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Ultimate TinyMCE is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you full control over the editing interface of the content editor. It has a wide range of features that can help you create beautiful, SEO-optimized content for your website.
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Highly recommended!

Ultimate TinyMCE: A Comprehensive Review

When you use WordPress to power your website, you’re going to need a number of plugins to help create the look and features you’re after. One of the most highly recommended WordPress plugins is Ultimate TinyMCE. It is a powerful and comprehensive content editing and content management tool that makes it easy to customize your entire content editing experience.

Ultimate TinyMCE: Breakdown

Ultimate TinyMCE is a versatile WordPress plugin that provides plenty of exciting features to build your website. It allows users to easily customize the content editing experience. With the plugin, users can easily add multiple editing features, such as text and media formatting, link and image management, and more. Users can also create a wide variety of content editors, from simple text editors to full-fledged WYSIWYG editors. Additionally, the plugin provides various configuration options to customize the level of editing flexibility that users need.

The plugin also allows users to quickly integrate other editing tools, such as code highlighting, snippets, and spell checkers. It also has an intuitive drag and drop editing interface, to make content editing even more manageable. The plugin also comes with support for shortcodes and template system, so that users can easily create content pages.

Ultimate TinyMCE also has a wide range of customization options for content editors. It offers users a wide array of options, from text formatting to interface styling. It also provides a range of font, size, color, and font weight options for users to choose from in the editing window. The plugin also lets users quickly create and edit tables and other content blocks.

The plugin also comes with advanced features, such as integrated preview, revision tracking, and bookmarking. It also provides a powerful visual editor to help users create complex layouts, as well as content-editing plugins. Finally, users can also use this plugin to create custom post types, which is helpful for creating content-rich websites.

Pros of Using Ultimate TinyMCE

Ease of Customization: Ultimate TinyMCE offers users the option to customize the plugin in significant ways. Choices for font size, styles, and other settings can be configured to suit the user’s exact needs, and the plugin integrates smoothly with the WordPress’ Visual Editor. The plugin also makes it simple to include custom CSS classes and inline styles for added control when creating content.

Time Saving Tool: Ultimate TinyMCE provides WordPress users with a powerful time saving tool. TinyMCE’s visual interface eliminates the need for switching between HTML and the Visual Editor. Additionally, users can save time by setting up custom buttons and adjusting the formatting bar to show only the functions relevant to their content.

HTML Cleanup Option: Ultimate TinyMCE helps clean up messy HTML generated by WordPress’ Visual Editor. The plugin prevents the need for any manual HTML manipulation of content, allowing users to focus on the creating and managing their content without worry about malformed HTML formatting.

Spellchecker Options: Ultimate TinyMCE is unique in that it offers a wide variety of spellchecker options. In addition to the standard dictionary, users can select multiple languages and dialects for dictionary checking. The spellchecker is also designed to improve accuracy as the user continues to use the plugin.

Drag and Drop Feature: The Ultimate TinyMCE plugin makes it simple to add images and files to content with just a few clicks. The drag and drop feature allows users to easily upload and insert content without the need to switch between windows or tabs. This feature is especially helpful when creating large amounts of media content.

Cons of Using Ultimate TinyMCE

Limited advanced features: The Ultimate TinyMCE plugin provides limited features for advanced users. While it offers basic editing abilities such as font, size, and text formatting options, it does not provide advanced features such as text manipulation, automated wizards for inserting images, or the ability to create more complicated code elements.

Might conflict with other plugins: As with any plugins, the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin has the potential to create conflicts with other plugins installed on WordPress websites, possibly leading to data loss, system crashes, and other disruptions.

Possibilities of security breaches: Because it adds a third-party code to your WordPress website, the possibility of malicious code being inserted into the website increases, thus making your website vulnerable to security breaches and malicious attacks.

No automatic updating: The plugin does not offer automatic updating and users must manually install updates when they are available, meaning that websites using this version of TinyMCE may be running on an outdated version making it prone to bugs, conflicts, and security vulnerabilities.

Leaves excessive bloat code: The Ultimate TinyMCE plugin does not clean up unnecessary code, meaning that the code may become bloated over time and may affect the performance of the website.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, Ultimate TinyMCE is the ultimate WordPress plugin for content creation and editing. The plugin provides users with an easy to use interface to create rich content, customize content editors, and create content-rich websites. With this plugin, users can make sure that their content always looks its best and is highly engaging. If you’re looking for a powerful content management plugin that offers customization and extended features, Ultimate TinyMCE is the perfect option.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 5.7
  • Last Updated: 10 years ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.5.1+
  • Tested Until: 3.7.41
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Auto- employing shortcodes and widgets
    The Ultimate TinyMCE WordPress plugin can be used to automatically apply shortcodes and widgets made within wordpress to the editor, drastically reducing editing time. This is very beneficial for content creators because it eliminates the need to manually edit in html, allowing editors to quickly focus on creating content rather than debugging formatting.
  • Powerful image edit features
  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • High Security and Protection
  • Optimized Performance and Stability
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