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Social Warfare is the ultimate social sharing WordPress plugin, designed to give you complete control over how your content is shared on social media. It’s fast loading, lightweight, and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of WordPress themes.
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Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare: A Comprehensive Review

WordPress powers over 33 percent of the websites in the world. This is because of its immense popularity among website developers, bloggers, and content creators. It is an open-source platform that gives users access to thousands of plugins and themes to choose from. One popular plugin is Social Warfare, which enables users to quickly and easily add social sharing buttons to their WordPress websites. It includes an array of features to ensure that users are able to drive higher engagement and click-through rates from their social posts.

Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare: Breakdown

Social Warfare offers users a powerful and effective social sharing plugin to easily add social sharing buttons to their WordPress websites. It has various features that enable users to customize how their social sharing buttons are displayed on their webpage, as well as how they are shared on multiple social media networks. The plugin allows users to control where links to their content are shared, thus helping to increase their reach and engagement from social media posts.

The plugin also offers several ‘click-to-tweet’ features, allowing users to easily add a tweetable quote to each post. This enables users to instantly generate a tweet that links directly to their post, further increasing their reach across the various social media networks. Additionally, users can create custom images and optimize them for each social platform, which further improves their chances of engagement.

Social Warfare also provides an analytical feature which allows users to track their social media growth as well as the reach and engagement of each post or page. This helps users to understand which content is resonating most with viewers, thus allowing them to adjust their marketing activities accordingly.

Finally, the plugin also provides various tools for user engagement. It includes a comment feature, input forms, and comment tracking. It also offers various promotional features such as contests and voting polls. All of these features enable users to more accurately measure the effectiveness of their social strategies.

Pros of Using Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

Increased Visibility: Using the Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare plugin can help to increase the visibility of your website page or blog post by providing users with sharing capabilities which reaches out to a much larger audience than it would have if it was not shared. In addition, when other users share your content on their social media accounts, it can build up more organic backlinks as more users click on the shared content on other people’s accounts.

Greater User Engagement: Increased visibility can generate more user engagement as more users are likely to interact with the content. This means that there is a higher possibility of more people commenting, liking, and sharing the content. As user engagement is increased, users can discuss more about the topic which translates into increased website traffic as more visitors will come onto the website to read the comments or even try to participate in the discussion.

Easy To Set Up: The Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare plugin is easy to set up for beginners and is incredibly straightforward and customizable. It doesn’t require any coding expertise and allows users to set up the plugin without any additional cost. Additionally, the plugin is easy to customize, allowing users to choose the exact locations where the plugin will be enabled, as well as its overall layout and design.

Stylish Button Designs: The Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare plugin has a range of styles and designs for the sharing buttons which will make the page look more attractive, clever, and distinctive which can help to spark interest amongst users to click on the buttons and share the content.

Statistics & Insights: Data is king and insight is essential for anyone who wants to make the most out of their website. The Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare plugin can help to track analytics and provide valuable insight into user engagement, such as which platforms are the most effective for sharing, which posts are the most popular, and how much traffic is being generated from the sharing. This can help to refine strategies for promoting content and improving user engagement in the future.

Cons of Using Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

Slow page loading speeds: Social Warfare is a great plugin, but it adds additional scripts and HTML to your page as it has to make additional calls for social sharing button previews, this means that page loading times can take a hit.

Reduced SEO performance: Social Warfare can decrease SEO performance as it is built to only pull data from the title and meta description when generating previews for the social sharing buttons. This is not ideal as SEO efforts should be focused on keyword optimization of the contained text within posts and pages.

Optimization cost: For Social Warfare to work, data contained in posts and pages must be reorganized to meet the format and rules of the plugin. This optimization process can cost time, money, and resources depending on the size of the website, how often content is created, and the availability of tools and resources to do this.

inefficient for mobile devices: Social Warfare is not optimized for platforms like phones and tablets, meaning that the social sharing buttons can display differently or be limited in number, detracting from the user experience on these devices.

Relying on external services: The Social Warfare WordPress plugin derives its power from external services, such as APIs, and its success relies heavily on the availability and performance of these services. If the service suffers any sort of performance loss or extended downtime, then the plugin can be rendered unusable, or at least not provide its intended purpose.

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In conclusion

Social Warfare is a powerful and effective plugin for WordPress that allows users to quickly and easily add custom social sharing buttons to their website. It includes an array of features that enable users to control how their content is shared, as well as track its performance analytics. Additionally, the plugin also offers several user engagement and promotional features which enable users to better understand their online audience, as well as drive greater engagement from their social posts. All in all, Social Warfare is an essential plugin for anyone looking to maximize the effectiveness of their social media presence.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 4.4.4
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 4.5.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Facebook Post Boosting
    Social Warfare's Facebook Post Boosting feature is an effective way to increase your reach on the world's largest social media network. This feature allows you to set a goal to boost your Facebook posts, and then monitor and track your progress over time. With Facebook Post Boosting, you can measure user engagement such as page likes, post clicks, and post comments to determine which posts are most effective and target them for boosting. With this powerful tool, you can gain more exposure for your content and attract an even larger audience.
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  • Pinterest Posting
  • Link Sharing
  • Instagram Posting
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