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QQWorld Auto Save Images is a WordPress plugin that helps automatically save images and upload them to your server when pasting in a post or page with TinyMCE editor. It saves you a lot of time and effort.
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QQWorld Auto Save Images: A Comprehensive Review

For many WordPress users, one of the biggest headaches is trying to figure out a reliable and secure way to store and manage photos and other media files. Fortunately, there is a tool available that can be easily integrated into any WordPress website to help make this easier and simpler. QQWorld Auto Save Images is a powerful and convenient WordPress plugin that can help take the headache out of dealing with images and media files on your website. With its numerous features and easy integration, it could be the perfect tool to make managing your photos a breeze.

QQWorld Auto Save Images: Breakdown

User interface - Settings

QQWorld Auto Save Images is an advanced WordPress plugin which makes it easier for WordPress website owners to store and manage their images and other media files. It does this through a wide variety of features and tools that allow users to quickly and efficiently transfer, view, and store images and other media files from their WordPress websites. One of the most noteworthy features of this plugin is the “auto-saving” capability, which allows users to select a folder or directory to store all images or other media files transferred from their website. This allows the user to create a comprehensive library of images/media files that can be easily accessed and organized from one central location.

Another great feature of the plugin is its ability to create unlimited sub-folders within the designated image library. This allows users to easily categorize and store their images/media files according to their specific needs. Additionally, with this feature, the user has the ability to grant permission to view, edit, and delete certain images/media files located within certain sub-folders while preventing view, edit, and delete access in other folders. This allows the user to create a highly customized and organized organization structure within their library that can help improve productivity and organization.

The plugin also comes with a number of additional features, including the ability to add captions, tags, and other meta information to images/media files in the library, as well as the ability to display images/media files within a number of different formats, including a thumbnail gallery, lightbox mode, and an auto-generated image slider. Moreover, the plugin allows users to quickly access the lightbox interface to view and manage any images or media files in the library. Additionally, the plugin also includes support for various image manipulation techniques, including scaling, cropping, rotating, and cropping. All of these features are combined to make the plugin a powerful and convenient solution for any website owner who needs a reliable way to store and manage images/media files.

Pros of Using QQWorld Auto Save Images

Saves Time: Using the QQWorld Auto Save Images plugin minimizes the time spent manually downloading images from Webpages and then uploading them to WordPress. This plugin automatically downloads the images from a given Webpage and helps to save the complete process which is required for uploading images manually.

Saves Memory: The QQWorld Auto Save Images uses optimized algorithm for downloading images, which helps to reduce the memory used for uploading images. It also helps to free up the system memory for other tasks that may be performed simultaneously on the server.

Improved Efficiency: Using the QQWorld Auto Save Images plugin allows for higher efficiency when it comes to downloading images from the Web. This plugin allows for faster downloads of images which can reduce the amount of time required to upload the images to WordPress.

Increased Reliability: The QQWorld Auto Save Images plugin is highly reliable. It is regularly updated with bug fixes and performance updates, ensuring that it continues to perform as expected.

Enhanced Security: The QQWorld Auto Save Images plugin is securely encrypted, with the security of both the user's data and the website information kept in mind. With this plugin, users can be assured that their information and data is kept private, secure, and encrypted.

Cons of Using QQWorld Auto Save Images

Security risk: Using the QQWorld Auto Save Images WordPress plugin may introduce security risks to your website. The plugin doesn’t appear to have any security measures in place, meaning that malicious code might be embedded into your website during the auto-saving process. This code could be used to access confidential information as well as carry out other malicious activities.

Low file quality: The QQWorld Auto Save Images WordPress plugin does not guarantee that images are saved in a high quality format. It also doesn’t appear to allow users the opportunity to change the file resolution. This could cause important images to be saved in a lower resolution than necessary, which can lead to a poor user experience.

Limited customization options: The QQWorld Auto Save Images WordPress plugin doesn’t appear to offer any customization options for users. This means that users are not able to alter the settings to better suit their needs or personal preferences. This could lead to a less than optimal user experience.

Potential difficulty in uninstalling: Should you decide to uninstall the QQWorld Auto Save Images WordPress plugin, the process may not be as straightforward as one would expect. The plugin does not appear to have many features, so the chances of there being a conflict with other plugins or themes are low.

No support available: As the QQWorld Auto Save Images WordPress plugin is not actively supported, any issues you may encounter cannot be easily addressed. You may be able to find help on other websites or WordPress support forums, but expect to spend a considerable amount of time and effort finding answers to any queries.

88% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

QQWorld Auto Save Images is a powerful and convenient WordPress plugin that can help make the task of managing images and other media files on a website much easier. With its many features and easy integration, users can quickly and easily transfer, store, and organize their images and media files in a safe and secure method. Furthermore, through its comprehensive library structure and a range of supplemental features, users can create a highly customized system that helps improve productivity and organization. As a result, QQWorld Auto Save Images is a great plugin for anyone in need of an efficient method for managing their images and other media files.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.9.8
  • Last Updated: 3 years ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.5+
  • Tested Until: 5.7.10
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Post Automation
    QQWorld Auto Save Images simplifies post automation by automatically saving images that are pasted into the WordPress post editor. This is a great time-saving feature for WordPress bloggers who need to quickly gather, save, and publish visual content. With this plugin, users can easily insert images they find online into their posts without needing to manually save them to their media library. Furthermore, the plugin populations the needed fields (attachment URL, title, caption, etc.) and saves the images to the WordPress media library without the user having to do anything.
  • Improved Publishing Speed
  • Photo Gallery Feature
  • Easily Remove Images
  • Simple Image Insertion
  • auto
  • fetch
  • images
  • local
  • save