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Easily export and import customizations you have made in the WordPress Customizer with the Customizer Export/Import plugin. Instantly customize your WordPress site with the click of a button.
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Customizer Export/Import: A Comprehensive Review

Customizer Export/Import is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes customizing and creating a unique look for your website easier and faster. Installing and configuring the plugin can help you save time and money, while making sure your website looks perfect. With this plugin you can quickly import and export any customizations that you have made to your theme’s design. This makes it quick and easy to share your unique look with others and make changes without any hassle. Customizer Export/Import is a great tool for developers, designers and users of WordPress who are looking to create a unique look and feel for their website.

Customizer Export/Import: Breakdown

The export/import customizer section.

Customizer Export/Import is a plugin that allows you to export and import any customizations you make to your WordPress theme. This can be done through the Customizer interface in the WordPress admin panel. The plugin is incredibly easy to install and use. All you need to do is download the plugin files and activate the plugin in the WordPress admin panel. Once activated, you are prompted to select the “Export” or “Import” buttons which are located within the “Theme Customization” menu. The “Export” button allows you to download all your customizations into a single zip file. Conversely, you can use the “Import” button to upload a custom zip file that contains all of your customizations.

The plugin also allows you to restore customizations that were previously made by other users. This makes it easy to share your customizations with other users and ensure that they have the same look and feel as your website. The plugin also makes it easy to make changes to your website’s design without having to start from scratch or manually enter the changes. All changes made through the plugin are automatically saved in the WordPress database.

Customizer Export/Import also provides a way for developers and designers to quickly create and export customizations. This makes the process of creating theme customizations faster and easier. It also allows developers to quickly and easily share their work with others.

Pros of Using Customizer Export/Import

Easy to use: The Customizer Export/Import WordPress plugin is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is install it and press the button to export your customizer settings to create a file. You can easily import that file to any other WordPress install to quickly replicate the customizer settings.

Saves time: Using Customizer Export/Import will save you time when setting up new WordPress sites. You can easily export any customizer settings and import them into the new site to avoid manually recreating the customizer configuration every time.

Simple backup solution: The Customizer Export/Import plugin can also be used as a simple backup solution for customizer settings on a WordPress site. You can easily export settings and store them as a backup in case something happens to your customizer configuration.

Ease of sharing: The plugin makes it extremely easy to share settings with other users, as you can simply export and import the configuration. This makes it a great option for companies or teams working on WordPress sites, where settings must be shared between users quickly and easily.

Lightweight: The plugin is incredibly lightweight and has a minimal footprint on your WordPress site. This means that it won't slow down your site or interfere with other WordPress plugins, so you can use it without feeling any performance decrease.

Cons of Using Customizer Export/Import

Losing Customization Settings: Customization settings and other changes made on the WordPress admin dashboard can be easily lost if the Customizer Export/Import plugin is not correctly configured to save all configurations and settings. If something goes wrong during the migration or settings are modified without updating the configuration, the consequences can be disastrous, potentially leading to the loss of important information or configuration alterations.

Potential Vulnerability: Since the Customizer Export/Import plugin relies on the WordPress environment, the possibility of vulnerable settings and malicious code cannot be dismissed completely. Depending on the version and configuration of the WordPress installation, vulnerabilities and malicious code may be lurking, which could undermine security measures and enable malicious actors to gain access to the protected areas of the website.

Learning Curve: Using the Customizer Export/Import plugin involves a certain amount of technical knowledge and understanding of the WordPress ecosystem. The plugin has a steep learning curve and novice users might find it difficult to navigate and configure all of its features without prior experience.

Lack of Compatibility: The Customizer Export/Import plugin may not be compatible with all WordPress plugins or themes, and it can cause conflicts that may make the user experience unstable or slow. This can be particularly problematic for sites with complex configurations and a number of plugins installed. The risk of incompatibility is even higher if the plugin or theme is not from a reputable developer.

Additional Configuration: The Customizer Export/Import plugin is a very powerful tool, and while it simplifies and speeds up the process of exporting and importing data, a user still needs to set up a detailed configuration before it can be used. This requires taking the time to manually configure the plugin and check if everything is in order, a process which can be difficult and time-consuming for those with less technical knowledge.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Customizer Export/Import is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes creating and customizing a WordPress theme easier and faster. Installing and activating the plugin provides you with an easy way to export and import customizations that you have made to your theme’s design. This allows you to save time and money, while also making sure your website looks perfect. The plugin also allows for developers and designers to quickly create and export customizations. Overall, Customizer Export/Import is an invaluable tool for WordPress users who want to create a unique look and feel for their website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 0.9.6
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 200,000+
  • WP Version: 3.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Exporting a Store’s Menu Options to an Archive File
    For owners of a large chain store or franchise, the Customizer Export/Import plugin can make archiving a store's customization settings simpler than ever! Being able to quickly and easily export all the menu options to a single file makes it easy to keep a record of these settings for future use. That way, you don’t need to spend time reconfiguring each option again in the future. This plugin can also be used to compare settings from different stores, ensuring that all locations are using the same configuration.
  • Importing Portrait Width/Height Settings
  • Exporting Website Font Choices
  • Imported Global Footer Styling Options
  • Restoring Configurations from Previous Sites
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