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The Category Tag Pages plugin for WordPress makes it easy to customize your categories and tags. With this plugin you can create custom metaboxes, an archive page to display posts grouped by categories, build custom layouts, customize titles and much more.
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Category Tag Pages: A Comprehensive Review

Category Tag Pages is a powerful and comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to help users quickly create and manage page content in the WordPress platform. This plugin allows users to add, remove, or organize content within content categories, and create multiple tag pages with unique layouts. With the help of this plugin, users can easily organize their content categories to make their WordPress websites more structured and efficient. It also provides users with the ability to manage page hierarchy and create custom content layouts.

Category Tag Pages: Breakdown

A screenshot of the WordPress backend Pages section with the Categories metabox and the Tags metabox marked red.

Category Tag Pages is an easy-to-use plugin that will help WordPress users create and manage page content in a much more organized manner. The plugin has two primary features; the first is the ability to create and manage page content by categories. This feature allows users to create categories for their content and assign it to them, allowing for better organization of content. It also lets users move content from one category to another. Additionally, the plugin has the ability to create multiple tag pages, in which users can assign content to them. This allows users to customize the layout and structure of the page to their needs. This plugin also provides users with the ability to manage page hierarchy, so users can determine which content appears first on the page. Furthermore, users can also create customized content layouts with the plugin, by utilizing HTML and CSS styling.

Pros of Using Category Tag Pages

Organization: The Category Tag Pages plugin helps users quickly organize content into categories and tags. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate on a website, by providing a clear pathway to the content that they are looking for. Categories and tags also allow for more customization of content, providing a better visitor experience.

Seach Engine Optimization: Using the Category Tag Pages plugin can help increase website search engine optimization (SEO). By organizing content into recognizable categories and tags, search engine algorithms can more easily understand the subject matter of the page. This in turn can result in higher rankings and better visibility for the website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Customization: The Category Tag Pages plugin gives users the ability to customize how content is presented. This includes changing the order of the navigation, adding additional content in different categories, and adding featured images. These options provide more flexibility to further customize the user experience on the website.

Content Promotion: The Category Tag Pages plugin gives users the ability to promote content. By featuring the best posts in different categories, users can draw more attention to content that is most relevant to their target audience. This feature also helps increase reader engagement, by directing visitors to high-quality content that has already been approved by the user.

Engagement: The Category Tag Pages plugin makes it easier for visitors to interact with websites. By allowing users to browse through content by category or tag, visitors can find content quickly and easily. This helps to create a better user experience and can also help increase reader engagement and activity on the website.

Cons of Using Category Tag Pages

Erroneously Formatted URLs: The WordPress plugin “Category Tag Pages” provides the ability to quickly set up pages, which list any posts of a particular category or tag. Unfortunately, the page URLs it creates are often inappropriately formatted. This can lead to poor search engine optimization (SEO) and confuse visitors. Webmasters should manually clean up URLs to keep them fromirritating their visitors or damaging their SEO rankings.

Missing Customization Options: Another con of using Category Tag Pages plugin is that it does not offer many customization options. This includes no options for customizing layout or styling. The only way to modify the look and feel of the pages is to use code customization. This adds effort and time for website owners, especially if they don’t have development experience.

Security Issues: Using a third-party WordPress plugin to build pages can also increase the risk of security issues. If the plugin is poorly designed and managed, it may leave vulnerabilities in the system that hackers can use to gain access to user information. It’s essential to carefully consider the security of any WordPress plugins before using them in a website.

Impacts Performance: Using Category Tag Pages WordPress plugin can also lead to decreased performance on the website. This is due to the fact that this plugin stores a large amount of data in the database, which can lead to strain on the server and increased load times. Website owners should be aware of this and monitor the performance of their website closely.

Difficult to Debug: Lastly, debugging the Category Tag Pages plugin can be difficult. It’s not always easy to determine the cause of an issue, as the plugin does not provide any detailed error logs. This can make troubleshooting difficult, especially if the website owner is unfamiliar with the code of the plugin.

94% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In summary, the Category Tag Pages plugin is a great tool for WordPress users who need to quickly create and manage page content in an organized manner. With the help of this plugin, users can easily create and manage page content categories, move content between categories, and create multiple tag pages with custom content layouts. Additionally, users can manage page hierarchy and create HTML and CSS-based layouts. With all these features, users can create WordPress websites that are more organized and efficient.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.0
  • Last Updated: 4 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 5.3.16
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Add Custom Taxonomies to Category Tag Pages
    Category Tag Pages is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom taxonomies to your category tag pages for enhanced organization of related content. With this plugin, you can assign multiple categories and tags to a single page, and categorize and organize your content in a more efficient way. This is great for big sites with lots of content that require an extra level of organization to make content easier to find.
  • Create Automatically Generated Pagination and Menus
  • Create Customizable Layouts and Styles for Your Pages
  • Generate Automatically Updated Related Content for Your Pages
  • Add Filters to Your Pages to Increase User Experience
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