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PublishPress Authors plugin for WordPress, adept for managing Co-Authors, Multiple Authors, and Guest Authors. Enhance your author box and boost blog collaboration.
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Co-Authors, Multiple Authors and Guest Authors in an Author Box with PublishPress Authors: A Comprehensive Review


PublishPress Authors is a remarkable WordPress plugin that solves the consistent issue of multiple authorship for a single post or article in WordPress, expanding the platform's native capabilities. This easy-to-use, flexible plugin brings forth the much-needed functionality of adding multiple authors, co-authors, and guest authors to a post - an aspect that has been absent in the standard version of WordPress. The added benefit is that it not only allows these additions but also offers an "Author Box," an interactive tool to display writers' profiles professionally. This article delves into the workings, features, and standout factors of the PublishPress Authors plugin to give potential users insights into its crucial role in modern online publishing.

Co-Authors, Multiple Authors and Guest Authors in an Author Box with PublishPress Authors: Breakdown

Add multiple authors: With PublishPress Authors, you can choose multiple authors for each post.


There's more to writing great content; it's also about how it's presented to the audiences—the by-line, the author's picture, and short bio play a significant role in making that connection with the reader. That's where PublishPress Authors shines. It empowers users to add as many authors, co-authors, or guest authors as needed for a single post or article. This feature is ideal for websites that rely heavily on collaborative endeavors or guest contributions, such as news portals, magazines, blogs, and scholarly sites.

Additionally, what sets this plugin apart is its 'Author Box.' This tool offers an elegant and professional way to display the author or authors' profiles. The plugin allows customization of the author box with details such as name, photo, bio, and much more. Users have the ability to tweak the display parameters to align with the site's overall aesthetic, including adjusting the size, location, as well as the layout.

Besides the primary purpose, PublishPress Authors also enables creating detailed author pages. These expanded bio pages provide more room to showcase an author's portfolio—a valuable asset for writers looking to build their online presence. The plugin also offers enhanced features for managing and tracking authors such as reporting and notifications. It's a comprehensive solution that fills the gap in WordPress's na‏ïve functionality concerning multiple authors and guest authors.

Building on the multiple author functionality, PublishPress Authors can also map guest authors to user profiles. This exceptional capability means that even non-registered users can contribute to the site and get their author boxes, making the platform more flexible and inclusive.

An underlying theme of PublishPress Authors is user-friendliness. It's designed with both developer and non-developer users in mind. Its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate interface means users of varying technical expertise can use it with equal ease.

Pros of Using Co-Authors, Multiple Authors and Guest Authors in an Author Box with PublishPress Authors

Multiple Authors Support: The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to assign multiple authors to a WordPress post. This can be extremely useful for websites dealing with complex articles or reports, which are often the result of collaborative efforts. Having multiple author attribution not only gives credit where it’s due, but it can also help in enhancing the credibility of your content.

Guest Authors Feature: This plugin provides an elegant solution for including guest authors in your articles without the need to create separate WordPress user accounts for them. This saves time, increases security, and makes it easier to manage content on your website. The guest authors can have their own profiles and bios, making them feel more recognized and appreciated.

Customized Display Options: With PublishPress Authors installed, you can control how the author box looks on your website. There are multiple layouts available and you can customize the elements in the author box according to your needs. This allows you to maintain cohesive branding and aesthetics throughout your website, leading to a more professional appearance and effective user experience.

Author Taxonomy Support: It supports custom taxonomies, allowing you to group authors in different categories. This can significantly help in organizing your website’s content, making it easier to navigate and understand for users. It’s particularly useful for sites with a large number of authors, where it is essential to keep things well-structured and easily searchable.

Integration with Other Tools: PublishPress Authors seamlessly integrates with other popular WordPress tools, boosting its overall functionality. It works beautifully with SEO plugins, making sure the additional authors' names get included in the metadata. It's also compatible with common page builders, ensuring the author box you create looks good on all pages and posts of your website.

Cons of Using Co-Authors, Multiple Authors and Guest Authors in an Author Box with PublishPress Authors

Complexity in Installation: The PublishPress Authors plugin may be challenging for non-technical users to install and configure. Users may need to deal with settings, theme compatibility issues, and author profiles creation, which can be an arduous process for WordPress beginners.

Slow Website Performance: The plugin can impact the speed of your website because of the additional code added for functionality. The extra resources can slow down the website, which adversely affects user experience and SEO rankings, and may need additional optimization to mitigate.

Compatibility Issues: There could be potential compatibility issues with other WordPress plugins and themes. Not all plugins and themes follow strict WordPress standards, which can result in conflicts and unexpected website behaviours.

Limited User Interface: While the PublishPress Authors Plugin offers a range of features, some users find its user interface not as intuitive or user-friendly as they’d prefer. The unfamiliar structure may require a learning curve, and adjustments might be necessary to comfortably use it.

Dependence on Updates: Like any other WordPress plugin, PublishPress Authors needs frequent updates for security and functionality enhancements. A delayed update or a bug in the new version can cause issues, potentially impacting the operation of the website. Users are dependent on the development team for timely and effective updates.

98% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion


In sum, the PublishPress Authors WordPress plugin is much more than a tool to add multiple authors to a post. It's a comprehensive solution that enhances visibility, encourages collaboration, and modernizes the publishing process on WordPress. It accommodates co-authors, guest authors, and introduces the convenient feature of author boxes and extended author pages. Pair that with its extended features of management and tracking and you have a plugin that goes beyond basic WordPress capabilities.

Whether you're a blog owner looking to bring in guest authors, a news site with dozens of journalists collaborating on pieces, or an academic journal publishing multi-author scholarly articles, PublishPress Authors offers flexible, user-friendly and powerful functionality to enhance your publication process. It lends professionalism, authenticity, and credibility to your website content and creates a platform for authors to showcase their work more effectively. The PublishPress Authors WordPress plugin is indeed an essential tool for any advanced WordPress user.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 4.2.1
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 5.5+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.2.5 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Multi-Author Blogs
    For websites that host content from various authors, the PublishPress Authors plugin is invaluable. It allows users to easily assign multiple authors to one post and showcases their profiles in an author box underneath the post. This allows readers to have a better understanding of the contributors.
  • Guest Posts Management
  • Academic Publishing Sites
  • News Websites
  • Corporate Blogging
  • author fields
  • author layouts
  • authors
  • guest authors
  • multiple authors