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The Chat Button by WordPress plugin helps you easily set up a powerful and automated live chat on your website. Instantly communicate with customers & visitors, grow your audience & convert leads easily. Increase customer satisfaction & engagement today!
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Very highly recommended!

Chat Button by A Comprehensive Review

The Chat Button by is a WordPress plugin that enables WordPress sites to easily integrate a chatbox into their website. Chat boxes are a great way to engage website visitors and make it easier for them to contact the website owner or interact with the customer service team. Chat boxes can also become a powerful marketing tool by allowing the website owners to prompt visitors to make inquiries and suggest products or services based on their interests.

Chat Button by Breakdown

<p>GetButton Chat Button.</p>

The Chat Button by makes it quick and easy to set up a chat box on any WordPress website. Upon installation, users are given the opportunity to customize the chat box by choosing a background color, text, font size, and other aesthetic details. This allows the website owner to display a chat box that best fits the look and feel of their website.

The plugin also includes a feature that allows website owners to choose when the chat box will appear. This feature allows the website owner to decide when an individual visiting the site will be prompted to interact with the chat box. For example, the website owner can choose to have the chat box appear when a visitor has visited the site for a certain amount of time or when the visitor scrolls a certain percentage of the way down a page.

The plugin also focuses on providing a great user experience for those who interact with the chat box. It comes with intuitive design tools so that chat boxes look professional and are easy to navigate. Additionally, it allows integration with other popular chat platforms such as Slack and Whatsapp so that website owners can respond to inquiries in an efficient manner.

Finally, the plugin tracks all the data associated with the chat box. This data helps website owners understand how visitors are interacting with the chat box. By monitoring what type of inquiries visitors are asking, website owners can better tailor their marketing campaigns to their audience.

Pros of Using Chat Button by

Increased Visitor Engagement: The Chat Button by plugin allows website owners to easily integrate a live chat button on their website. This helps improve engagement with website visitors by providing them with an easy way to ask questions or get more information about products and services. The plugin also helps to reduce customer service costs by providing a faster and more efficient way to get in touch with customers.

Advanced Analytics: The plugin also offers comprehensive analytic capabilities so website owners can get visibility into how the live chat is performing. Website owners can track user activity, monitor conversations, and gain insight into the real-time performance of their live chat system. This allows them to make improvements and adjustments to ensure their visitors are being served promptly and efficiently.

Customizable Design: The plugin has a modern and highly customizable design, giving website owners the flexibility to choose from different layouts, colors, and font sizes. This allows website owners to create an aesthetic which best suits their website’s overall design. It also allows them to match the chat button to the look and feel of their brand.

User Friendly: The Chat Button by plugin is very user friendly, allowing website owners to set up and manage their live chat system in just a few clicks. There is no need to make any coding changes or use complex software, making it easy for website owners to keep their live chat functioning with minimal effort.

Integrations: The plugin is fully integrated with several popular tools and services such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and Slack. This enables website owners to easily track user behavior and keep track of customer service inquiries. Integrations also make it simpler to connect with users through different channels and help to make customer service more efficient.

Cons of Using Chat Button by

Unsuitable for Long and Detailed Conversations: The Chat Button by is best used for short conversations. It is not equipped to handle detailed conversations that may require more background information.

Privacy Concerns: The plugin does not provide adequate security measures to protect user data. The conversations are not heavily encrypted, leaving messages vulnerable to hacking.

Not Suitable for Multiple Conversations: The Chat Button by does not allow for multiple conversations at the same time, meaning customers must wait for the conversation to end before beginning a new one.

Lack of Self-Servicing Options: This plugin does not have best-in-class customer self-service. Customers are unable to look up past conversations or find quick answers to their questions via a chatbot or other automated options.

Compatibility Issues: The Chat Button by plugin is not compatible with all WordPress themes. It may be difficult to find the right setup or customization options for the plugin to fit seamlessly into a website's design.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Chat Button by is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add a chat box to any website. It allows website owners to customize their chat box to match the aesthetics of their website, and to choose when the chat box appears. Furthermore, it makes it easier to provide a great user experience for those who use the chat box. Finally, the plugin tracks all associated data to help website owners understand how best to target their audience. This makes the Chat Button by a great option for anyone looking to add a chat box to their WordPress website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.8.12
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: 2.7+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Ensuring Better Customer Support
    The Chat Button by WordPress plugin can be used to provide better customer support. By enabling a customer to quickly access a chat support team, questions and queries can be answered in a timely manner. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, by tracking the number of customers that access support, companies can gain insights into the common requests that customers are asking and subsequently address those requests with more efficient methods.
  • Improving Sales Numbers
  • Providing Easy Troubleshooting
  • Increasing ROI on Ad Spend
  • Improving Brand Loyalty
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