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The Mailjet Email Marketing WordPress Plugin makes it easy to create and send beautiful emails in minutes. Connect your WordPress website to the Mailjet marketing platform and start sending faster, beautiful campaigns today.
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Mailjet Email Marketing: A Comprehensive Review

Email marketing is an essential part of many businesses’ marketing strategies. It is important to have the right tools in place to create effective, professional emails that can be used to reach and engage customers. The Mailjet Email Marketing WordPress plugin provides a comprehensive solution for companies looking for an all-in-one marketing platform. With its customizable templates, automated campaigns, and personalization features, the Mailjet plugin helps companies easily create email campaigns to reach their target audiences.

Mailjet Email Marketing: Breakdown

The initial setup wizard will guide you through the quick steps to get started

The Mailjet Email Marketing WordPress plugin is designed to help create and manage campaigns easily and efficiently. It is integrated directly into WordPress, so setting up the plugin and creating emails is a breeze for any user. With its drag-and-drop editor, custom templates, and predefined layouts, users can easily create effective emails that fit their brand. Plus, the plugin comes with an array of tools and features that make it easy to create customized campaigns.

Mailjet’s automation features let companies send out pre-scheduled messages at the optimal time for each recipient. Companies can schedule out emails for future send dates and track the performance of their campaigns to pinpoint areas of improvement. In addition, Mailjet’s personalization features allow for campaigns to be tailored to the customer’s individual preferences. With dynamic content, personalization, and targeted campaigns, Mailjet ensures that users are reaching the right customers with the right message.

Mailjet also offers a variety of analytics features. Companies can track the performance of their campaigns and get detailed reports on which emails are being opened, clicked, and shared. These insights help companies refine their campaigns and optimize their email marketing efforts. Plus, with its dynamic reporting capabilities, Mailjet helps companies identify key trends and understand user engagement.

Pros of Using Mailjet Email Marketing

Easy to Use: The Mailjet Email Marketing plugin is very easy to use and quickly connects to your Mailjet account. After installation, the plugin will instantly detect the mandatory fields within your WordPress forms, allowing you to save time when setting up the software. The simple integration process will help you create contact forms, opt-in forms and email subscription forms in a few minutes

Responsive Design & Mobile-Friendly: The Mailjet Email Marketing plugin is specifically designed to be responsive, meaning it will ensure that your emails look correct and are legible when viewed on devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This helps to make sure that your emails are successful both with desktop and mobile users.

Automated Newsletter Campaigns: The Mailjet Email Marketing plugin contains automated newsletter campaigns, allowing you to quickly setup a multi-part email sequence that will send to your users every time someone signs-up to your opt-in forms. This feature is great for creating badges of reminders for a particular course or event

Real-Time Reports & Analytics: When using the Mailjet Email Marketing plugin, users will have access to real-time reports and analytics, allowing you to quickly identify email campaigns that are performing and ones that need to be adjusted. Additionally, the display tools and charts make it easy for users to interpret data and take action where needed.

Excellent Support Options: Lastly, the Mailjet Email Marketing plugin provides excellent support options. They offer personalized customer service and have dedicated teams of experienced, knowledgeable professionals constantly available to assist customers with any problems or issues they may be having. In addition, the plugin also offers a number of online tutorials and guides to help users get the most from their email marketing campaigns.

Cons of Using Mailjet Email Marketing

Integration Complication: Integrating Mailjet Email Marketing with a WordPress website may be quite complicated for users who are not tech savvy. Users must be familiar with HTML and CSS coding knowledge. Additionally, they have to learn to how to connect with the Mailjet API and create the right parameters.

Lack of Functionalities: In comparison to its close competitors, Mailjet Email Marketing has very few functionalities. This may be problematic for users who expect a lot from their email marketing plugin. The versatility of this software is limited, which could be a disadvantage when users need more flexibility to customize their newsletters.

Data Migration Challenges: Since Mailjet Email Marketing is a recently created WordPress plugin, users may have trouble migrating certain components of their own data from older plugins. This can be especially problematic for users who are not well-versed in conducting such migrations, and could mean a great deal of time-wasting and frustration.

Limited Support Network: Mailjet Email Marketing offers limited support for their users. Their customer service team is typically unresponsive and slow in replying to users’ queries. Users may feel frustrated that they do not get the help they require in a reasonable amount of time.

Unstable Performance: It is reported that Mailjet Email Marketing’s performance tends to be unstable and unpredictable. While some users might not experience any issues, others may be losing large chunks of emails due to the plugin’s inconsistency. This could ultimately lead to a loss of revenue and customer loyalty for users.

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In conclusion

Mailjet Email Marketing is an ideal solution for companies looking to easily and effectively create and manage their email campaigns. With Mailjet, users can create beautiful emails in minutes with the drag-and-drop editor, automated campaigns, and personalization features. Plus, with its analytics features, companies can monitor campaign performance and make data-driven decisions. Mailjet provides an all-in-one solution that helps companies create and maintain effective email campaigns to reach their target audiences.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 5.5.2
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.4+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Creating Automated Email Sequences
    The Mailjet Email Marketing plugin allows WordPress site owners to easily create automated email campaigns, giving customers personalised, targeted communications on a predetermined schedule. Users can set up their automated emails from established templates and connect them directly to their WordPress website. The plugin simplifies creating automated sequences for a variety of use cases, such as onboarding, transactional emails, campaigns for discounts and promotions, and reminders for lapsed customers.
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Getting Started with Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • Sophisticated Segmentation Capabilities
  • Powerful Autoresponders
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