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Calculated Fields Form is a powerful WordPress plugin enabling web developers to easily create forms with dynamically calculated fields and display the result. It contains various mathematical, logical, and string operators, multiple field types and layouts, manageable responses, and more.
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Calculated Fields Form: A Comprehensive Review

If you’re looking for a tool to make more complex forms with WordPress, the Calculated Fields Form plugin is perfect for you. This WordPress plugin allows users to create forms that are automatically populated with data, offers a range of data types for added customization, and allows you to control which users can access fields and calculations. With its drag and drop interface and powerful features, Calculated Fields Form is a great choice for anyone looking to add more functionality to their WordPress forms.

Calculated Fields Form: Breakdown

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Calculated Fields Form is a WordPress plugin that allows users to add dynamic fields to their forms. These fields can be set to be calculated based on user input, adding a layer of functionality that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, if you have an order form where users need to add multiple items, the calculation field can be used to calculate the total cost. It can also be used for more complex calculations, such as calculating the relevant tax rate based on the shipping address.

The plugin has a drag and drop interface that makes it easy for users to set up their calculation fields without needing to write any code. It offers a wide range of data types, including numbers, dates, and strings, and allows users to create their own functions and calculations if needed. The plugin also includes several ready-made templates for different types of forms, which can be used to speed up the process of creating a form.

The plugin also includes several security features to control access to fields and calculations. For example, users can set up different permission levels to ensure that only authorised users can access specific calculations. The plugin also supports two-factor authentication, which is recommended for added security.

Overall, Calculated Fields Form is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that makes it easy for WordPress users to create forms with dynamic fields. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to set up complex calculations, and the security features ensure that your forms are secure and only accessible to the right users.

Pros of Using Calculated Fields Form

Intuitive and Flexible User Interface: Calculated Fields Form offers a clean and user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use. It is also extremely flexible since it allows the user to create unique forms within the same environment and save them for future use. Additionally, it provides options to add multiple form elements such as text fields, text areas, radio buttons, drop-downs, datepickers and more.

Compatibility Across Major Platforms: Calculated Fields Form has been tested to function seamlessly across major platforms like WordPress and Drupal. This means that regardless of which platform the website or application is built with, the features of the plugin can be enabled so that the form is displayed in high-quality and with all features intact.

Real-Time Calculations: A great feature of Calculated Fields Form is its ability to perform real-time calculations. This allows the user to fill the form fields with values and have the results instantly updated on the same form page. This eliminates the need to submit particularly long forms twice or even wait for the results to come in.

Customizable Output: Calculated Fields Form works with the user to generate the desired output. It maintains flexibility as to what kind of output to generate as it can be customized to generate a table-type output, or a simple form. Not only that, the user can also define the content and number of columns that the output should include.

Reliable Support: Calculated Fields Form has been designed to provide users with reliable support. It includes an online documentation covering topics relating to installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Additionally, the plugin offers support through email and forum, providing help for even the most complex questions so that individuals can quickly solve their issues.

Cons of Using Calculated Fields Form

Accuracy and Consistency Difficult to Ensure: Calculated Fields Form relies heavily on user input for accurate, consistent data. Depending on the specific form and type of data being collected, care must be taken to ensure input accuracy. Often input fields must be adjusted, and user input validation checkers can be utilized to confirm data accuracy. If automation of data collection is needed, Calculated Fields Form may not be ideal for the project as accuracy and consistency is difficult to ensure.

Prone to Technical Issues: Calculated Fields Form is a flexible WordPress plugin, however, it is not without its technical issues. As with any plugin, technical issues may arise that can cause disruptions in data collection. These issues can range from conflicts with WordPress core files to slow performance, and can be difficult to pinpoint and fix.

Pricey and Time Consuming: While the settings and options are fairly straightforward in Calculated Fields Form, some configuration and customization of the plugin can be time-consuming. Additionally, depending on the requirements of the data collection project, a premium version may be necessary to unlock certain features, making the plugin expensive.

Interface not Intuitive Enough: The interface of Calculated Fields Form is fairly straightforward, however, it may not be as intuitive as users expect. Depending on the complexity of the form and data collection goals, some users may find the interface difficult to work with and may need to seek outside help to ensure the forms are configured in a way to properly capture data inputs.

User Data Security Vulnerabilities: Regardless of the approach, there may be security vulnerabilities when inputting user data. This is especially true when utilizing plugins like Calculated Fields Form when collecting sensitive information. One must take proper security and precautionary steps to ensure data is being securely collected and stored in order to protect user data privacy and prevent malicious or unauthorized access to the data.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Calculated Fields Form is a great choice for WordPress users who want to add more functionality to their forms. Its drag-and-drop interface and range of data types makes it easy to create complex calculations without needing to write any code. The plugin also offers a range of additional features, including security features to prevent unauthorised access to fields and calculations, and is a useful tool for any WordPress user looking for a way to create dynamic forms.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.2.45
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 60,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0.5+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Calculate Tax Charges
    The Calculated Fields Form plugin is a great way to calculate tax charges for your users in a simple manner. With the plugin, you can easily set up a form that will calculate taxes automatically based on the user’s input. You can also customize the form so that it will only ask the necessary questions. This way, it won’t be too complicated for the user. The plugin also offers a shortcode feature which makes it easy to embed the form into any WordPress page.
  • Create Auto-updating Price Quotes
  • Calculate Loan Repayment Schedule
  • Determine Shipping Charges
  • Calculate Sales Taxes
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