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Disable REST API is a WordPress plugin that quickly and safely disables the WP REST API, protecting your site from potential security risks. Optimized for SEO performance, the plugin offers a straightforward way to disable the API with just one click.
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Disable REST API: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress is a powerful content management system used on a variety of websites. It has a vast selection of plugins that can extend the capabilities of the CMS. One of the plugins available is the Disable REST API plugin. This plugin allows for more control over the data being released or accessed via the REST API, which can help strengthen the security of a website.

Disable REST API: Breakdown

The JSON returned by a website with the API disabled via filters (WP versions 4.4, 4.5, 4.6)

The Disable REST API plugin is a simple yet effective tool for WordPress users. It is a lightweight plugin that adds an extra layer of security to a WordPress site by restricting access to the REST API. The plugin works by disabling certain methods in the REST API, such as the ability to read, update, delete and create items on the site. This helps to protect the sensitive data that is stored on a WordPress site, such as passwords, logins, and other important information. Additionally, the plugin also allows the user to control which methods and functions can be used by certain users, or to restrict access altogether.

The plugin is also highly customizable. Users can set up whitelists and blacklists to control which users have access and which methods they can use. For example, a user could set up a whitelist for one set of users and restrict them from using certain methods, while also setting up a blacklist for another group of users to prevent them from accessing certain methods. This offers the website owner a secure way to control which methods are being used on the website, as well as the ability to quickly restrict access to any user or group.

In addition, the plugin is highly intuitive and easy to use. It includes a user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to set up the plugin and configure the settings. Additionally, the plugin also includes a helpful log feature, which allows users to view all of the requests that were made to the REST API and determine if any access has been denied. This makes it easier to keep track of who has accessed the site and what methods they used.

Pros of Using Disable REST API

Simple and Streamlined: The Disable REST API WordPress plugin is extremely easy to set up and use. All it requires is a few clicks to start blocking those pesky external requests, while still leaving API access open to those with authenticated credentials. This plugin is a great option for experienced administrators as well as novices who don't have the coding know-how to set up their own API security measures.

Flexible Access Permissions: The Disable REST API WordPress plugin allows full customization of access permissions for various requests via the administration panel. This provides the user with an easy to use interface that can be easily tailored to their needs.

Straightforward Configuration: The Disable REST API WordPress plugin is surprisingly straightforward in its configuration options. This makes it a breeze for users of all technical levels to get up and running. Even the most basic setup provides ample security for the website, without sacrificing ease of use.

Safe and Secure: The Disable REST API WordPress plugin is designed with security in mind. It utilizes advanced blocking measures to ensure all requests are fully secure from outside sources. This makes it a great tool for keeping peace of mind even in a highly connected internet environment.

Regular Updates: One of the great benefits of using the Disable REST API WordPress plugin is that it regularly receives updates with the latest security patches and feature enhancements. This ensures that the plugin continues to remain a safe and secure tool for protecting your website from unwanted external requests.

Cons of Using Disable REST API

Inconsistent Performance: The Disable REST API plugin may cause performance inconsistencies, since REST API processing is handled differently from standard WordPress requests. Without detailed performance measurements, it's hard to know if this plugin will have a harmful effect until it's too late.

Conflict with Other Plugins: The Disable REST API plugin may conflict with other plugins which rely on the API, breaking functionality. It's important to do plenty of testing to make sure all functionality is still there, and if not, to determine if the plugin is the source of the conflict.

Error Handling Issues: If there are problems when disabling the Rest API, the plugin may not handle them correctly, leading to unpredictable behavior. Errors may be hidden and not appear until a later time, when they may be harder to diagnose and correct.

Overkill for Narrow Usage: If only a few specific API calls need to be disabled, then the plugin may be overkill. It can be difficult to selectively disable API calls, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons of disabling the API as a whole versus disabling specific calls in isolation.

Security Concerns: Security is always a consideration when disabling a technology such as the REST API. It's important to weigh the risks and benefits of disabling the API. Furthermore, staying up to date with security updates and proper authentication should also be a priority when using this plugin.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Disable REST API plugin is a great tool for WordPress users who want more control over the data that they are releasing or accessing via the REST API. It is lightweight, customizable, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for website owners who want to ensure the security of their website and the data that is stored on it. Additionally, the plugin includes a helpful log feature to make it easier to keep track of who is accessing the website and what methods they are using. For all these reasons, the Disable REST API plugin is a great choice for any WordPress user.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.8
  • Last Updated: 9 months ago
  • Installs: 90,000+
  • WP Version: 4.9+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Managing Site Content Externally
    By disabling the WordPress REST API, you can prevent third-party apps from accessing and/or updating the content on your site, like posts or pages. External objects, such as mobile apps, can’t access the date inside your WordPress site unless you have the Disable REST API plugin installed, giving you greater control and managing of content from the comfort of your site.
  • Increasing Security
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Statistical Data Tracking
  • Monitoring User Access
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