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No Self Pings is a WordPress plugin that prevents WordPress from sending trackbacks and pingbacks to the originating post or page. It eliminates the risk of self-pings in WordPress and improves the performance of the website.
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No Self Pings: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to managing a successful website or blog, there are plenty of everyday duties that need to be taken care of. These tasks can consume a lot of time and energy, and can often lead to a feeling of complete frustration. One task that is largely overlooked however, is preventing pingback loops. A pingback loop is when a website pingback its own content and can cause a resource drain on a website as it can continuously send pingbacks, creating an infinite loop. As a result, the website will slow down drastically and website visitors will be left with a poor user experience. Fortunately, the ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin was created to help website owners ensure that these pingback loops are avoided.

No Self Pings: Breakdown

Option to specify additional URLs, as found in Settings -> Discussion.

The ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin was designed to help detect and prevent any looped pingbacks occurring on your website or blog. This plugin will help to ensure that your website runs optimally and that website visitors have a positive and enjoyable user experience. It also helps to reduce resources used, as it will identify the content on your website and ensure that it does not pingback itself as a reaction to a new post or page.

Once the plugin has been installed, it will begin offering its benefits right away. It works simply by enabling you to control the way pingbacks are handled on your website. With this plugin, you are able to decide which areas will be affected by the pingbacks, and can prevent any looped pingbacks from occurring. Furthermore, you have the ability to make changes to the settings, so that you can customize the plugin to best suit the unique needs of your website or blog.

This plugin is designed to work with the majority of WordPress themes without any issues. The plugin is also offered free of charge, which means you can quickly install it and benefit from the protection of pingback loops without any cost to you. It is also easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge in order to configure.

Pros of Using No Self Pings

Improves User Experience: Using the No Self Pings plugin helps keep page loads faster and improves the user's experience while browsing your website. This is especially helpful for blog posts with a large number of comments, as the slower loading time can cause visitors to become frustrated waiting for the page to finish loading.

Preventing Comment Spam: No Self Pings makes it difficult for spammers to sneakily promote their own websites by pinging their own website in a comment on the website. This can be an annoying problem for many website owners, and the No Self Pings plugin is a great tool to help combat these potential problems.

Reduce Server Loads: No Self Pings helps reduce the load on web servers by preventing WordPress from having to constantly process all the potential self-pings from comments. This can help to improve server performance and optimize the website for a faster loading time overall.

Gain More Control Over Comment Traffic: Using the No Self Pings plugin puts website owners in control of the incoming comment traffic. This can help them better manage the amount of incoming traffic and make sure that only legitimate comments and suitable content is allowed, reducing the chances of potential spam or inappropriate content.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits: The lack of potential self-pings on webpages and posts can help improve the quality of content for search engine optimization purposes. Having fewer pings will also mean fewer requests are sent to search engines by the website, helping to speed up the indexing process and improving overall SEO rankings.

Cons of Using No Self Pings

Easily missed notifications: When using the ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin, users may unintentionally miss notifications if they are unaware that this plugin has been installed and is suppressing notifications. This could be a problem if the user needs to be notified of important comments or updates.

Potential for Comment Spam: Another potential issue to consider when using the ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin is that it may enable users to comment spam, creating a potential distraction from more useful comments or conversations. This could be a problem if the plugin is set to allow people to comment without having to be approved by an administrator or moderator before their comment appears.

Affects User Experience: Using the ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin may also affect the user experience, as it can make it difficult for users to track updates and notifications about their comments and posts. This could be an issue if users are not aware of the feature and are not being notified about important updates or comments.

Slowing Performance: The ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin can also slow down website performance, as it is constantly running in the background and checking for new comments and posts. This can be especially noticeable if the website is busy and dealing with a lot of traffic.

Compatibility Issues: Finally, users should be aware that the ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin may have compatibility issues with other plugins or themes. This could result in unexpected errors or bugs, as well as potential security issues if the plugin is not compatible with the other plugins or themes in use on the website.

84% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

The ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin makes managing a website or blog that much easier. It provides website owners with the tools to ensure that looped pingbacks are avoided, and also gives them the ability to customize the plugin’s settings to best suit their website. With its simple setup and free access, this plugin allows website owners to quickly and easily set up a system that ensures their website will run efficiently. Therefore, if you want to make sure your website or blog is running as smoothly as possible, then the ‘No Self Pings’ WordPress plugin is a great tool for you to consider.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 4.6+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Using No Self Pings on Corporate Websites
    No Self Pings provides a much-needed solution for corporate websites who want to avoid the potential for self-promotion and spam on their pages. This plugin allows administrators to disable the ability for posts to be pinged by other posts from the same domain, enabling a webmaster to ensure links are internal or potentially from another source
  • Avoiding Repetitive Comments
  • Keeping Comment Sections Engaging
  • Getting Rid of Excessive Pings
  • Allow Controlled Pinging
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