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Tabby Responsive Tabs is a WordPress plugin designed to help you create beautiful tabbed content for your WordPress audience. It offers robust features for creating and managing tabs, including an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, mobile-friendly responsiveness, and easy customization options.
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Tabby Responsive Tabs: A Comprehensive Review

Tabby Responsive Tabs is a WordPress plugin that provides users with a convenient way to arrange multiple content sections in an organized, visually appealing format. Perfect for any website, it offers a user-friendly design approach that allows you to arrange content into tabs, allowing visitors to easily switch between different sections. Whether you're trying to make content easier to find, create an aesthetically pleasing design, or enhance the user experience, Tabby Responsive Tabs is the perfect tool.

Tabby Responsive Tabs: Breakdown

On a desktop browser the content is displayed within tabs.

Tabby Responsive Tabs is designed for use on any WordPress site, providing an efficient way to control how content appears on your web page. With the plugin installed, users can easily create tabs with customized titles for any content. After installing the plugin, the Tabby section will appear in the WordPress Admin panel, where you can quickly configure the settings.

Tabby Responsive Tabs also allows the user to arrange content within the tabs in whatever way they prefer. For example, users can choose whether their tabs will be sorted by popularity or alphabetically. Additionally, the plugin includes the ability to add animations to tabs when users interact with them.

Tabby Responsive Tabs also allows its users access to additional features to further customize their website experience. With it, users can create collapsible tabs for hidden content or set their tabbed content to be responsive to different screen sizes. Additionally, a shortcode is provided to easily add the tabbed content to any page or post.

Finally, for those looking to further customize the design of their tabs, Tabby Responsive Tabs makes this possible with the color selection feature. This feature allows users to set their own colors for the tabs, ensuring they have a website that is attractive and matches their own personal aesthetic.

Pros of Using Tabby Responsive Tabs

Ease of Use: Tabby Responsive Tabs is a simple WordPress plugin that is designed to be user-friendly. It is easy to activate the plugin on a WordPress site and add the tabbed content that is desired. Installing and managing this plugin will require minimal technical know-how and time investment.

Customizable Appearance: The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin comes with a variety of features and settings that allow users to customize the appearance of the tabs according to their needs. The options allow users to set the width, colors, font sizes, and other details of the tabs’ appearance.

Compatibility Across Devices and Platforms: The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin is compatible with popular web browsers and mobile devices. It does not rely on any particular JavaScript library and works with all web platforms, from HTML5 to Flash.

SEO-Friendly Code: The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin is built with SEO-friendly code. This ensures that your tabbed content will be indexed by search engines and quickly appear in search results for your website.

Smooth Scrolling: The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin comes with a smooth scrolling feature, which allows users to smoothly scroll through the tab content. This ensures a better user experience and improves the flow of the page.

Cons of Using Tabby Responsive Tabs

Difficult to Style: The Tabby Responsive WordPress plugin is not designed with flexibility in mind, making it difficult to modify and style to best suit your website. There is limited support for color customization, and the default style may not match the overall look and feel of the website. To make any significant changes, you will need to use custom CSS.

No Shortcode Option: The Tabby Responsive WordPress plugin does not include an easy to use shortcode to insert the tabs into your content. You will have to manually add the HTML code for the tabs to your posts and pages, which can be quite tedious and time-consuming if you are dealing with multiple instances of tabs.

Not Responsive: The Tabby Responsive WordPress plugin is not designed with true responsiveness in mind. The tabs will shrink along with the page when it is scaled down, but the content inside the tab will remain the same size and may overflow out of the boundaries. This may cause content to become unreadable at certain viewing sizes.

Lack of Customization Features: The Tabby Responsive WordPress plugin does not have many customizing features to choose from. It does not include the ability to add icons or images and the tabs are restricted to a single row. This does not allow for much creative freedom when it comes to presenting your content in the most visually appealing way.

Incompatible with Some Browsers: The Tabby Responsive WordPress plugin is not compatible with some of the popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer. This may cause issues when trying to view your content in those browsers since the tabs will not be displayed correctly, which may lead to an unsatisfactory user experience.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Tabby Responsive Tabs is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides users with multiple ways to make their websites more appealing, efficient, and organized. With its easy-to-use settings and fully customizable design, users can create tabs to display any type of content, as well as access additional features to further customize the experience. Whether you're looking to make the content on your website more visible or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website, Tabby Responsive Tabs is an ideal tool.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.9+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Display a Recipe Guide
    The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin makes it easy to create a neat and organized guide of multiple recipes for your website. Simply open Tabby Responsive Tabs and add the tabs associated with each recipe. When clicked, each tab will display the full recipe's instructions with no difficulty. You can control the design of the tab by creating predetermined headers and follow up text with images. This makes it easy to display the recipes neatly and quickly to your users, without the need to excessively scroll through text.
  • Create a Product Portfolio
  • Offer a FAQ Solution
  • Display Team Member Profiles
  • Provide Contact Details
  • Accordion
  • responsive
  • shortcode
  • tab
  • tabs