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ND Shortcodes is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for creating beautiful and useful shortcodes in your posts and pages. It offers a full suite of shortcode tools and more than 70 pre-built and customizable shortcodes for creating beautiful and feature-rich pages.
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ND Shortcodes: A Comprehensive Review

For online business owners, the ability to quickly and efficiently manage their website is a must. This is why having a WordPress plugin such as ND Shortcodes can provide a convenient way to manage the content and design of a WordPress website. Their website management system provides an easy to use solution to quickly and efficiently create and amend content, design, and other features on a WordPress website with relative ease. As a result, this plugin can be a tremendous asset for any website owner looking to save time and get the most out of their website.

ND Shortcodes: Breakdown

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ND Shortcodes provides a comprehensive suite of software necessary for webmasters to manage their WordPress website. This plugin provides the tools needed to manage content, design, and other features of a website all in one convenient package. The plugin is intuitive to use and users will quickly become familiar with the various tools and settings it offers.

One of the main advantages that using ND Shortcodes provides is an improved ability for website owners to customize their content and design. It offers a wide variety of customization options which allows users to personalize and change the look and feel of their website with a few simple clicks. Additionally, the plugin also provides a detailed toolkit that provides users with the ability to quickly and accurately edit and amend content as needed.

The plugin also offers a number of useful features to help website owners automate their routine maintenance tasks. For example, automatic backup and restore capabilities enable users to have peace of mind knowing that their data is stored and protected at all times. Furthermore, the plugin also provides users with the ability to schedule posts and other content in advance so that they do not have to make continual updates or changes. This is especially handy for websites that have regular events or routines that need to be maintained. Lastly, the plugin also includes an Analytics feature which allows users to track their website’s performance over time.

Pros of Using ND Shortcodes

Ease of Use: ND Shortcodes makes it quick and easy to add commonly used elements to pages and posts. No coding or HTML knowledge is required – all the user has to do is select the desired shortcode and fill in the parameters to customize it. This makes creating beautiful webpages a breeze.

Wide Range of Options: ND Shortcodes has a comprehensive library of elements and settings. Users can choose from a variety of layouts and styles to create their own customized elements that can enhance their website. The plugin offers a wide range of features such as video embedding, accordions, tabs, columns, social sharing buttons and more.

Fully Responsive: The ND Shortcodes plugin is fully responsive. This ensures that no matter the screen size, style or device used, the elements created with the plugin will still look great. This helps users maintain a consistent look and feel across all their platforms and devices.

Easy Customization: The ND Shortcodes plugin allows for easy customization. Users can easily customize every aspect of their elements with few clicks and without writing any code. This is great for a professional website developer who wants to quickly and easily create amazing visual elements on their pages and posts without having to write code or manually html tags.

Extensive Documentation: ND Shortcodes comes with extensive documentation to assist users. This document helps users understand the plugin better and quickly resolve any issues they may have without having to hunt down the internet for help. It includes explanations and guidance on using each element, as well as troubleshooting steps and tips for optimizing the plugin for maximum performance.

Cons of Using ND Shortcodes

No Support for Older WP Versions: Although ND Shortcodes is a popular WordPress plugin, it does not offer support for WordPress versions lower than 4.7. This limits its compatibility for users that are not using the latest WordPress version.

Restricted Features: ND Shortcodes is not an all-in-one WordPress plugin. Instead, it only offers shortcodes that are used to create tables and other presentations. It does not have additional features such as formatting, styling, and animation.

Paid Upgrade Required for Extra Features: The free version of ND Shortcodes only offers minimal features. If users require more features such as custom styling and additional table formats, they’ll need to pay for an upgrade to the Pro version in order to access them.

Learning Curve: Since ND Shortcodes is a dedicated WordPress plugin for creating tables and other presentations, users will need to become familiar with its interface before they can start using it effectively. This can require some time investment to create their desired displays.

Lack of Updates: While the last update to ND Shortcodes was released more than three years ago, the plugin is still working perfectly. However, this lack of updates means that bug fixes won’t be available, and the plugin may no longer be compatible with newer WordPress versions.

64% Recommended!

In conclusion

All in all, ND Shortcodes provides website owners with an invaluable tool for managing their website quickly and efficiently. Its comprehensive suite of tools make it easy for website owners to personalize and customize their websites and to automate their routine maintenance tasks. It is the perfect plugin for any website owner looking for a convenient and straightforward way to get the most out of their WordPress website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 7.2
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.5+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Adding Content Pitch Up Above Post Title
    Using the ND Shortcodes plugin, content authors can easily add a separate “pitch” message before the post title. This message will appear at the top of the post, giving visitors a quick look into what the article is about and enticing them to read further. This is especially useful for posts that are conducive to social media sharing and allow content authors to craft a post to promote itself.
  • Include Readability Scores Into WordPress Posts
  • Share Posts Easily to Social Media Platforms
  • Adding Multiple Styled Links Within Content
  • Include SEO Meta Tags in WordPress Posts
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