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Manage WooCommerce tabs quickly and easily with YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager. Customize tabs, enable/disable and rearrange them according to your needs. Enjoy one-click installation and free updates!
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YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager: A Comprehensive Review

Managing multiple tabs on a WooCommerce store is a necessity for a successful online store. Navigating these tabs can become overwhelming for a store owner and can be extremely difficult to manage, especially for those with no coding knowledge.The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager is a WordPress plugin that brings a powerful and easy to use solution to managing multiple tabs.

YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager: Breakdown

Admin: tab list

The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin allows store owners to create and manage multiple tabs with custom attributes and in any order. This makes it easier to showcase content from each product without having to switch or search for it. Store owners can create various tabs and assign them to products, categories, and other additional pages. This ensures that the appropriate content is placed in each tab.

Using the Tab Manager’s tab editor, store owners can customize the name, description, and order of each tab. The plugin brings a design editor that allows store owners to assign custom CSS styles and alignments to each tab. This helps to create a more charming look that ensures a positive user experience. Store owners can also add icons, upload images, add HTML code, and more.

The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin takes care of store performance and SEO. The plugin allows store owners to exclude the content of each tab from the main shop page. This helps to reduce database load and improve the loading speed of pages. Also, it allows store owners to index the content of all the tabs by specifying a canonical URL. This helps search engine bots to access and index the content of each tab and improve the store’s SEO.

Pros of Using YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager

Flexible Customization: YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager provides users with a flexible platform for creating customized product tabs. The plugin enables users to create product tabs for any page type, post type, or category with ease. Users can customize and create tabs as per their own needs. By using YITH's drag and drop editor, users can set up product tabs very quickly and in a user-friendly way.

Multilanguage Support: YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager provides users with support for a wide range of languages. Users can set up the language preferences in the plugin settings and create tabs in any language of their choice. The plugin allows for both frontend and backend language support. This means that users can create tabs in any language that their customers understand.

Powerful Search Engine: YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager allows users to find products quickly and easily by utilizing its powerful search engine. Users can easily search for existing products as well as create new tabs with this feature. This helps users reduce the time it takes to find the right product for their customers and also make product searching much smoother and efficient.

Easy Installation: YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager can be quickly and easily installed with just a few clicks of the mouse. The plugin requires no configuration and is ready to go as soon as it is installed. Once installed, users can start customizing and creating product tabs with ease. This makes the installation process very simple and efficient.

Multiple Options: YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager provides users with multiple options such as creating and editing tabs, customizing tab views, and setting sorting criteria and filters for tabs. This allows users to customize product tabs in their own way and helps them create custom tabs that are tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Cons of Using YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager

Inability to Add Searchable Product Tabs: The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin is a great tool for creating custom tabbed content for product descriptions. Unfortunately, there is no way to add searchable product tabs with this plugin. Thus, customers won't be able to find information using search query. If you need this feature, this plugin won't be of much help.

No Shortcode Support: The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin does not offer support for shortcodes. Shortcodes can be a great way to create rich content for your product pages but this plugin won't help with that.

No Support for Variable Products: The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin does not allow customers to view different tabs for variable products. For example, if your shop offers t-shirts in different sizes, customers won't be able to view the same tabbed content for each size.

No Automated Content Creation: The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin does not provide any automated content creation. This means that you will have to manually create content for each product tab. If you have a large number of products, this can be a tedious and time consuming task.

No Support for Reviews on Product Page: The YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin does not offer support for displaying customer reviews on the product page. Thus, customers will not be able to view feedback from other customers before making their purchase.

58% Recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, the YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin is a great solution for store owners that need to manage multiple tabs on their store. Its intuitive editor allows store owners to create and customize tabs without any coding knowledge. It also ensures that store performance is not hindered by taking care of the loading time and SEO of each tab. The plugin makes it incredibly easy to manage tabs and create an optimized user experience.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.31.0
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 6.2+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Creating Product Descriptions
    YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager plugin allows you to create and manage custom tabs for products in the woocommerce store. With this plugin, you can add unlimited tabs with custom content that you can either display or hide. This makes it ideal for adding product descriptions, FAQs, additional product images, videos, contact forms, and more. You can also customize the tab titles and rearrange the sequence they appear in.
  • Managing Reviews
  • Promoting Special Offers
  • Adding Support Information
  • Compatibility with WordPress
  • Custom tab
  • e-commerce
  • product
  • tab
  • woocommerce