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To Top

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for content management and website building. Developing and managing a WordPress website requires a number of tools and plugins, one of the most essential of which is the “To Top” plugin. This plugin adds a button to a website, allowing a user to quickly navigate back to the top of the page with the click of a button. Not only does the “To Top” plugin make it easier for a user to navigate to the top of the page, but it also helps to create a smooth and streamlined user experience.
Big File Uploads – Increase Maximum File Upload Size icon

Big File Uploads – Increase Maximum File Upload Size

For any WordPress site owners looking to make uploading files for their site users easier and more efficient, the Big File Uploads – Increase Maximum File Upload Size plugin offers lots of extra features and tools. Many users of WordPress websites — especially those that feature a lot of user interaction or downloads — can greatly benefit from this plugin that has been specifically designed to make the process of uploading files simple and hassle-free.
Smooth Back To Top Button icon

Smooth Back To Top Button

Staying on top of website management is no easy feat. For WordPress users, the search for the perfect WordPress plugin is real. Many users turn to and rely on WordPress plugins to help them achieve their desired aesthetics or to simplify the process of managing their website content. A relatively new plugin that has been gaining more and more attention is the Smooth Back To Top Button, a user-friendly plugin created by Malik Serhan, designed to help WordPress users make navigating their website easier and more convenient.
Remove "Powered by WordPress" icon

Remove "Powered by WordPress"

Many websites are powered by WordPress. By default, a footer is included on all of these sites that reads “Powered by WordPress”, displaying WordPress as the source of the content. Some site owners may wish to remove this notice for a variety of reasons. Without going into the WordPress source code, a website owner must turn to the WordPress community to make this change. To fulfill this need, the “Remove ‘Powered by WordPress’” WordPress plugin was developed. This plugin allows website owners to easily remove this notice in just a few quick steps.
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Multiple Domain

WordPress is a powerful content management system that makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy user to create a website or blog. It is extremely popular and continues to gain more users each day. To make navigating and customizing WordPress even easier, there are a multitude of plugins available that can be installed quickly and easily. One such plugin is the Multiple Domain plugin, a popular WordPress plugin that can be used to drive traffic to multiple websites.
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Disable Admin Notices individually

Admin notices within WordPress are incredibly useful in conveying messages to the website admin regarding important changes on their website. However, they can become increasingly annoying if a website has multiple notices displaying all at once, making them difficult to read and take action against. A WordPress plugin, Disable Admin Notices Individually, enables website admins to control which admin notices are displayed on their website, preventing the homepage from being overrun and ensuring clear visibility of important messages.
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Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to switch the theme of your WordPress website on the fly? ‘Any Mobile Theme Switcher’ plugin is an ideal choice for your WordPress website needs. This convenient WordPress plugin allows you to automatically switch themes depending on the device or platform the user accesses your site from. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, the plugin can identify the device’s features and switch between the themes as required to ensure proper compatibility. The good news is that the plugin is fairly easy to install and configure. It also requires you to make minimal changes to the WordPress settings and the themes as there are no PHP scripts to add in the template directory.
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Ocean Stick Anything

WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, was created to make building websites simpler and more efficient. With the ability to customize anything from themes to plugins, WordPress users have access to an arsenal of tools to better manage their website. One must-have plugin for WordPress users is Ocean Stick Anything, the perfect plugin for adding stick-any functionality to any WordPress website.
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Disable WP REST API is a WordPress plugin created to provide an extra layer of security and privacy to WordPress websites. It enables an administrator to control access to sensitive data and resources, such as user metadata, comment data, post data, and others from external sources. This plugin restricts access to the data only to legitimate requests from within the WordPress hosting server. Administrators can further customize the plugin to give access to select IP addresses or user groups. It also allows users to customize the error messages displayed to those who attempt to access a restricted resource.
WordPress Hide Posts icon

WordPress Hide Posts

WordPress Hide Posts is a WordPress plugin created to make it easy to hide post or pages from a blog or website. This plugin is free and easy to install on any WordPress site. With this plugin, users can easily hide posts without any coding knowledge or any other changes to the WordPress environment. This plugin is available for users who want to hide posts from public view or restrict access to certain posts from a specific user group or roles. It is an easy way to protect content from unauthorized access.