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WP Responsive Menu allows you to create SEO optimized mobile-friendly WordPress menu with dropdown items. It is heavily customizable through an options page, has support for multiple menu locations and widget support.
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WP Responsive Menu: A Comprehensive Review

The WordPress platform is one of the most popular sites for creating and managing online content for business purposes or for personal blogging. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience, plugins are available for WP that improve the responsiveness and look of the website. WP Responsive Menu is a plugin from WPGP that makes it easier to manage WordPress menus on mobile devices. This plugin is ideal for websites created on the WordPress platform that require backward compatibility and the added portability of being able to view websites in multiple mobile device formats.

WP Responsive Menu: Breakdown

<p>General settings.</p>

WP Responsive Menu is an ideal plugin for any website built on the WordPress platform. It allows for the editing and managing of WordPress menus, making the menus responsive to the size of the device. This plugin offers three different menu structures as well as eight color schemes and a multi-level drop-down menu system. The menus can then be edited for different devices with only a few clicks, allowing for customization depending on the device the user is using. Additionally, the plugin also comes with a powerful customization panel, which allows users to customize their menus even further. The customization panel allows users to change the font size, color, and orientation of their menus. It also allows for features such as social networking icons, custom backgrounds, and different menu styles.

The plugin’s key features include a slim-style menu, support for breadcrumbs and a pixel perfect menu structure. Additionally, advanced features like tabbed navigation, skin backgrounds, animation effects, and a stylish off-canvas menu are also included. Tabbed navigation allows for easy access to multiple menus, making them more organized and easier to select. Animation effects can be set to show when hovering an item on the menu, allowing for a stylish effect without needing the user to touch the menu. The off-canvas menu is perfect for giving the user more detailed content on the menu without needing to take up the entire page.

Pros of Using WP Responsive Menu

Improves usability and increases website efficiency: WP Responsive Menu offers the perfect solution to ensure proper website usability on all devices. The plugin automatically adjusts the menu structure and styles it to fit the display size, making it easier for users to navigate quickly. This helps to improve website efficiency as visitors can more easily get to the content they are looking for.

Increases website speed optimisation: WP Responsive Menu optimises the website speed and performance, resulting in faster website loading times. By automatically compressing the website's CSS and JavaScript code, it helps to reduce the website's page load time, resulting in a better overall user experience.

Improves design and creates a more modern look: With its robust styling capabilities, WP Responsive Menu helps to quickly and seamlessly adjust the website design to fit all devices. This improves the website design and presentation, making it look more modern and sophisticated.

Saves time and costs: The plugin is very user friendly and does not require any coding knowledge to set up. This helps to save time and costs associated with manual alterations or using a developer/designer to change the responsive design.

Provides an easy to use admin dashboard: WP Responsive Menu offers an easy to access dashboard that makes it simple to adjust display settings and make changes to the overall design of the website quickly and easily.

Cons of Using WP Responsive Menu

Navigation Difficulty: Due to the reduced screen size on many mobile devices, navigating through the WP Responsive Menu plugin can be quite challenging. This is especially true if the plugin is being used with a high volume of menu items. The menu items are often too small to easily select and can be difficult to quickly read and understand.

Impractical for Certain Situations: The WP Responsive Menu plugin may not be as practical for certain types of sites or webpages. For example, e-commerce sites may require more comprehensive menus with links to product categories and other pages on the site. The plugin is simply not capable of providing this level of comprehensive navigation.

Severe Lack of Features: Another disadvantage of the WP Responsive Menu plugin is the severe lack of features. The plugin does not offer any customization options for colors, fonts, or styles. Additionally, there is no way to control the display of sub-menus, which can make navigating certain types of websites difficult.

Speed Issues: The WP Responsive Menu plugin can also be quite slow to load, particularly on larger websites. This can be a major issue if users need to quickly navigate to a certain section on the website. The slow loading time can also be an issue for users trying to quickly find information or products on the page.

Limited Integrations: Finally, the WP Resposive Menu plugin is limited in its ability to integrate with other plugins and services. As a result, users may not be able to extend the functionality of the plugin or take advantage of other services offered by WordPress.

86% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

WP Responsive Menu is an ideal plugin for those who require backward compatibility and portability on their WordPress based websites. It offers multiple features that allow for easy customization and editing of menus, as well as providing a powerful customization panel that helps users create the menu they desire. The advanced features included such as tabbed navigation and skin backgrounds provide a stylish effect on any device, all without being too complicated or overwhelming. As more and more devices become available, the need for WP Responsive Menu is invaluable, as it allows for users to enjoy and access content efficiently and effectively.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.1.8
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 50,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Designing a Stylish and Easy-to-Use Menu
    WP Responsive Menu is an excellent plugin for creating a unique and stylish menu that allows visitors to navigate your website with ease. With the plugin, you can customize the menu style and add all sorts of nifty features like animation, full-width layouts, and automatic page responsive design. Additionally, you can select colors, fonts, and effects to make your menu look great. Plus, the plugin also lets you add background images, logo compatibility, and customize order and appearance of elements. All of these features make it easy to design a sophisticated menu that makes your website stand out.
  • Adding Functionality to a Menu
  • Creating a Responsive Menu
  • Setting Up Menus for Different Page Types
  • Improving Website Performance
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