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Hide Admin Bar is a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily hides the WordPress admin bar in the frontend of your website. Optimize your website for a better user experience and faster loading times.
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Hide Admin Bar: A Comprehensive Review

The WordPress platform provides an open-source way to create and manage websites. Hosted by millions of users around the world, WordPress is known for its intuitive design and easy day-to-day management. Although WordPress can be used by anyone, it also provides powerful functionality to more experienced users. One such feature is the ‘Hide Admin Bar’ WordPress plugin. This unique plugin allows users to conveniently modify and manage their WordPress admin bar from a single location.

Hide Admin Bar: Breakdown

The ‘Hide Admin Bar’ WordPress plugin gives users the ability to modify their WordPress admin bar with ease. The plugin allows users to customize and configure their admin bar according to their preferences. It also allows users to customize their user roles, giving them the flexibility to assign the most appropriate roles to each user in their WordPress installation. Additionally, users can use the plugin to easily hide the admin bar when viewing the frontend of their website. This can be beneficial when they are performing tests or debugging their website and do not wish to have the admin bar visible.

The plugin totally eliminates the need to navigate manually between tabs and sub-menus to hide or show the admin bar. Instead, it provides a single unified settings menu which allows users to easily modify and configure the WordPress admin bar. With a few simple clicks, users can add or remove menu items, customize their user roles, and even change the size of the admin bar. Furthermore, the plugin also allows users to control the visibility of the admin bar in certain areas. For example, if they do not want the admin bar to be visible in their blog posts, they can easily set this via the plugin.

On top of all these features, the ‘Hide Admin Bar’ WordPress plugin also comes integrated with a WYSIWYG editor. This allows users to customize the appearance and style of the admin bar according to their tastes. With the WYSIWYG editor, users can style their admin bar with ease, previewing their design in real-time before making any changes.

Pros of Using Hide Admin Bar

Speed up Admin Interface: Using the Hide Admin Bar plugin can significantly reduce the loading of admin interfaces, as it will no longer require the additional rendering of all top-level admin menu items. This can improve the experience of frequent WordPress users, who won’t be bothered by the extra loading times.

Easy Access to Toolbar: In some cases, you may want easy access to the WordPress toolbar. This is possible with the Hide Admin Bar plugin, as it allows you to easily toggle the visibility of the toolbar with a single click. This allows for quick access to important menu items without the need for extensive page load times.

Increased Focus: The ability to hide the admin bar helps you to focus on your work on the front-end. Without the distraction of the admin bar, it is easier to be more productive and less likely to be sidetracked by the need to visit the back-end constantly.

Minimized Clutter: For these same reasons, the Hide Admin Bar plugin can help eliminate distractions by reducing the clutter caused by the admin bar. It also helps reduce the amount of space occupied by the bar on the front-end, freeing up more real estate to show content and other important information.

No Extra Setup: The plugin requires no setup and is completely seamless. It does not require any additional plugins or coding knowledge in order to be used, saving time and valuable resources.

Cons of Using Hide Admin Bar

Lack of contact with back end tools: When the Hide Admin Bar plugin is activated, there is no easy access to the back end tools like the Dashboard, Settings, Plugins etc. This means site admins have to find alternative ways to access those functions and make any changes necessary.

Loss of easy access to WP feedback and updates: When the Hide Admin Bar plugin is activated, the WordPress feedback and updates (release announcements, security patches etc.) are hidden. This means that site admins won’t be able to instantly identify new software updates that are available, security fixes or feature enhancements in the Admin Bar.

Slower navigation: Using the Hide Admin Bar plugin can slow down the navigation of the WordPress admin area. Since all links are hidden, admins must take a few extra steps in order to navigate to their desired page.

Decreased accessibility for newer admins: Hiding the Admin Bar can make it harder for newer site admins to navigate the WordPress back end. It will take more time for them to become familiar with all of the pages and menus that are available in the WP dashboard.

Makes things more complicated: Using the Hide Admin Bar plugin can make things a bit more complicated. This means that the admins must think and plan more before making any changes to the site. While this can be a good thing in the long run, it can also be frustrating in the short term for new admins.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

The ‘Hide Admin Bar’ plugin is an essential plugin for WordPress users of all levels of experience, offering great flexibility and convenience. Not only does it allow users to customize their user roles, but it also allows them to hide the admin bar in certain areas - a useful feature for debugging purposes. On top of that, users can also style their admin bar in whatever way they wish with the WYSIWYG editor. With all these features, the ‘Hide Admin Bar’ plugin can take your WordPress website to the next level.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.0
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 3.1+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • WordPress Local Site Development
    When developing websites with WordPress locally, it can often be beneficial to hide the admin bar on the front end side of the website. This plugin allows developers to easily hide the admin bar from the front end of the site, so that the changes can be viewed and tested without the distraction of the admin bar. This plugin is a great way for developers to quickly and easily hide the admin bar while testing and developing locally.
  • Blogger Customization
  • Reducing WordPress Load Time
  • Organizing WordPress Navigation
  • Removing Distractions From Subscribers
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