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The WP Mail Logging plugin helps users monitor and log WordPress emails, detect errors or issues with email delivery, and debug their mailer configurations. This plugin makes it easy for WordPress users to keep track of mail sent from their websites.
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Very highly recommended!

WP Mail Logging: A Comprehensive Review

Gone are the days of guessing and hoping that emails sent out from your WordPress websites are hitting their targets and being read. The WP Mail Logging plugin for WordPress takes the guesswork out of email-sending and puts the power in your hands. Now you can easily keep track of when emails are sent and how they’re performing. This plugin is perfect for everything from large-scale enterprises to small business websites.

WP Mail Logging: Breakdown

The Email Log

WP Mail Logging puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to sending and tracking emails. This plugin allows admins to keep track of emails sent out from their websites, giving them the security of knowing their emails are getting through. This plugin also offers a number of different features and customization options to ensure the emails sent out from your website look just the way you want them to.

WP Mail Logging features an advanced dashboard for easy access to the plugin's key features. From the dashboard, you have control over the emails you’ve sent, including tracking when an email has been opened, when it has been delivered, and when it has been bounced back. You can even customize the look and feel of the emails you send, making sure they look exactly how you want.

The plugin also offers customizable logging for an in-depth look at your email-sending activity. WP Mail Logging gives you the ability to view log entries based on a variety of criteria, such as the user or sender address, IP address, and delivery date. This gives you the ability to track down any emails that might have gone missing, as well as identifying any possible fraudulent activity.

The plugin also features its own SMTP server, which allows admins to control how email messages are sent from their websites. This ensures that emails sent from websites using this plugin are delivered securely and reliably, and prevents any possible issues or security risks.

Finally, WP Mail Logging also comes with an API that allows for easy integration. With the API, admins can create custom widgets, configure logging parameters, and add additional email tracking features to their websites.

Pros of Using WP Mail Logging

Enhanced Email Delivery Capabilities: The WP Mail Logging plugin helps users to enhance the capabilities of their WordPress email delivery system. The plugin helps users to track email delivery attempts, which helps to identify issues like incorrect address, server unavailable and many more. It also helps users to manage email deliveries more efficiently and with more accuracy. The plugin also helps users to debug their email delivery process including troubleshooting email delivery failures with the help of detailed logs. It also provides detailed reports which help users to track the email delivery process more effectively.

Advanced Email Notification Settings: The WP Mail Logging plugin helps users to customize and manage notifications related to email delivery attempts. It allows users to set up notifications based on specific criteria such as when there are any failures or successes related to email deliveries. The plugin also allows users to send email notifications to different users based on their roles in the system, which helps in promoting better user experience. It also helps users to configure and manage the notifications according to their own preferences.

Create Logs for Email Delivery Attempts: The WP Mail Logging plugin also helps users to configure and create logs for their email delivery attempts. These logs are especially helpful for tracking down issues with delivery attempts and for debugging. The logs can also be used to view the status of email delivery attempts, which can help users better understand the statistics behind their emails. It also helps users to view the details more easily and gives them more insight into the delivery process.

Additional Security Options: The WP Mail Logging plugin also offers additional security features to WordPress users. It helps users to set up different authentication methods for the email delivery system. This feature helps users to better secure their email data from unauthorized access. It also helps to ensure that the emails are not intercepted by spammers or malicious third parties. Furthermore, the plugin allows users to set up whitelist and blacklist configurations to better protect their email delivery system from malicious entities.

Enhanced Email Performance Measuring: The WP Mail Logging plugin also helps users to measure and assess the performance of their email delivery system. It provides detailed reports which include the information about the delivery attempts, the success or failure rate of the emails sent, the time taken to deliver the email, and many more. This helps users to have a better understanding of the performance of their email delivery system and helps them to optimize it for better results.

Cons of Using WP Mail Logging

Increased Potential For Data Breaches: WP Mail Logging plugin allows for full message logging, which can be a major security issue. If hackers gain access to the server, they can easily view all the messages that have been logged. This opens up the possibility for data breaches, or the leaking of sensitive customer information.

Incostestingly Expensive: Whilst the plugin is free to download, the cost of hosting the server is often prohibitively expensive. This means that companies without hosting experience may end up paying more money than necessary. Furthermore, the costs associated with maintaining the server and storing the messages can be quite high.

Performance Issues: Due to the intensive logging that WP Mail Logging plugin requires, it can take a toll on system performance. The messages themselves can be large and take up a lot of storage. Additionally, if traffic increases, the server may struggle to keep up with the increased demand, resulting in slower speeds.

Lack of Customizability: The plugin can only be customized to a certain extent. Many users find that they cannot make the necessary changes to the plugin in order to suit their needs. This can be an issue for those looking for more advanced features.

Difficulty Debugging: Debugging with WP Mail Logging can be incredibly tricky. It can be difficult to spot errors in the logs, and users may find themselves spending hours making minor tweaks to the setup in order to get it to work properly.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

WP Mail Logging is a comprehensive and powerful plugin that puts the power of email-sending and tracking back in the hands of web admins. This plugin is made up of a series of advanced features such as an easy-to-use dashboard, customizable logging, and an integrated SMTP server that allows admins to confidently send and track emails from their WordPress website. WP Mail Logging also comes with an API that allows for easy integration with third-party services, giving admins the ability to create custom widgets, configure logging parameters, and add additional tracking capabilities to their website.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.12.0
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago
  • Installs: 200,000+
  • WP Version: 5.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.2.3
  • PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Increased Email Visibility
    WP Mail Logging gives you much greater visibility into the emails being sent from your WordPress site. This saves time in debugging email problems. You can easily view all emails sent from your site, their subject lines, dates and times, and you can also view the exceptions thrown or errors encountered by the mailing system. This makes it easy for you to determine what may be wrong with the mailing process and address it quickly.
  • Manage Who Emails are Sent To
  • Customize Email Content
  • Track Email Performance
  • Integrate with Marketing Automation Platforms
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