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Cache Enabler is a WordPress plugin that helps increase the performance and speed of your website. It creates static HTML files and stores on the server side which helps reduce the load time and amount of resources. It is very easy to setup and optimize.
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Cache Enabler: A Comprehensive Review

Cache Enabler is a WordPress plugin developed by WP-Rocket, a popular WordPress caching plugin developer. It enables a website to quickly serve cached pages and reduce site load times. With Cache Enabler, website administrators can store large amounts of content in browser caches, while also helping reduce their bandwidth costs.

Cache Enabler is an easy to use and configure plugin that gives site administrators improved control over how and when their content is cached. It also provides detailed reporting and analytics so that administrators can track website performance and ensure the best possible user experience.

Cache Enabler: Breakdown

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Cache Enabler is an easy to configure plugin for WordPress websites. It stores large amounts of content in browser or proxy caches for quick loading, allowing for improved user experiences with minimal impact on site bandwidth costs. Its caching system can automatically generate static HTML or GET requests from dynamic pages, meaning that even dynamic pages can be cached. Additionally, the plugin can be configured to cache different content types, such as text, CSS, JavaScript, and images.

Cache Enabler offers a range of configuration options that ensure that content can be cached in an efficient and organized manner. Administrators can specify the amount of time content can remain in the cache before being refreshed, as well as configure how often the cache needs to be cleared. The plugin also offers options to disable caching certain URLs, and has built-in support for HTML and XML sitemaps.

Cache Enabler also provides detailed reporting and analytics, which allow administrators to track website performance and ensure the best possible user experience. This reporting feature includes a page cache hit rate report so administrators can easily understand how much their content is being served from the cache, as well as a reload report, which shows how often the cache is reloaded.

The plugin is also compatible with a range of popular third-party WordPress plugins, including Yoast SEO and W3 Total Cache. Moreover, it is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce, as well as popular web hosting providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Pros of Using Cache Enabler

Increased Website Performance: The primary benefit of using Cache Enabler is that it can help improve loading speeds on websites. It accomplishes this by reducing the number of server requests, as well as by serving websites with compressed, cached files that are smaller in size and faster to load. This can help boost your website’s rankings on search engines, as faster loading speeds are taken into consideration when determining page rankings.

Set Custom Expiration Time: Cache Enabler also enables you to set the expiration time for your cached files. This allows you to decide how often your cached files should be flushed and regenerated, so you can determine how often your content is updated without having to manually purge the site cache each time. This can be especially helpful if you posting content that is updated on a regular basis.

Cache Exclusion: Another benefit of using Cache Enabler is that it allows you to exclude pages or files from caching, so only requested pages are cached. This makes it easier to keep your cached website up-to-date while still offering visitors the benefits of a fast loading website.

Automatic Minification: You can also use Cache Enabler to automatically minify your webpages. Minification can help reduce the size of your webpages, which can further decrease your page loading times. The plugin can minify HTML and CSS files, which can help minimize resources and boost your website’s performance.

Free To Use: Lastly, one of the best things about Cache Enabler is that it’s completely free to use. The plugin can be easily installed on any WordPress site, so you don’t have to worry about having to pay for a website optimization solution to get the benefits of caching.

Cons of Using Cache Enabler

Load Times Increase: The Cache Enabler plugin can offer long and lasting loading speeds for webpages, but this can also be an issue in case of high traffic. The plugin caches the HTML to disk which adds time to the overall loading time as the HTML is needed to be pulled from the disk each time a new request is made. So it is important to clear the cache time periodically in order to avoid buildup.

Limitations in Functionality: The Cache Enabler plugin does not provide a lot of additional functionalities, such as caching of scripts, widgets, or post meta. This means that if you are using complex dynamic content on your website such as contact forms, AJAX, or anything else that uses extra scripts or widgets, then the plugin will not be able to cache them and you will have to look for an alternative solution.

Memory Considerations: The Cache Enabler plugin does not work on sites where there is a lot of memory utilization. This could cause the entire page to be cached on the disk instead of being processed on each page request which can lead to a lot of load time issues or other issues as well.

Security Issues: The Cache Enabler plugin can be vulnerable to the most common attacks such as injection attacks and other similar attempts to maliciously alter the code. While the plugin comes with several security features, there is no guarantee that it will be able to protect all your data and code.

Compatibility Issues: The Cache Enabler plugin is not compatible with all web servers and content management systems. If your web server and content management system are not compatible with the plugin, then it is important to use a compatible solution or find an alternative caching solution so your website can load faster and more reliably.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

Cache Enabler is an easy to use and configure WordPress plugin that enables a website to serve cached pages quickly, reducing site load times, improving user experiences, and reducing bandwidth costs. It has an efficient caching system that can automatically generate static HTML or GET requests from dynamic pages, as well as options that allow the caching of different content types, such as text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images. The plugin also offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, as well as compatibility with popular third-party plugins and web hosting providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.8.13
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • WP Version: 5.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Creating a Static Cache for Static Sites
    Cache Enabler is a great plugin for those that have static content that they would like to cache on their WordPress website. With Cache Enabler, you can store static content in a cache, which your webserver can then serve up directly without requiring intermediate WordPress processes. This will significantly improve page load times and increase your website’s performance. Additionally, this can be automated by setting up cron jobs or by using a “flush cache” button on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Utilizing Browser Caching
  • Optimization of Database Queries
  • Leveraging CDN Services
  • Enabling Multisite Caching
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