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Easily integrate Google Analytics with WooCommerce and track key metrics within your WordPress dashboard. Perfect for marketers and store owners looking for detailed insights on their eCommerce store.
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WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration: A Comprehensive Review

For any eCommerce business, it’s essential to have the right tools to manage and monitor your store’s performance. That’s why WooCommerce, a popular WordPress plugin for online stores, has Google Analytics integration available for users. The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin allows for easy tracking of customer activity and detailed reports that help to indicate the success of your store.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration: Breakdown

Google Analytics Integration Settings.

The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin is a simple and easy to use solution for integrating your WooCommerce store’s performance with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital marketing tools and allows for comprehensive tracking of customer activity. With the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin, you can connect your store’s performance with Google Analytics, allowing you to gain valuable insights on your store’s performance.

Once you install the plugin, it will automatically start tracking customer activity on your store. It will track basic metrics, such as pageviews, but it can also track more detailed metrics such as products purchased and abandoned carts. The plugin allows you to easily view the reports from within the WooCommerce dashboard, which makes it easy to access without having to switch to Google Analytics. The plugin also provides advanced metrics, such as conversion rate and average order value.

The plugin also gives you the ability to customize how your store is being tracked. For example, you can exclude certain pageviews or filter out bots and spam traffic. You can also choose which eCommerce dimensions and metrics are tracked, allowing you to view more specific data to help you make better decisions about your store’s performance. You can also choose which demographic information is collected to get a better idea of who your customers are.

Pros of Using WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Enhanced Visibility of Analytics Data: The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin allows store owners to gain more detailed insights into their customers through enhanced analytics data. This includes tracking customer events, such as page visits, product categories, add to cart and purchase completions. This helps store owners to obtain a more accurate picture of user behaviour, allowing them to customize their marketing strategies to better suit customer needs and optimize the user experience.

Integration of Store Data with Google Analytics: The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin makes it possible to easily integrate store events and activities into Google Analytics. This allows store owners to observe and track visitor behaviour across the store, including page views, products purchases, and abandoned cart activities. This comprehensive integration allows store owners to measure the effectiveness of their website and marketing campaigns in an easy and streamlined way.

Easy Use and Customization: The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin is highly customizable and features intuitive navigation. Store owners can quickly and easily set up data tracking, filters, and reporting without having to use complicated coding. Reports can be easily customized, allowing store owners to customize how data is displayed within their analytics dashboard.

Real-Time Data Reporting: The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin provides store owners real-time data reporting. This allows store owners to easily see how customers are interacting with their site. Store owners can also immediately respond to changes in customer behaviour by changing their marketing strategies or adjusting promotional offers to better appeal to their customers.

Manage Multiple Stores: The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin makes it easy to manage data from multiple stores in one single view. This allows store owners to track results, set goals and assign resources more efficiently across all their stores. Store owners can easily analyze data from all their stores in one go further increasing their understanding of customer behaviour.

Cons of Using WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

No Support for Subscription Tracking: Using 'WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration' plugin does not provide support for tracking and managing different subscription programs. Without subscription tracking, it is impossible to get a complete picture of an organization’s revenue and the potential areas for improvement. This can limit the ability to make informed decisions about business operations.

Restricted Integration: The product only requires access to Google Analytics, meaning that it cannot integrate with any other analytics platforms. This can be a limitation for businesses that have multiple analytics platforms in use and need to port data among them. It also makes it difficult for businesses to get a unified view of the data across multiple platforms.

Limited Views of Data: The plugin does not allow for the creation of custom reports, making it difficult to view the data in different formats. It only provides the basic analytics functions, such as pageviews, unique visitors, conversions, and other metrics. This makes it difficult to gain in-depth insights into the business operations and user behaviours.

Insufficient Data points: The 'WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration' plugin only tracks basic events within WooCommerce. It does not provide any deep insights into the behaviour of customers and user journey within the store or website. Without proper insights, it is impossible to gain an understanding of the customer’s need and how to better optimize the store fronts.

Exporting data can be tricky: Although the plugin does provide some basic exporting capabilities, it is not an easy task trying to export the data into different formats. This is due to the lack of integration with other analytics and reporting platforms. As such, exporting the data to other platforms can be a hassle and cause serious delays.

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In conclusion

Using the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin provides a quick and easy way to monitor the performance of your online store and gain valuable insights from customer activity. The plugin allows you to customize how data is collected and viewed, giving you detailed reports to help you make better decisions about how to manage your store. The plugin is an essential tool for any eCommerce business that wants to understand customer activity and gain a better understanding of how to improve their store’s performance.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.8.12
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 200,000+
  • WP Version: 3.9+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Ecommerce Integration
    The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics. This integration will allow you to track and understand your store’s performance and identify areas for growth. With the use of this plugin, you can easily see how many sales and revenue sources originate from Google Ads, what kinds of products customers are more likely to purchase, which affiliate marketing partners are more successful, and more.
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Increase Total Conversions
  • Understand Key Metrics
  • Improve Customer Experience
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  • woocommerce