into any webpage. In addition to these features, the plugin includes settings that allow users to modify the appearance of their webpages and make them more attractive and eye-catching.

The plugin also provides an intuitive visual page builder that gives users the ability to build complex pages and layouts without needing to learn any code. The interface is easy to use and offers users the ability to easily create dynamic layouts that are optimized for mobile devices. The plugin also includes an array of customization options, such as changing the colors, fonts, and background images of elements.

Additionally, the plugin includes shortcodes and an array of powerful functions. These shortcodes can be used to insert blocks of code that enable users to easily add elements, such as a contact form, a membership signup form, and more into their website pages. The plugin also includes functions that provide users with a comprehensive set of tools for customizing their websites, including advanced tools for customizing the page layout, media management, security, and more.

Finally, the plugin also includes a range of professional-looking themes to choose from. These themes are designed to help users quickly create a beautiful website with a unified look and feel.

Pros of Using Elements Plus!

Enables You to Customize Your Post and Page Layouts: Elements Plus! is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the way your post and page layouts look. With this plugin, you can create personalized content elements such as columns, divider lines, buttons and more, and place them exactly where you want them. It also allows you to create special layouts for posts and pages, thus giving you more flexibility on how to structure the content. Furthermore, it allows you to include an unlimited number of elements and sections, making it easy to create pages and posts with various sections, headers, and designs.

Has Widgets Included for Added Flexibility: Elements Plus! has included widgets for added flexibility, allowing you to add a range of features to your posts and pages. This includes a variety of third-party widgets like audio players, subscription forms, video players, and more. This makes it easy to add new features to your website without having to do any custom coding. Furthermore, the Elements Plus! plugin is also compatible with most WordPress themes, thus making it easy to get started quickly

Provides an Affordable Solution: The Elements Plus! Wordpress plugin provides an affordable solution for website owners who want to take advantage of all the features in Wordpress without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, because it's a Wordpress plugin, you won't have to do any coding or learn any new platforms. This makes it easy for non-experts, as well as experienced webmasters, to quickly get started with using Elements Plus!

Allows You to Place Elements Anywhere: With the Elements Plus! plugin, you can place elements anywhere on your pages and posts. This includes placing a header or footer on different pages, or creating custom featured areas for posts and pages. Furthermore, this plugin also allows you to create custom widgets, thus allowing you to better customize your content according to your needs.

Compatible with Many Popular Plugins: The Elements Plus! plugin is compatible with many popular plugins, making it easy for website owners to add features from those plugins to their websites. This means that you can add features from plugins like Yoast SEO, Ninja Forms and many more without having to write any custom code. Furthermore, the Elements Plus! plugin also supports shortcodes, making it easy to integrate different features on your website.

Cons of Using Elements Plus!

Extended Options Are Complicated: Using the 'Elements Plus!' plugin is great for basic features but can be difficult to understand when it comes to more complicated extended options. It is not the best plugin for those who are looking for something more advanced, as it takes some time to learn how to use and configure all of the options. Some users may find that the instructions are not as clear as they had hoped.

Design Choices Are Limited: The design options available with the 'Elements Plus!' plugin are quite limited. The plugin only has a few pre-made themes that can be used, and it can be difficult to make customizations without coding knowledge. This can be quite frustrating for those who want a more unique design.

Issues With Functionality: Due to the complexity of the plugin, there are occasionally issues with functionality. This can range from basic features not working properly to more serious bugs, such as errors that break entire pages. It is important to make sure that all of the features are tested thoroughly before deploying them on a website.

Updates Lack Documentation: The updates released for the 'Elements Plus!' plugin can be difficult to navigate, as they lack proper documentation. This can make it difficult to determine which features have been added or changed since the last version. This can cause some users to miss out on important new features or upgrades.

Compatibility Issues: The 'Elements Plus!' plugin is not always guaranteed to be compatible with other plugins or theme elements. This can lead to unexpected errors or functionality issues, which can be difficult to troubleshoot on one's own. It is important to make sure that any plugins and themes used with this plugin are properly tested for compatibility before deployment.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In summary, the Elements Plus! WordPress plugin is a powerful and comprehensive set of additional custom design elements, shortcodes, page builder elements and functions designed to enhance and extend the functionality of WordPress. With this plugin, users have all the tools they need to create a professional-looking website with dynamic layouts that are optimized for mobile devices. Additionally, users have access to a variety of themes to choose from, giving them the ability to create a unified look and feel for their website. Finally, users are able to enjoy a variety of features that make it easier to customize and secure their website, allowing them to further tailor their website to their needs.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.16.2
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 6.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Adding Content-Aware Sidebars
    Elements Plus! makes it easy to create sidebar panels that are based on the content of the page. You can specify that the sidebar should only appear when a certain type of content is displayed, or when certain keywords are present. This is very useful for directing users to related content, or for displaying helpful information from other pages. In addition, it helps to keep your pages concise and readable, avoiding unnecessary clutter.
  • Highlighting Content Blocks
  • Creating Price Tables
  • Creating Testimonials
  • Creating Instructional Videos
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