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WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping is an easy to use WordPress plugin that helps you set up advanced free shipping options for your online store. Customers will be able to pick the appropriate free shipping rates from your list of options based on their needs.
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WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping: A Comprehensive Review

The online world has revolutionized the way business is done today. Now customers are able to order what they need from the comfort of their own homes and it is more convenient than ever. But customer satisfaction is also extremely important, and one way to ensure that is by offering customers an efficient and reliable shipping service. WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping is a WordPress plugin that combines the power of WooCommerce with the ability to create custom shipping rules to ensure customers get the best experience possible.

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping: Breakdown

WooCommerce Shipping options overview

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress. It is designed to be used with WooCommerce, an e-commerce platform, and allows users to easily create custom shipping rules that are tailored to their needs. The plugin also provides a range of options for determining how the shipping cost is calculated. This includes the ability to define shipping fees based on the locations of the customer and the product, the item weight or price, or any combination of these. It can even be used to set up discounts for certain products, to offer flat-rate shipping, and more. The plugin also integrates with shipping carriers and payment gateways, allowing customers to easily track their orders and make payments.

In addition, WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping allows users to provide real-time shipping rates from the world's leading carriers, such as FedEx and UPS. This means customers can select the best option for them, and the plugin will automatically calculate the cost. This plugin also lets users set up delivery timeframes and provide estimated delivery dates, giving customers the peace of mind that their order will arrive on time. Finally, WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard so users can track their shipping performance, and it even adds support for multilingual stores.

Pros of Using WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

Easy Setup: The WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin has great intuitive setup that allows users to quickly configure free delivery without having to learn any complex settings. Setting up rules for how to calculate free shipping charges is made easy by its drag-and-drop user interface. This feature also allows customers to efficiently and rapidly set up their free shipping criteria with minimum effort.

Flexible Rules: WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping can be integrated with conditional logic which allows the plugin to create a shipping rate system with complex, highly customized criteria. Conditions can range from customer-specific milestones to geographical restrictions. This plugin also allows merchants to set up shop-wide free shipping, allowing customers to benefit from shipping discounts across the entire store no matter what product or service they purchase.

Quantity-Based Rules: The WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin allows users to define specific rules around product quantities. This allows merchants to automate free shipping rules based on the quantity of products being purchased, creating sophisticated discounts for bulk purchases and providing incentives for customers to get more of their desired products at once.

Easy to Integrate: The plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce and can be quickly installed into an existing web store with very little effort. This makes the process of setting up shipping discounts seamless and painless, saving users both time and money.

Friendly Support: The plugin comes with great customer service and robust customer support. If users encounter any kind of problem with their free shipping setup, they can contact WooCommerce directly for help or refer to the plugin documentation to figure out the issue quickly.

Cons of Using WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

Complex Setup Process: One of the biggest cons for using the WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping WordPress plugin is its complex setup process. The setup process requires users to configure various shipping settings such as the pricing model, location restrictions, and the free shipping minimum order amount. This can be a time consuming task, especially for novice users who do not have the expertise required to customize the plugin for their specific needs

Limited Functionality: Another con to using the WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping WordPress plugin is its limited functionality. While the plugin does offer basic features like shipping zones and restrictions, users are not able to take advantage of more powerful features like setting up dynamic shipping rates or integrating third-party shipping services.

Incompatible with Other Plugins: Using the WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping WordPress plugin can create compatibility issues when installed alongside other plugins. This can not only cause the plugin to stop working due to conflicting settings, but can also cause issues to arise with any additional plugins that are active on the WordPress site

Costs Money to Upgrade: The WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping WordPress plugin is free to download, but users will need to upgrade to the paid Pro version if they wish to take advantage of the more advanced features. This can be a costly decision for businesses that are looking for an affordable solution

Support for Older Versions of WordPress: The WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin is only supported on newer versions of WordPress, and users who are running an older version of the CMS may experience compatibility issues. This is something to keep in mind when deciding which shipping plugin to use for a WordPress website.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

With WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping, users can create customized shipping rules to make sure their customers get the best experience possible. The plugin's range of features also integrate with shipping carriers, payment gateways, and multilingual stores, allowing users to take advantage of all the benefits of WooCommerce. This powerful plugin is an excellent tool for businesses looking to give their customers the best experience when it comes to shipping, and ensure that their orders arrive on time and at the best price.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1.6
  • Last Updated: 11 months ago
  • Installs: 50,000+
  • WP Version: 5.0+
  • Tested Until: N/A
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Wholesale Shipping Discounts
    The WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin makes it easy to provide discounted wholesale shipping for bulk orders. By setting discount rules that apply to product categories and/or quantity thresholds, you can quickly offer discounts to customers who buy a certain number of items, which can help you increase sales. You can also apply discounts for shipping to regions, countries, and zip codes.
  • Create Shipping Zones by Country
  • Weight-Based Shipping Costs
  • Shipping Rule-Based Discounts
  • Free Shipping at Checkout
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