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ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup is a powerful and highly customizable plugin that helps you create beautiful and engaging popups for your visitors and customers. It is optimized for fast loading, is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers.
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ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup: A Comprehensive Review

It is no secret that WordPress is the number one choice of content management system among beginners and advanced users alike. As WordPress keeps gaining popularity in the online arena, many developers are coming up with helpful tools and plugins that help users make the best out of their websites and blogs. One such plugin is Ari Fancy Lightbox—WordPress Popup–a plugin that is designed to help WordPress users create stunning image Popups and other visuals effortlessly.

ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup: Breakdown

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The Ari Fancy Lightbox—WordPress Popup plugin is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of a website or blog. The plugin is easy to install, and on activating it, site owners can quickly design and manage spectacular Popups. This Lightbox plugin allows a site owner to highlight their ideas with an assortment of visuals, giving the visitor a seamless browsing experience.

The plugin lays down a comprehensive Popup editor, encouraging creativity and inventiveness among users in creating something extraordinary. This editor is equipped with all the necessary tools like images, texts, and buttons, allowing users to quickly build stunning Popups. Users can customise the content the size of the Popup and opt for different FancyBox styles to match the website’s theme.

A user can add the Popups virtually anywhere on the page, giving huge flexibility in displaying them. Furthermore, the Ari Fancy Lightbox WordPress Popup plugin also offers a broad range of parameters like time delays & open on page elements and more, to polish the user experience. What’s more, users can also set their Popup to show once in a while, or exclusively when the user moves the cursor.

The plugin also offers different design options like box shadows, blurred backgrounds, image overlay, and more, transforming the Popup into something visually appealing and out of the ordinary.

Pros of Using ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup

Increased User Engagement: The ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup plugin provides users with an interactive and attractive way to interact with your site. By introducing a popup window or lightbox with engaging content, users are more likely to click on and explore your site. This can help increase user engagement and overall website revenue.

Ease of Use: ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup is a great plugin for any level of user. The backend setup is very straightforward and requires no coding knowledge. Additionally, the in-depth documentation makes learning the plugin easy and hassle-free. .

Aesthetic appeal: This plugin provides users with a range of design options to help make your popup stand out and produce an eye-catching aesthetic. From customizing backgrounds, adding animations, or using pre-made templates, this plugin allows you to showcase your website content with a polished look. This is great for improving the overall user experience.

Advanced Features: On top of the design options, the plugin also provides users with advanced features to increase user engagement. For example, the plugin offers an array of automated triggers and conditions to ensure the right type of content is presented to the right type of user. These features take the guesswork out of creating impactful popups.

Analytics: With the ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup plugin, you have access to an array of analytics. These insights will show you the number of views, clicks, and conversions your popups are generating. This information can then help you adjust your approach in order to make sure you’re reaching the right audience with the most effective popup content.

Cons of Using ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup

Inability to customize popup designs: The ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup plugin offers limited options for customizing the popup window design. Users can select a predefined template and tweak its appearance, but they cannot fully customize the design elements of the popup window. This means the popups won’t always look unique or integrate smoothly into the overall appearance of an existing website.

Lack of active support: The ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup plugin does not have an active support team who can provide help with troubleshooting and responding to customer inquiries. This means users may struggle when they need help understanding how to use the plugin or fix any issues they encounter.

Limitations in script customization: The ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup plugin does not offer any way to customize the JavaScript code used for controlling the popup window. This means users may be unable to make any changes to the popup functionality, such as animating the popup window or allowing the popup to be closed by clicking elsewhere on the page.

Inability to display videos: The ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup does not support the display of video content within the popup window. This means any videos intended to be displayed must be displayed through an external link or embedded directly into the main page. Neither of these options is ideal for those wanting to show a video within the popup.

Requires page reload to display popups: The ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup requires the entire page to be reloaded in order to display the popup window, which can be a slow process compared to other popups that can be displayed instantly. Users must take this into consideration when deciding if this is the best plugin for their needs.

94% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

To sum it up, the Ari Fancy Lightbox—WordPress Popup plugin is a great choice for WordPress users. With the ability to quickly set up beautiful Popups and a broad range of options and settings, the plugin is certainly a valuable add-on for any website or blog.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.3.13
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.4+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Creating Opt-In Forms
    With the ARI Fancy Lightbox plugin, users can easily create and deploy custom opt-in forms to collect customer information. The lightbox also supports integration with popular mailing list services such as MailChimp, enabling users to further segment and target their campaigns. Additionally, the plugin also allows users to set up custom post-submission messages, view statistics and even analysis user interaction with the forms.
  • Displaying Custom Messages
  • Showing Promotional Offers
  • Creating Attention-Grabbing Announcements
  • Designing Custom Popup Windows
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