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Social Icons is a simple and lightweight WordPress plugin that allows you to add social media icons and links to your website with an easy to use interface. It is optimized for SEO and helps to quickly improve your website's visibility.
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Very highly recommended!

Social Icons: A Comprehensive Review

The Social Icons WordPress plugin is a great way to quickly and easily add social media icons for popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It is designed to be easy to use for both novice and experienced WordPress users. With the Social Icons plugin, you can quickly and easily add icons to any post or page without any coding knowledge, allowing you to link to your social media profiles in a matter of minutes.

Social Icons: Breakdown

Social Icons Widget Form

The Social Icons plugin is incredibly easy to use and configure, even for those who are not familiar with WordPress. Setting up the plugin is simple – just install it and activate the Social Icons widget. Once the widget is activated, you can configure it as needed. You can choose to display the icons in different sizes, and you can specify the URLs for each of the social media platforms you want to link to. You can also enable the sharing button, which will allow users to easily share your posts and pages on their social media accounts.

The plugin also allows you to customize the appearance of your icons. You can choose the background color, icon color, and icon size, and you can also choose to display the icons in a vertical or horizontal orientation. If you are worried about compatibility issues, don't be – the Social Icons plugin is fully compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

In addition to the icons, the Social Icons plugin also provides an easy way to add social media follow buttons. You can easily add a Follow button for any of the supported social media platforms, so that it will appear on every page of your WordPress site. This is a great way to encourage your readers to follow you on your various social media accounts.

Pros of Using Social Icons

Integrated Social Media Actions: Social Icons plugin provides an integrated way to create social media actions for your WordPress site. It enables you to quickly add social media sharing and linking icons to your content using shortcodes or a widget. It also includes advanced features such as creating custom Twitter hashtag link, auto-detection of current page URL, and the ability to add custom images. This helps you to easily get started with social media and create powerful social engagement for your site.

Highly Customizable: The Social Icons plugin is highly customizable, allowing you to define your own buttons, position, icons, sizes, and colors. There’s also the ability to add custom images if you choose. You can easily maintain a consistent look and feel for your site while providing users with easy access to your social channels.

Showcase your Content: The Social Icons plugin is a great way to showcase your content across a range of different social media sites, making it easier for users to engage with your brand. This makes it much easier for users to access your content and ensures that your content is seen by a wider range of potential customers or followers.

Cross-Platform Sharing: The Social Icons plugin also allows users to share your content on a range of different social media platforms. This means that your content can be seen by a huge range of potential viewers and followers, which will help to boost visibility and engagement for your site.

Increased Reach & Engagement: The Social Icons plugin helps to create a seamless integration between your site and social media, providing users with easy access to share your content. This helps to increase the reach and engagement of your content and can ultimately lead to increased conversions and sales for your business.

Cons of Using Social Icons

Time Sink: Using the Social Icons WordPress plugin can be a time sink due to the need to continually update the widgets attached to the plugin to ensure users are always seeing the most updated list of your social media accounts. Additionally, managing the plugin's settings can be a time-consuming task as there are many options that the plugin can offer in terms of layout, composition, etc.

Inconsistent Performance Across Platforms: Social networks, while they generally provide unified user experiences, can act differently when when integrated with the Social Icons WordPress plugin. The plugin may not always provide the same exact functionality across different platforms and some features may be difficult to replicate with the plugin.

Lack of Support from Plugin Developers: The Social Icons WordPress plugin is not actively supported by its developers and some of the features and options may be incomplete or outdated. This means that users may have difficulty troubleshooting issues and seeking help from the developers.

Compatibility with Third-Party Plugins: Due to its integration with social networks, the Social Icons WordPress plugin may not be compatible with third-party plugins. This means that users may experience difficulty when attempting to install or configure additional social media plugins in their WordPress sites.

Security Concerns: Installing and using the Social Icons WordPress plugin can potentially open up your website to security threats. The plugin can be vulnerable to malicious code injections and user data thefts, and users must ensure that their security measures are up to date to protect against such threats.

90% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Social Icons plugin is an incredibly useful and easy to use WordPress plugin. It is designed to make it easy for both novice and experienced WordPress users to quickly and easily add social media icons and follow buttons to their WordPress sites. With its customizable features and easy setup, the Social Icons plugin is a great way to get your social media presence up and running quickly and easily.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.7.4
  • Last Updated: 3 years ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 4.7+
  • Tested Until: 5.6.12
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Online Event Promotions
    The Social Icons WordPress plugin can be an invaluable tool when promoting online events. With it, you can easily link to your event's registration page, add social media sharing buttons, or direct users to your organization’s social media accounts. The plugin also displays social icons and links for a wide range of online platforms, which gives your event the extra visibility it needs to draw more attention. Plus, it's easy to embed these social media accounts directly into the page where your event is located, allowing visitors to follow and share the event with direct links.
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  • Community Blogging Feature
  • Reaching Out To Other Brands
  • Connecting With Clients
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