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Product Filter by WBW plugin is the perfect tool for filtering and sorting products and special offers with ease on your WordPress site. It is a fast, lightweight and easy to use plugin with powerful features to ensure smooth user experience.
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Very highly recommended!

Product Filter by WBW: A Comprehensive Review

Product Filters by WBW is an incredibly versatile and powerful plugin designed to help you efficiently organize, filter, and showcase your WooCommerce products. Being compatible with both the classic WooCommerce and the latest WooCommerce add-ons, it offers immense flexibility and robust features that allow you to quickly transform your store into a much more effective and attractive platform. With it, you can create your product categories, search filters, and other features with absolute ease and convenience.

Product Filter by WBW: Breakdown

WooCommerce Product Filter FrontEnd

Product Filters by WBW is a great tool designed specifically for WooCommerce stores. It provides a lot of features that make it easy to manage, organize, and showcase your products. You can use it to create and assign categories, filters, tags, and other elements to your products. This, in turn, makes it much easier and faster for customers to find what they’re looking for on your store, helping to boost conversions and sales.

The plugin also allows you to fully customize the design and layout of your product’s filters. This is excellent for creating a unique and attractive look that can make your store stand out from the competition. Plus, you can easily adjust the size and position of the filters based on your needs, making sure that they are always user friendly and easy to access.

Furthermore, Product Filters by WBW is supported by a number of third-party plugins. This adds additional features and functionalities, such as advanced search filters, product comparison tools, and much more. Plus, the plugin includes its own shortcodes, which can be used for creating buttons, links, and other elements for easier navigating.

Finally, Product Filters by WBW is incredibly easy to use, as it comes with a user-friendly control panel that lets you quickly and easily adjust the settings and features of your store. This makes it a great choice for even new store owners who are just starting out and need something simple yet powerful.

Pros of Using Product Filter by WBW

Better Performance for Customers: The Product Filter by WBW plugin can help to improve the user experience for customers by making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for on a website. It allows for an advanced filtering system, which allows customers to narrow down their search for particular products and items, by providing them with specific search options by category, price, attributes, and more. This can help to save them the time and effort needed to sift through an entire website for the particular items they may need.

Ideal for Complex Websites: For complex and larger eCommerce websites, Product Filter by WBW can be especially useful. This plugin is a great way to offer advanced search capabilities and to organize many products and items all in one place. Customers can easily filter through all of the products in an organized way and find what they need with minimal effort.

Ease of Use: The plugin is also incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up and use. It is highly durable and takes only a few minutes to customize for the website. It is also very intuitive, making it easy to understand and use, even for those who may not be very technical. This helps to make it especially appealing for those who are running larger websites with complex product listings.

SEO Optimization: The Product Filter by WBW plugin also helps to improve search engine optimization of a website, as it helps structure content in a way that is efficient and relevant to customers' queries. This can be an important factor to consider, especially for those websites that are competing for SEO rankings in the search engines. It helps to further the reach and visibility of a website in search engine results.

Cost-Effective Solution: The Product Filter by WBW plugin is also a cost-effective solution when compared to many other similar services, which can often be quite expensive. This plugin is offered in an affordable one-time purchase with no extra costs for future updates. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a high-quality plugin to optimize their website but have a tight budget.

Cons of Using Product Filter by WBW

Poor Usability: The Product Filter by WBW plugin provides a mediocre user experience. There are numerous UX issues, such as the lack of a search feature, limited customization options, and a confusing interface. This can make it difficult for users to find the product they need or make changes to product categories. As a result, users may become frustrated and abandon the plugin.

No Support Staff: Customer support for the Product Filter by WBW plugin is almost non-existent. There is no dedicated customer service staff or FAQ section, so users are left to figure out problems on their own. This can be a major problem for those who experience technical difficulties or need help understanding how to use certain features of the plugin.

Lacks Advanced Features: The Product Filter by WBW plugin is rather limited in terms of features available. It lacks the ability to filter or search by specific criteria, so users are left with a basic product filtering option. As a result, it cannot compete with some of the more advanced plugins on the market.

Poor Documentation: The documentation provided with the Product Filter by WBW plugin is lacking. The instructions are outdated and incomplete. This leaves users struggling to understand how to use the plugin and makes it difficult to take advantage of all of its features.

Product Categorization Issues: The Product Filter by WBW plugin can be unreliable when it comes to product categorization. It often mislabels products or adds incorrect categories, making it hard for users to find the items they are looking for. Due to this, it is recommended that users double check product categorization when using this plugin.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Product Filters by WBW is a fantastic plugin that works great with WooCommerce stores. It offers a lot of great features for organizing, filtering, and showcasing your products, as well as a simple yet powerful control panel for adjusting your store settings. Furthermore, its compatibility with third-party plugins provides a host of extra features and functionalities, making it an incredible tool for boosting engagement, conversions, and sales. In short, Product Filters by WBW is an all-in-one solution for giving your store an excellent edge over the competition.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.5.1
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 40,000+
  • WP Version: 3.4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Searching for the right size
    Product Filter by WBW is a great tool for users who are looking for a specific size of a product. With its easy to use interface, this plugin allows users to quickly filter through large catalogs of products with their desired size criteria. From shoes, to apparel, to tech gadgets, this plugin helps customers quickly find the product that meets their needs.
  • Sorting by different brands
  • Accessible filtering options
  • Browsing specific categories
  • Price range filtering
  • e-commerce filter
  • product filter
  • shop filter
  • woocommerce filter
  • woocommerce product filter