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This Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin adds styling and features for Contact Form 7 forms for greater flexibility and design control. It includes features like auto-complete forms, text box counter, multi-column layout, style inheritance from theme, custom error messages, etc.
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Bootstrap for Contact Form 7: A Comprehensive Review

The ‘Bootstrap for Contact Form 7’ WordPress plugin is an incredibly powerful and user-friendly tool for website owners looking to utilize the popular Bootstrap framework while adding or modifying a contact form on their website. This plugin is state of the art and introduces the features of Contact Form 7 to design projects of any scale. Not only does this plugin increase the flexibility of customization and scalability of Contact Form 7, but it also adds real-time form validation to ensure correctness and improved user experience.

Bootstrap for Contact Form 7: Breakdown

A general form by the Contact Form 7 plugin as rendered with Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

The Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin is designed with WordPress users in mind. It greatly simplifies the process of setting up and customizing a contact form in WordPress. The plugin is built upon the popular Bootstrap framework, allowing users to easily create custom forms that can be configured to look and act just about however they want. The plugin will automatically generate HTML markup for the contact form, eliminating the need to manually craft HTML. It also eliminates the need to add CSS classes to the contact form, providing users with a simplest and most efficient approach to creating contact forms with Contact Form 7.

Additionally, the Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin adds real-time form validation, meaning that users will be able to see if the data they are entering is correct or not. The plugin also offers numerous customization options, allowing users to customize the look of their contact form with full color control or choose one of the built-in themes. Moreover, this plugin gives user the ability to add custom fields to their contact form, including checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers, and much more. With these features, you can create a contact form that meets your exact specifications.

Finally, the plugin is fully responsive, meaning that it will look great on all device sizes. This ensures that users who are accessing your website from a mobile device will be able to access the contact form easily and efficiently. The plugin also boasts cross-browser compatibility, allowing users to access your contact form from any browser or device with ease.

Pros of Using Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

Adds More Variety to Contact Forms: If your website only uses the default contact form provided with Contact Form 7, then it becomes quite repetitive and monotonous for visitors. Utilizing the Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to add more variety to your contact forms, creating a more modern look and feel for the page. You'll be able to take advantage of various features of Bootstrap. For example, you can customize the fields with inputs, labels, and multiple tip types. You'll be able to choose the right column sizes, apply ornaments and much more.

Compatibility with Other Plugins: The Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin experience is enhanced when combined with other plugins. Contact Form 7 often doesn't work effectively when used in combination with other plugins, especially the more sophisticated ones that offer additional features. Thanks to the Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin, this compatibility issue is resolved, and you can take advantage of the features of other plugins for Contact Form 7.

Optimized for Search Engines: The Contact Form 7 plugin is often used for webpage ranking. The Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin helps optimize your contact forms for search engines, allowing you to enjoy higher levels of traffic and overall rankings. By using the plugin, you can ensure that your forms have all the necessary mark-ups and Meta tags, making them more visible and more easily indexed by search engine bots.

Ease of Use: The Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin is incredibly user-friendly. It is easy to install and set-up, and the plugin utilizes all the necessary parameters to ensure that all changes are easily implemented on your Contact Form 7 forms. The plugin also includes a helpful tutorial that covers all the essential aspects you need to know. This makes the plugin perfect for beginners who want to quickly set up a form using the Bootstrap framework without having to learn a complicated language.

Responsive Design: The Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin provides graceful responsiveness to your contact forms. This ensures that your forms are compatible with various screen sizes and devices. It allows your visitors to access your contact forms on all devices, regardless of their sizes or platforms. With this plugin, you can rest assured that your forms will always be accessible on any device, making it much more convenient for your customers to reach you, no matter where they are.

Cons of Using Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

Integration errors: Integrating Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 with certain versions of WordPress can result in unexpected errors and functionality breaks. Plugins might not be compatible and displaying errors regarding compatibility can be difficult to debug.

Confusing Settings: The settings available for the Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 plugin can be confusing and hard to understand for those without coding knowledge or experience with plugin development. This can cause further confusion when trying to utilize the plugin correctly.

Layout Clutter: Including Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 can cause a cluttered website layout because some design elements may overlap or may cause a disruption in the formatting of the website. This could create a confusing and unappealing page design for users.

High Load Times: Using Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 can cause increased page loading times due to extra elements being requested from the server. This can cause users to leave the page before it has fully loaded if the loading times are significantly high.

Limitations in Functionality: Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 can limit the functionality that plugins might provide as some styles and design elements may not be compatible. This means that certain features may be unavailable because of the limitations of Bootstrap for Contact Form 7 compatibility.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The ‘Bootstrap for Contact Form 7’ WordPress plugin is an essential tool for website owners looking to create a custom contact form with Contact Form 7. This plugin enables users to create contact forms quickly and efficiently, while also adding custom fields, real-time validation, and other features. The plugin is also fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, meaning it will look great and function properly on any device. With the ‘Bootstrap for Contact Form 7’ WordPress plugin, creating beautiful and functional contact forms with Contact Form 7 has never been easier.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.4.8
  • Last Updated: 6 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.6+
  • Tested Until: 4.9.24
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Adding Custom jQuery and CSS to Contact Forms
    The 'Bootstrap for Contact Form 7' WordPress plugin grants users the ability to add custom jQuery and CSS directly to contact forms, greatly expanding the range of design and functional possibilities. This plugin allows for detailed customization of individual forms, as users can easily adjust the number and type of fields, the corresponding labels, their size, and colors without needing to write code from scratch. The plugin also helps reduce the overall project time by only requiring minimal changes, such as adding HTML classes, and making them ready to use. Furthermore, users can easily create custom templates and choose from a variety of pre-built forms, both with support for Bootstrap features.
  • Reducing Typographical Errors
  • Creating Mobile Responsive Layouts
  • Streamlining Forms with Custom Validation Rules
  • Integrating with Third-Party Services
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