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WunderWP is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you create reusable and preset widget styles and templates for Elementor. Create stunning websites for any purpose in no time.
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WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor: A Comprehensive Review

Do you find the task of customizing widgets and templates with Elementor intimidating? If the answer is yes, you should check out WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor, a fantastic plugin that turns the seemingly daunting task of building a website into an enjoyable and incredibly easy experience. WunderWP not only improves the workflow, but it makes your website look more professional and attractive.

WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor: Breakdown

Choose Preset & Apply

WunderWP is a WordPress plugin built to help Elementor page builders take their projects to the next level. It equips them with an array of ready-to-use reusable templates and professionally-designed widget styles. From headers and footers to contact forms, logos, and buttons, the plugin provides an array of options to optimize your website with minimal effort.

The widget styles are split into 12 distinguishable sections, each section containing assets of different shapes and sizes. These sections are Hero, Call to Action, Feature List, Accordion, Testimonial, Blog Post and Media, Carousel, Image Slider, Hero Carousel, Gallery, Icon Carousel, and Icon Tabs. Each section can be further customized and tweaked to suit the user’s requirements.

WunderWP also offers multiple styles that can be used to design the attractive cards, single images, single columns, and videos. You can even design your own custom widgets based on preset configurations. Furthermore, you have the ability to toggle effects such as animation, filter, and lightbox. Lastly, the plugin also comes with a few unique elements such as progress bars, pricing tables, and countdown timers.

Pros of Using WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor

Simplifies Elementor Widget Design: The WunderWP plugin simplifies the Elementor widget design process by allowing users to quickly apply one of the plugin's pre-made widget styles and designs. This means that users can create beautiful displays in just a few clicks, rather than having to take time to design a widget from scratch.

Robust UI Styles: The plugin also provides a lot of design freedom. It includes two distinct sets of user interface (UI) styles, making it easy for users to quickly find the perfect look for their website. The styles range from classic to modern, and each style is easy to customize to get the exact look you want.

Improved Performance: Using the plugin also improves the performance of your website. The pre-made designs and templates included in the plugin are optimized for loading quickly, meaning that your website will be responsive and fast. This ensures that your website will look good and be responsive on all devices, regardless of the screen size or connection speed of your visitors.

No Coding Necessary: Another advantage of the WunderWP plugin is that it doesn't require any coding knowledge or experience. Even beginners can quickly and easily get started creating beautiful designs and displays with just a few clicks. The plugin also includes support for developers, giving experienced users the ability to further customize their widget designs to get a truly unique look.

Detailed Documentation: Finally, the WunderWP plugin also includes detailed documentation and tutorials. These tutorials help explain all of the features and functions of the plugin, and make it easy for new users to quickly get up and running. It is also helpful for experienced users, as they can access the plugin's documentation to answer any questions they may have.

Cons of Using WunderWP – Reusable & Preset Widget Styles and Templates for Elementor

Limitation of Reusable Element Styles: The WunderWP plugin limits you to certain Elementor elements when it comes to reusing styles. For example, you can only create a style for a given Heading element but you won’t have the option to use it again for a Text element. This makes it hard to create a presentation or interface style pattern which is consistent throughout the site.

Limited Preset Options: The plugin only supports a limited number of presets for different widget elements. This can make it difficult to customize the interface of your app or website as you may need more styling options than what the plugin provides.

Difficulty Customizing: Due to the limited number of presets options, it can be time consuming and difficult to customize and modify the interface components of your site. You will need to invest time in creating custom styles to ensure the interface components match the overall design of your app or website.

Lack of Flexibility: The plugin does not offer any flexibility when it comes to styling and customizing the interface components. You are limited to the level of detail you can achieve with the styles provided by the plugin which can be a disadvantage if you need higher level customization to match your brand.

Time Consuming: It takes additional time to configure the available presets and styles for the widgets. This can be time consuming and may limit the time you have available to focus on other important aspects of your project. This could potentially impact the success of your project if you don’t have time to properly configure the widgets and styles.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Thanks to WunderWP, users can design complex and professional looking websites without any hassles. You can select from multiple designs, customize your existing widgets, and create new ones from scratch. The cherry on top is that the plugin is intuitive and user-friendly. You don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge or even any coding skills — everything is automated and ready for you to use. WunderWP is a great solution for developers and Elementor users alike who are looking for an efficient and impactful way to design their sites.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • Last Updated: 2 years ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 5.0+
  • Tested Until: 5.9.8
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Elementor Footer Template
    Create stunning page footers quickly and easily with the WunderWP Elementor Footer Template. Choose from dozens of pre-made styles and designs that can be customized with your own unique branding. Colors, fonts, animations, and more can be changed to create a footer that fits your website perfectly. You'll also have access to support from WunderWP's team of professionals, allowing you to get the most out of your templates.
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