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Meks Smart Author Widget is a powerful WordPress plugin that adds author bio with and easy to use widget and shortcode. Perfect for small or large websites, it comes with many options for customizing backgrounds, fonts, typography and more.
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Meks Smart Author Widget: A Comprehensive Review

Writing content for a website can be a hectic task. It requires a lot of planning and organizing, and even after taking precautions, the author would want to get their content right the first time around. In an effort to help writers create better, more effective content, the Meks Smart Author Widget WordPress plugin has been created.

Meks Smart Author Widget: Breakdown

Widget options interface

Meks Smart Author Widget is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that helps users generate better content with enhanced visuals and ratings. Essentially, the plugin creates author’s boxes and profiles that include images, summaries of articles, and useful links that help viewers understand the author of an article. In addition, the widget provides control to users by allowing them to hide or display items such as profile photos, biographies, titles, social links, and post details.

The plugin provides useful statistics and data that help the author gauge how well his or her content is doing. Analytics such as the total number of views, likes, and comments can be collected and displayed. This helps the author monitor their progress and the overall success of their work.

The Meks Smart Author Widget also has support for custom post types. This means that posts of any type, including blog posts, product descriptions, and reviews, can be tracked by the plugin. Users can get an in-depth look at how individual posts are faring in terms of readership and engagement. The widget also supports rich snippets, making it easier for search engine crawlers to accurately index the website’s content.

In addition, the plugin also offers a library of pre-made templates for users who want to quickly create a stunning author’s box. There are various layouts to choose from, including one-column, two-column, and three-column designs. Each template is highly customizable and can be further tweaked with the help of HTML and CSS codes.

Pros of Using Meks Smart Author Widget

Increased User Experience: The Smart Author Widget plugin is designed to improve user experience by providing interactive and helpful features on a WordPress blog or website. This plugin can show users related posts and author data in author boxes, auto-linking authors to their social media accounts, and displaying recent posts from the same author. This plugin also allows users to save posts as PDF files and print them easily. This functionality helps users enjoy more streamlined and tailored experiences while browsing the website or blog.

Improve Visibility: The Smart Author Widget plugin helps improve a website or blog’s visibility by displaying author bios and posts, as well as social media profile links, in prominent locations. This feature encourages readers to explore more of the website’s content and become better acquainted with authors as well as what they have to offer. This could lead to increased click-through rates on content, improved reader engagement, and ultimately better website rankings since search engines might feel the content is especially relevant or helpful.

Increased Engagement: The Smart Author Widget plugin is also great for increasing reader engagement. Its auto-linking feature allows authors to make their content more engaging and relatable to readers. This plugin also makes it easier for readers to stay connected to their favorite authors and access their posts in one central location. This approach could help authors build relationships with their readers and create a loyal following in the long run.

Easier Customization: The Smart Author Widget plugin boasts an easy to use interface that makes customizing aesthetics easy and fun. It is packed with neat features such as customizable fonts, colors, and layouts. This customization option means that authors can tweak their content display to perfectly match their website’s design and make sure it looks professional and smart.

Time-Saving: The Smart Author Widget plugin saves authors time by simplifying the process of displaying their content. It is also easier to install than other plugins since no coding is required. This plugin also offers automatic updates, which saves time by making sure the software is always up to date with the latest features. Overall, this plugin enables authors to streamline their content display and save time creating engaging posts.

Cons of Using Meks Smart Author Widget

Lack of Integration: The Meks Smart Author Widget plugin is only available for WordPress, and so it is not yet integrated with other major CMSs or plugins. This means that if you are looking to add author information and bios to other platforms, you may have to do so manually.

Less Flexibility: Meks Smart Author Widget offers a fixed set of options and features, rather than allowing you to customize the plugin to suit your needs. This can limit the amount of flexibility that you are able to build into your website, and limit your ability to make use of the plugin for more advanced uses

No Support: Meks Smart Author Widget does not offer any formal support. This means that if you have problems with the plugin, or want to discuss potential modifications or additions, you will have to resolve any issues yourself, without the aid of any kind of support handbook or online community.

Non-Standard Code: Meks Smart Author Widget does not follow industry coding standards, which can cause compatibility problems with other plugins and themes. This can make it difficult to explain to developers, as they may be using different coding conventions than are used in the plugin, and can lead to problems such as extra scripting and formatting errors.

Niche Uses: Meks Smart Author Widget is limited in the types of authors that it can track. This means that it is only suitable for a specific type of author list, such as a music artist or book author list. It does not offer the ability to create lists featuring a wide variety of topics and authors, which limits its usability.

90% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Meks Smart Author Widget plugin is an effective tool for authors who are looking to create more engaging content for their WordPress websites. It provides useful data-mining and analytics tools, supported with an easy-to-use interface and numerous customization options. With its pre-made templates and support for rich snippets, the plugin ensures that each article gets maximum visibility and readership.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Last Updated: 9 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.1.4
  • PHP Version: N/A
Use Case Examples
  • The Ultimate Tool To Manage & Track Contributors
    Meks Smart Author Widget is the perfect way to manage and track multiple contributors to a website. Writers and contributors can easily be managed and tracked through the powerful settings panel. This will also help to keep track of the authors and what content they have contributed. It also offers a great insight into the performance of the authors and their posts, making it easier for website owners to assign tasks and pay contributors accordingly.
  • Layout & Design Options To Enhance Content Quality
  • Customize Widgets To Your Audience Needs
  • See An Overview Of All Published Content
  • Effortless User Profile Customization For Authors
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