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The NinjaScanner WordPress Plugin allows users to quickly and safely detect virus & malware on Wordpress websites using advanced scanning technology. Get rid of persistent malware and ensure the security of your website today!
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Very highly recommended!

NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan: A Comprehensive Review

NinjaScanner is a powerful and reliable WordPress Plugin designed to provide website owners and maintainers with an ultra-fast and reliable single-click malware and virus scan. This Plugin allows users to swiftly and accurately scan the entire WordPress installation to detect infections, malicious code and malicious information in a matter of seconds. With NinjaScanner, the user can easily monitor the health of their website, obtaining an accurate indication of any security concerns.

NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan: Breakdown

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NinjaScanner is a robust and reliable WordPress Plugin that provides users with an intuitive and convenient interface to secure and monitor the health of their website. With this Plugin, users can perform ultra-fast scans of their entire WordPress installation with a single click. Through the use of NinjaScanner, a comprehensive scan of the user's website is completed, which uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect malicious code, Trojan Horses, viruses, and other malicious information and content. Once a scan is completed, NinjaScanner provides the user with details regarding if there was any malicious content detected, and provides digestible information for the user on where to take action to address the issue. This Plugin is designed to work quickly and efficiently, providing users with results within a matter of seconds.

In addition to virus scanning, NinjaScanner has a number of other powerful security features, such as wp-login scan, plugin detection, integrated malware removal, and blacklisting. The wp-login scan ensures that users are protected from automated attacks by brute force, while the plugin detection feature looks for malicious code which may have been embedded in plugins, themes, and other aspects of the WordPress installation. Furthermore, integrated malware removal makes it easy for users to eliminate any malicious code which has been detected, while the blacklisting feature ensures that any compromised websites are promptly removed from search engine results.

Pros of Using NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan

Secure WordPress Websites: With NinjaScanner, users can be sure that their WordPress websites and blogs are kept secure. The plugin performs a real-time virus and malware scan of the pages as soon as new content is added, providing an extra layer of protection and alerting users to any potential threats. In addition to that, it detects any malicious code, backdoors, and other malware that might be present.

Comprehensive Reports: Within the plugin’s dashboard, users can view a comprehensive report of all security issues that have been detected. This includes information such as the URL of suspicious links, files, and pages that contain malicious code, as well as the severity of each issue. This report can also be saved as a text file for later reference.

Email Notifications: In addition to the detailed scan reports, users can also receive email notifications if suspicious activities are taking place on a website. This enables users to identify and respond to threats quickly, while also allowing them to track the history of their website’s security status.

Automatic Scanning: The NinjaScanner plugin is designed to provide users with ongoing protection against viruses and malware. As such, it performs automatic scanning on an hourly basis, scanning for potential threats and newly added content, enabling users to ensure their sites are kept safe.

Easy to Install and Use: Installing and using the NinjaScanner plugin is extremely easy. After the installation has been completed, users can then configure the plugin to their liking and begin the scan process straight away. Users can also customize the settings to adjust how often scans are performed and the type of files that need to be scanned, as well as many other features.

Cons of Using NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan

Lack of automation: The NinjaScanner plugin does not have an automated system for scanning and update the website if it is found to be vulnerable. Thus, users need to manually scan the website and update the site for security.

Limited Scan Range: The NinjaScanner plugin is limited to scanning WordPress core files, themes, and plugins. Other types of files and pages on the website may not get scanned.

Increased Memory Usage: Using the NinjaScanner plugin can increase the memory usage of the website due to the large size of the malware database. This can slow down the website and use up resources.

Possible False Positives: The NinjaScanner plugin can produce false positives due to the complex malware database and the limited scan range. This can result in misdiagnosing the site’s security issues.

Lack of Real-time Scanning: The NinjaScanner plugin does not have real-time scanning capabilities, thus users need to manually scan the website whenever they want to check the security of the website.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

Overall, NinjaScanner is a powerful and reliable WordPress Plugin which is designed to provide website owners and maintainers with a convenient one-click malware and virus scan. This Plugin performs an ultra-fast scan of the entire WordPress installation, offering an accurate determination of any security issues. Additionally, NinjaScanner also boasts a range of other security features, such as wp-login scan, plugin detection, integrated malware removal, and blacklisting. By leveraging the features of NinjaScanner, webmasters can ensure that their website is secure from malicious content, providing them with the peace of mind that their website is always safe and secure.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 3.1
  • Last Updated: 8 months ago
  • Installs: 30,000+
  • WP Version: 4.7.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Enhanced Data Securtiy
    NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan provides a comprehensive security solution for WordPress sites, helping protect against malicious code and malware. By scanning your site on a regular basis, users can be assured that any potential security vulnerabilities are immediately identified. The scan can also be used to detect and remove any malicious or suspicious code or software found on your site, providing superior data security.
  • Comprehensive Audit Reports
  • Automatic Update Reminders
  • Threat Detection Alerts
  • Automatic Backups
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  • protection
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