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WP Hide & Security Enhancer is a WordPress security plugin which allows you to password protect, hide, and rename WordPress posts and pages, as well as change the default URLs of your WP installation.
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WP Hide & Security Enhancer: A Comprehensive Review

WP Hide & Security Enhancer is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables website and blog owners to make their content more secure and private, while also making it easier to access the content they need. It is designed with a focus on providing security and privacy to a website’s visitors and users, and offers a range of customization options for users to customize their WordPress experience. The plugin is designed to help protect against potential malicious attacks, but also provides an impressive list of customization options that make the WordPress experience smoother, faster and more secure.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer: Breakdown

Admin Interface.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer is designed to help hide and secure content within a WordPress website, while also making it simpler to access. The plugin enables WordPress users to securely hide the WordPress login area, the content in the administration panel, as well as access to other sensitive areas of the website. It also hides the WordPress version number and replaces it with another text to prevent hackers from targeting vulnerable WordPress versions. It also makes it possible to hide the login error messages associated with unsuccessful login attempts. All of these features help to make WordPress sites more secure and less vulnerable to attack.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer also helps enhance the speed of a WordPress website. It allows for the optimization of the WordPress coding structure, which can improve the overall loading speed of a WordPress website. It also offers a caching feature that can help speed up access and loading time for any WordPress pages. The plugin even allows users to optimize their WordPress website’s HTML, CSS and JS code, all of which can help reduce the number of requests made by a visitor’s browser while accessing a WordPress website, subsequently improving loading times.

Aside from boosting security and speed, WP Hide & Security Enhancer also provides a range of customization options that allow users to customize the look and feel of their WordPress site with ease. It makes it possible to change the URLs of existing pages and posts, as well as other commonly-accessed system directories, and provides an impressive number of styling options for users to mix and match. These styling options enable users to customize the look and feel of their WordPress theme without having to make any manual changes.

Pros of Using WP Hide & Security Enhancer

Simplified File Editing: WP Hide & Security Enhancer simplifies editing of core WordPress files by enforcing restrictions and providing a greater control for users. This allows users to safely modify WordPress core files without the risk of bricking the website.

Increased Security: WP Hide & Security Enhancer offers some of the most advanced security features available for WordPress sites. This plugin provides extra layers of protection for WordPress sites, such as brute-force login protection, IP and country blocking, and URL protection from various malicious scripts. This allows website owners to keep their sites safe from hackers and bots.

Better Performance: WP Hide & Security Enhancer provides several features to optimize website performance, such as allowing users to disable scripts, styles, and plugins to reduce server load and page loading times. This plugin also allows users to resize images and store them on a separate server for faster loading times.

Ease of Setup: WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin is straightforward and easy to set up. All of the features can be quickly enabled or disabled through a single settings page. This means users don’t have to spend a lot of time configuring the plugin before it can be used.

Regular Updates: WP Hide & Security Enhancer is regularly updated to fix any security issues and provide new features. Users will always have access to the latest updates and new features as soon as they are available, which helps keep their WordPress sites secure and up-to-date.

Cons of Using WP Hide & Security Enhancer

No Support for logged-in users without Admin-level privileges: The WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin doesn't provide any support for logged-in users without administrative privileges. This could be a major issue if multiple people are accessing the same website with different user profiles. Users without administrative-level rights cannot access plugins settings, which could therefore limit the ability to customize the website using the WordPress plugin.

Potential Problems with Plugin Conflicts: When installing the WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin, it is important to be aware of any potential conflicts with other WordPress plugins. The plugin can act as a security tool, but also causes extra strain on the server due to heavier code which can cause various problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Compatibility Issues with Themes: The WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin may not be compatible with all themes. It is especially important to check for compatibility if the theme is a premium theme, as it is likely to be coded differently from the more common, free versions. Additionally, if the current theme is updated, it is important to double check that none of the customization scripts or functions of the plugin have been altered or changed by the theme update.

High Risk of Code Breaking: The WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin comes with a high risk of code breaking, meaning that the website can become inaccessible if any modifications are made without first making a backup. This can be extremely risky since making a wrong move could potentially make the website unviewable or worse, break its code and cause major security issues.

Not Recommended for Beginners: The WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin is a powerful plugin and is best used by experienced users who know what they are doing. Though the plugin is convenient and offers a range of features, beginners should be aware that it will require time to understand and become comfortable with the plugin's features. Therefore, although it may offer some use in certain circumstances, it is not recommended for those not familiar with how it works.

86% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

WP Hide & Security Enhancer is an impressive WordPress plugin that offers a range of attractive features for website and blog owners. It helps improve the overall security of a WordPress website by hiding sensitive content, replaces the WordPress version to prevent malicious attacks, and offers a range of customization options that enable users to customize the look and feel of their website. It also helps to improve the speed of a WordPress website by optimizing its coding structure, caching files, and optimizing HTML, CSS and JS files. Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or just getting started with WordPress, WP Hide & Security Enhancer is a must-have plugin that provides a range of benefits and features to help improve the performance and security of your WordPress website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.3.1
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 70,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Data Retention Regulation Compliance
    The WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin provides a comprehensive suite of features that allow for easier compliance with data retention regulations. This includes the ability to define specific user data retention policies and customize data retention periods, as well as granular control over which user accounts, user-generated content, and other tracking data is saved and stored. The plugin also offers a powerful set of features for protecting user data and data privacy, including advanced anti-spam & malware protection, user data encryption and distributed storage, user activity logging, IP address cloaking, and user login & access logging.
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