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FeedWordPress is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to syndicate and aggregate content from multiple external sites into your WordPress-powered site. It is the perfect tool for regular or semi-regular imports of content from external sources such as feed readers, news services, or other blogs using RSS2, Atom, or RDF feeds.
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FeedWordPress: A Comprehensive Review

FeedWordPress is a free and open source syndication plugin for WordPress, the world’s most popular platform for creating websites. A syndication plugin such as FeedWordPress provides the ability to take one or more external RSS or Atom feeds, gather their content, and republish them as part of a single WordPress site, with the new content blending in seamlessly with the site’s existing posts. This allows WordPress sites to serve as centrally-updated collections from many different sources, making it easy to keep a site updated with fresh content from a great number of sources without the need for manual acquisition and insertion.

FeedWordPress: Breakdown

FeedWordPress offers a gateway to the world that you can incorporate directly into your WordPress website. It does this by taking external RSS and Atom feeds and compiling them into a single site. This saves time and energy because instead of having to go out and manually acquire and insert new content from many different sources, FeedWordPress can do this for you. Plus, the content imported through FeedWordPress will blend in seamlessly with any existing posts or content on your site, making it look smooth and professional.

FeedWordPress is highly customizable and supports numerous ways to customize the way content is imported. From mapping author names to selecting which kinds of content to include or exclude, you can further tailor the content that is imported to match your site’s specific needs. Additionally, FeedWordPress offers a wide range of settings and options to give you full control over how the content is presented, helping to ensure that your site stays neat and organized.

The plugin makes it easy to manage all of the various feeds that you add to your site. Each feed can be individually enabled or disabled, and it is even possible to selectively update any of the individual feeds. FeedWordPress also has options for scheduling when the feeds are updated, keeping your content fresh and timely. Plus, it provides feeds in both RSS and Atom formats, making it easy to integrate FeedWordPress into almost any other RSS-compatible system.

On top of all of this, FeedWordPress comes with an integrated administrative UI to make it easy to manage feeds and settings directly from within the WordPress dashboard. This admin interface gives you a convenient way to control and monitor the syndication of your feeds, and also features a log to keep track of important events.

Pros of Using FeedWordPress

Conveniently Imports and Syndicates Multiple Sources: FeedWordPress is a great plugin for importing and syndicating content from multiple sources into a single Wordpress website. The plugin makes it easy to monitor multiple external feeds, process them, and automatically post them according to specific rules and filters. This is ideal for curating content from various sources and ensuring it is kept consistent and up to date on the Wordpress website.

Customizable Feed Filtering: FeedWordPress allows for extensive customization of feed filtering. This includes the ability to sort out content from specific types of sources, as well as blacklisting specific articles according to meta tags or keywords. This means it is easy to generate a specific flow of curated content from multiple sources that is tailored to the website’s needs.

Compatibility with Other Content Formats: In addition to RSS compatible feeds, FeedWordPress is also able to process other content formats and sources, such as YouTube, Flickr, del.icio.us, etc. This plugin is also compatible with different kinds of media, such as photos, videos, and documents, allowing website curators and administrators to manage content from a variety of sources.

Flexible Post Scheduling: The plugin makes it easy to set up content posting schedules. This allows website administrators to select specific posts to be posted each day, the days of the week when certain content will be posted, and the rate at which posts are posted. This ensures the content is kept flowing at a consistent rate and administrators don’t have to manually post each item.

Categories and Tags Support: FeedWordPress allows admins to add categories and tags to content items. This allows for further customization of content and makes it easier to organize in a manner that makes sense for the website. This can also be used to better monetize the content by sorting it according to different criteria.

Cons of Using FeedWordPress

Complex Set Up: FeedWordPress is a powerful plugin however it has quite a complex initial setup. You’ll need to determine which feeds you want to use, which authors will post those feeds, and other logistical details before you can set it up. If you’re expecting a one-click set up, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Updates Can Take Time: FeedWordPress tries to update your site regularly but there are times when the updates don’t happen as quickly as you’d like them to. If you’re expecting a real-time feed of content from a website, then FeedWordPress might not be your best bet.

Limited Control: Although FeedWordPress allows you to control the setup process and the content that appears, you’re still limited in the level of control you have over the posts. You can’t customize the posts or alter the formatting more than the basic WordPress options allow.

Limited Layout Options: Since FeedWordPress pulls in posts from other websites, you’re limited in how you can arrange the output. You can’t customize the layout of your posts or alter the content in any way. If you’re looking for more custom output, this may be an issue.

Unreliable Performance: FeedWordPress can be quite reliable but there are times when the plugin may fail to update or display new posts. If you’re relying on the plugin to display a consistent stream of content, it may not always deliver the results you’re looking for.

86% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

FeedWordPress is a great plugin for WordPress users who need an easy way to access and publish content from external sources. It is a free and open source plugin, making it easy to use and customize for any WordPress site. With its wide range of options and settings, you can customize FeedWordPress to suit your specific needs, and the integrated admin UI makes managing feeds and settings easy. FeedWordPress is the perfect way to syndicate content on your WordPress site, allowing you to keep it fresh and up to date with minimal effort.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2022.0222
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 4.5+
  • Tested Until: 5.9.8
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Automatically syndicating content with FeedWordPress
    FeedWordPress is a powerful plugin that allows WordPress users to quickly and easily syndicate content from any external RSS or Atom feed. This is useful for automatically importing content from multiple sources such as other websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and more. It takes the hard work out of manually referencing, editing and consolidating the numerous feeds that go into WordPress sites. The plugin also makes it simple to manage all the new content that has been imported, providing its users with an organized and efficient process.
  • Ensuring FeedWordPress stays up-to-date
  • Using FeedWordPress to Monitor Multiple Feeds
  • Customizing FeedWordPress to Suit Individual Needs
  • Optimizing FeedWordPress for Performance
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