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The Under Construction plugin for WordPress makes it easy to create an effective Under Construction or Coming soon page for your website quickly and easily. It is SEO optimized for great search engine visibility and perfect for maintenance, upgrades or new launches.
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Under Construction: A Comprehensive Review

The Under Construction WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful and feature-rich plugin that can help with website maintenance, launching new features, and other various tasks. The plugin essentially creates a customizable page that displays on every page of the website when the plugin is activated, informing visitors that the website or page they have chosen is temporarily unavailable. This page is customizable, allowing users to change the text, images, and background color to fit the theme of their website. Additionally, the page will have several options where a user can provide information about the website’s outage with details about its relaunch, as well as allowing visitors to sign up for updates on the website’s progress.

Under Construction: Breakdown

Build an under construction page in less than a minute with over 30 themes

At its core, the Under Construction plugin is essentially a template for a "maintenance page" on a website. This page is intended to prevent people from accessing the website while it is undergoing repairs, modifications, or simply being launched. The plugin allows website administrators to create and publish this maintenance page with whatever text, background color, images, and information they see fit.

Additionally, there is a wide array of features that a user can customize for their maintenance page. The title, text, background color, logo, images, progress bar, and many other elements of the page can be edited to fit the website’s design scheme. The page also allows individuals to provide details about the website’s expected performance, as well as providing a functional subscription form for those interested in receiving updates on the website’s progress.

Aside from the productivity-driven features, the Under Construction plugin can also help website administrators keep track of who is accessing their website. This allows website admins to identify potential spam, malware, unauthorized use, and other security threats that might be present on the website.

Finally, the plugin can also be used to promote a certain page or website when it’s being launched or relaunched. This feature is incredibly helpful when combined with the other useful features provided by the plugin.

Pros of Using Under Construction

Easy to Setup: The Under Construction WordPress plugin is easy to setup as the process of installation and activation is a matter of minutes. The plugin is very practical, and users can quickly add or configure a ‘Coming Soon’ page in the backend of their WordPress website.

Fully Customizable: Under Construction plugin allows users to easily customize the existing pages with a few clicks, as pre-defined options are available. Moreover, users can include images, logos, headlines, text, and contact forms according to their requirements.

Multilingual: Under Construction plugin support multilingual content, and users can switch between languages as per requirements. The plugin supports all kind of languages that WordPress website uses and helps to create professionally looking ‘Coming Soon’ pages with different languages.

Pre-defined Templates: Under Construction plugin provides plenty of general pre-defined templates and users can quickly install according to their needs. The plugin also offers the ability to create their own templates to personalize their website.

Advanced Analytics: Since Under Construction plugin is based on WordPress, it allows users to track and review important analytics like direct leads and visits to the website. It helps users to keep an eye on the website and analyze trends, activities, and interests of their visitors.

Cons of Using Under Construction

Sluggish Delivery Speed: The Under Construction WordPress plugin can be sluggish when delivering content to website visitors. Delays can occur when a visitor clicks on a page or tries to view specific content. This slow delivery speed can affect the visitors’ overall user experience and lead them to seek out other sites for content. Additionally, the lack of content delivery speed can translate to lost revenues, as customers may be more likely to look elsewhere for products or services that can be accessed more quickly.

Loading Issues: The Under Construction WordPress plugin can also experience loading issues. This occurs when the plugin is slow to load all components served on a page. This may cause certain elements on a page such as images or text to load incompletely. This leads to a broken-looking website page and can be disconcerting for visitors, leading them to leave the page and seek out alternative sources for content or services

Bugs and Security Risks: As with any software, bugs and security risks can be an issue. The Under Construction WordPress plugin is no different. It may include bugs that cause it to not function properly, potentially leading to user errors, lost data, or worse. It is also possible for malicious actors to exploit security vulnerabilities in the plugin’s codebase, which could lead to damage to your site or your users’ data.

Plugins are Not Updatable: One downside to using the Under Construction WordPress plugin is that it is not updatable. This means that any updates or security patches that are released for the plugin will not be applied to your website automatically. This can leave your site vulnerable to bugs, security risks, and other issues. As a result, it is important to stay on top of the Under Construction WordPress plugin’s updates to ensure that your site is secure and working properly.

Lack of Features: Another con of using the Under Construction WordPress plugin is that it is relatively feature-light. While the plugin does offer several useful features, it is lacking in options when compared to other WordPress plugins. This can be a problem if you are looking for a plugin with more options or more advanced features. Additionally, since the plugin is not regularly updated, the features it offers may become outdated or obsolete over time.

96% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

In conclusion, the Under Construction WordPress plugin is an incredibly useful and feature-rich plugin that offers website administrators the power to control and maintain their websites. With the accessibility to customize their maintenance page, keep visitors informed about website-related news, as well as identify any security risks or other potential threats, the Under Construction plugin is a must-have for any website administrator. Whether you’re just launching a website or making changes to it, the Under Construction plugin will certainly make the whole process smoother and more efficient.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.97
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 600,000+
  • WP Version: 4.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 5.2 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Under Construction for Website Migration
    Under Construction WordPress plugin can be used to inform users while you migrate from another website to WordPress. The plugin will provide a customizable, informative page to let visitors know that the website is temporarily under construction and when it will be back up and running. Information such as a contact form or a list of services can be added to the page effectively preparing and informing potential customers. This helps maintain the website’s reputation and prevents potential customers from becoming frustrated due to the lengthy downtime.
  • Under Construction for Major Website Redesign
  • Under Construction for Server Migration
  • Under Construction for Maintenance Break
  • Under Construction for Open Source Projects
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