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Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget for WordPress is a free plugin that lets you quickly and easily create photo galleries and photo feeds from Instagram, get more followers, and display images in your sidebars and other widget areas.
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Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget: A Comprehensive Review

Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget for WordPress offers a convenient way for users to display photos from their Instagram accounts on their websites. The plugin supports a range of customization settings and offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to select and set up photos for display on a website. It’s the perfect solution for users who want to turn their Instagram accounts into attractive photo galleries, suitable for any kind of website, from ecommerce to portfolio pages.

Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget: Breakdown

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Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget lets users customize their Instagram feed in a number of ways. Users can choose from up to four images or videos per post, from any chosen hashtag, username, or location. The plugin also gives users control over the style of the widget, allowing them to select from different sizes and colors for the feed widget. Additionally, users may choose to have the widget automatically rotate images, ensuring a fresh look on each page refresh.

The Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget also offers a number of additional features. Users will find it easy to sort and filter out specific photos, depending on their likes, captions, or hashtags. This allows them to create their own unique feeds, tailored to specific interests. Furthermore, the plugin makes it easy to embed the feeds in chosen HTML pages, or through any number of WordPress plugins, such as Visual Composer, Jetpack, and Beaver Builder.

The plugin includes an easy-to-use settings panel, which allows users to configure their widgets in a few clicks. There are options for caching and rate limiting, to ensure that no data overloads occur on the servers. If needed, users may also use custom HTML and CSS, in order to adjust the appearance and other features of the widgets.

Pros of Using Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget

User-Friendly Interface: The Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget WordPress plugin is designed with a modern and intuitive user interface. It is easy and simple to use, and it allows novice WordPress users to quickly learn and master its core functions. Even more advanced users will find it easy to navigate and apply photo feed galleries to their WordPress websites.

Multiple Photo Sources: The Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget plugin allows users to create beautiful photo galleries from multiple sources. It supports both external feeds from popular services like Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and 500px, as well as internal feed from the photos uploaded on the WordPress site.

Content Powerhouse: The plugin allows users to create stunning and attractive photo galleries in a single click. It takes full advantage of the WordPress post feed, and allows users to choose which photos to feature in their galleries. Moreover, they can customize each photo element, scale and position, and adjust the aspect ratio of the thumbnails in the feed.

Easy Integration: The simple to use Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget plugin allows users to quickly and easily integrate the plugin into their WordPress themes. Moreover, it requires no coding knowledge at all, allowing users to effortlessly install and apply photo galleries to their WordPress websites.

Responsive Galleries: The Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget plugin has the built-in ability to make galleries responsive. This allows users to create galleries that automatically resize and optimize themselves based on the device or screen size. This ensures a smooth and attractive display for those who are viewing the galleries on mobile devices.

Cons of Using Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget

Difficult to Setup: The Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget WordPress plugin is not particularly user-friendly when it comes to setting it up. Its configuration can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming for the average user.

Limited Control: The plugin does not offer the ability to customize the settings of the feed, which limits the control of the user over the output of the content.

No Support for Responsive Web Design: Users of the Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget plugin are limited in terms of how the feed displays on devices with smaller screens. There is no built-in support for creating a responsive design with this plugin, which can be a drawback for some projects.

Slow Load Time: Due to the large number of requests and processing required for the widget to retrieve data and render an image of the feed, the load time can be slow. This can be particularly noticeable on slower internet connections, making it a con of using the plugin.

Limited Photos Per Feed: The plugin does not allow for unlimited photos per feed, which can be an issue if the user needs more than the allotted amount. Providing more photos per feed may require additional plugins, making it more expensive and cumbersome to manage.

80% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, the Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget is a convenient solution for quickly displaying Instagram photos on WordPress websites. It offers a range of customization options and settings that help users create attractive photo galleries from their Instagram accounts. Thanks to the easy setup and intuitive interface, users will be able to quickly and easily set up their own photo galleries, suitable for any kind of website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.2.8
  • Last Updated: 9 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 3.7+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Display Personal Photos on Blogs
    The Meks Easy Photo Feed Widget is an ideal solution for blog owners who want to share personal photos they've taken with their audience. The plugin makes it easy to display images on blogs with just a few clicks. Bloggers can choose to display the photo feed as a full-width header across the top of the homepage or as a sidebar widget in a sidebar. They can also customize the header to include their logo, tagline, and other information. They can also choose to include captions, links, and even lightbox popup functionality. Bloggers can also set up different photo feeds for different sections of their blog.
  • Display Latest Work on Portfolio
  • Create Photo Galleries for Client Services
  • Create Photo Carousel
  • Create Event Coverage Photo Stream
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