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Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget plugin for WordPress is a powerful and easy to use all-in-one WordPress widget to increase user engagement and optimize content visibility. It offers features such as responsive design, custom layouts, multilingual support, and more.
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Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget: A Comprehensive Review

The WordPress platform continues to be a dominant force in the design, development, and publishing world today. With the help of plugins, users can add a variety of extra features and functionalities to websites, making them more powerful and customized for different purposes. The Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget Plugin is one of many of such plugins that can be used to quickly and easily make some added customization to any WordPress site.

Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget: Breakdown

Widget options interface

The Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget Plugin is a great option for those wanting to make some extra customization on their WordPress website. It is easy to use and set up, and can be activated with just a few clicks. With this plugin, users can quickly add a series of informational widgets to their WordPress website. These widgets can include categories, featured images, related posts, comments, popular post, social icons, and most recently viewed posts. This plugin also allows for customization of the settings; users can choose whether they want the plugin to display the most recently viewed posts or they can choose to only display posts from certain categories. Other features include the ability to add custom CSS and HTML to display a custom display of posts. Additionally, the Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget Plugin has a feature that allows for multiple categories in a single shortcode, making it easier for users to group and display posts.

The Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget Plugin also provides a way to save time while designing a website by allowing users to create a default widget configuration, which will bring consistency and branding across posts while the website is being updated. Plus, once the plugin is set up, it can be automatically updated with every new post in the category, without having to manually update the configurations.

The plugin is also SEO friendly and ensures that the content is optimized for Google searches. This allows readers to find the content easily, while giving search engines a way to more quickly categorize the content. Additionally, the plugin also offers a mobile responsive design, which makes it easy to view the widgets on any type of device.

Pros of Using Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget

Easy to Setup: Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget is one of the few WordPress plugins that can be easily installed and setup. The straightforward instructions provided with the plugin offer a breeze-like experience to get started. The plugin is also easily compatible with other WordPress plugins and themes, allowing users to easily use and customize the widget without any problem.

Rich Features: Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget offers a great variety of features. It presents users with a way to upload images and create galleries for displaying visually stimulating content, as well as a range of options and layouts. Moreover, users can also easily customize fonts, color scheme, and style of the widget. They are also provided with multiple options to control the visibility of the integration with specific pages.

Increased Control: The plugin allows users to have a greater level of control over the content they display with the widget. This includes the ability to customize the look and feel of the integration, as well as setting options for pages that the integration should appear on. In addition, it also gives users the flexibility to add different types of content such as products, polls, and reviews.

Quick Performance: The plugin helps users to easily manage their widgets and integration without having to worry about performance issues. The widget won’t slow down the website in any way due to its lightweight codebase and easy-to-use options. This ensures a smooth and fast loading of pages, resulting in better user experience.

Added SEO Benefits: If used correctly, Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget can potentially give users added SEO benefits. By customizing the widget to include appropriate keywords and titles, users can enhance their SEO score and increase the likelihood of appearing on search engine results pages.

Cons of Using Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget

Improperly Forms Database Structure: When using the Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget, it is possible for users to accidentally form their database structure incorrectly. This could cause the plugin to fail to store data properly, which could result in lost data and dysfunctional features. Additionally, users may not have enough technical expertise to form their database correctly in the first place.

Difficult to Troubleshoot Errors: Since this Smart Widget plugin is so powerful and complex, it is often difficult for users to troubleshoot errors by themselves. Troubleshooting individual error messages may require users to have some degree of technical experience or to seek out assistance from an outside source. This is especially true for larger projects that may require more advanced troubleshooting.

No Support for Latest WordPress Version: This version of the Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget plugin is designed to work on WordPress versions prior to 5.0. Users who are running the latest version of WordPress may find that the plugin may not run correctly, as it may fail to store data properly, cause conflicts with other plugins, or fail to properly render certain elements.

High Cost for Basic Features: Compared to other WordPress plugins, the Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget is relatively expensive. For what might seem like basic features, users may find that it is more expensive to purchase this plugin than other alternatives. This may put a strain on budgets for users who are looking for a more cost-effective solution.

Difficult to Customize: Due to the complexity of the Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget plugin, it can be difficult to customize for individual WordPress websites. Users may be overwhelmed when trying to make custom changes to their website, as the plugin may require more technical skills than the average user has in order to make the desired modifications.

100% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget Plugin is a great tool for WordPress users wanting to add some extra customization to websites. It is easy to use, and can be quickly installed with just a few clicks. The plugin also enables users to save time by allowing them to create a default widget configuration, and allows for automatic updates with every post in the category. Plus, it’s also SEO friendly and mobile responsive, making it easy to view and read content on any device.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.5
  • Last Updated: 10 months ago
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.3.2
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • Display Personalised Products
    The Meks ThemeForest Smart Widget plugin allows you to display personalized products to suit your customers' needs. It uses your store's inventory to identify the most popular products and curates a selection specifically for each visitor, depending on their behaviour. This ensures that your customers get what they need, and helps you increase sales and maximize your profits.
  • Manage Content Easily
  • Track Conversions
  • Cross-Device Compatible
  • Integrated Analytics
  • affiliate
  • envato
  • Marketplace
  • themeforest
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