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MainWP Child Reports is a WordPress plugin that helps you keep track of your child sites with customizable reports and quickly access essential information. It provides detailed reports, together with easy-to-understand summaries, helping you discover issues faster.
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MainWP Child Reports: A Comprehensive Review

MainWP Child Reports is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easier for website owners and administrators to monitor their sites’ activity. With a few clicks, users can get detailed reports on their websites’ performance, security status, plugins and themes, as well as other important website data. MainWP Child Reports is a great tool for any WordPress user who wants to keep track of their sites performance and security.

MainWP Child Reports: Breakdown

MainWP Child Reports allows users to quickly and easily access detailed and comprehensive reports about their websites’ activities. With this plugin, users can access real-time information from their back-end interface. Through the use of powerful filters, users can get data for specific dates, time periods, and parameters such as server configuration and user agents. Additionally, users can customize their report with different labels and colors.

MainWP Child Reports also enables users to compare their website’s performance over time. Reports can be displayed in multiple views, including a graphical layout with color-coded bars illustrating the different parameters. This makes it easy to spot any discrepancies and take action as soon as possible. Furthermore, the plugin offers several options to export the report in various formats, like CSV and PDF.

MainWP Child Reports is also a great resource for website security. The plugin includes an impressive list of security features allowing users to monitor their user accounts and detect malicious activity. MainWP Child Reports will quickly alert users to any possible security threats, allowing them to take appropriate action and keep their sites secure.

MainWP Child Reports also provides detailed information on the plugins and themes installed on the site. Users can easily keep track of their plugin versions, page speed, and other vital stats. Additionally, users can get recommendations on which plugins are currently best for their particular sites. This makes it easier to make informed decisions about plugins and themes.

Pros of Using MainWP Child Reports

Focus on Essential Data: MainWP Child Reports provides a user-friendly and easy to access set of data and reports available that can help the user stay informed about the performance of the website and services. The reporting system simplifies the data down to the essentials, only presenting the most important or most expensive data points, making it easier to identify trends or changes in performance. This allows users to focus on the essentials while also allowing easy access to detailed reporting.

Remote Connectivity: The MainWP Child Reports plugin allows for easy integration with other websites and services that may be hosted or located in different geographic locations. With the ability to integrate with remote services, users can get reports and data points from numerous locations around the globe; ensuring the user is always informed on the changes in performance no matter where the services and hosting is located.

Time-Saving Features: MainWP Child Reports offers a variety of time-saving features like automated email reports, saving of complex report parameters, and the ability to set and reset report parameters as needed. Additionally, being able to schedule and set the frequency of the reports will ensure the user can stay informed without having to constantly generate new reports and spend time doing so.

Customization Capabilities: MainWP Child Reports provides users with the flexibility to customize and tailor reports to their specific needs. Allowing custom report generation allows the user to focus on the data points they deem most important to tracking and monitoring the performance of their website and services. Customizations make the tracking and understanding of the data much more accurate.

Real-Time Updates: The MainWP Child Reports plugin offers real-time updates on performance, stats, and other pieces of data. This will give users the ability to monitor changes and see differences in data as it changes, allowing for a more proactive approach to performance optimization and problem prevention.

Cons of Using MainWP Child Reports

Absence of Advanced Security Features: MainWP Child Reports is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to monitor, manage and report on multiple WordPress installations from a central dashboard. With this plugin, you can view detailed performance reports of each WordPress site. However, the plugin doesn’t offer any advanced security features and there is no way to add security measures so it’s up to the website owners to add security to their installations.

No Support for Online Stores: MainWP Child Reports doesn’t offer any support for managing online stores with the plugin installed. While some sellers may choose to monitor their stores, they would need to use other plugins or services to do so.

Gathering of Bad Data: The plugin can also be used to set up user tracking which can be used to gather analytics on their audiences. However, the data gathered may not be accurate as it relies on the accuracy of the settings and it might be misconfigured and create problems if left unchecked.

Limitation in Reporting Customization: MainWP Child Reports also limits its users when it comes to customization as reports can be viewed but not modified. While a website owner may have the capability to make changes, the plugin doesn’t offer any way to customize the reports to their own liking.

Lack of Easy Integration: Finally, one of the drawbacks of MainWP Child Reports is the lack of an easy integration with other tools or plugins. Even though it supports some other plugins, the integration process is not as straightforward as with other solutions. This can be a hassle for website owners if they need to use multiple tools and plugins.

86% Highly recommended!

In conclusion

MainWP Child Reports is an invaluable tool for any WordPress site administrator or website owner. It provides detailed, real-time reports with powerful filtering capabilities, making it easy to spot any discrepancies or security threats. It also offers information on plugins and themes, allowing users to make informed decisions about the types of plugins and themes best suited for their sites. MainWP Child Reports is an invaluable resource for any WordPress user who wants to monitor their website’s performance and security.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.2
  • Last Updated: 7 months ago
  • Installs: 80,000+
  • WP Version: 6.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Schedule Reports Automatically
    MainWP Child Reports Plugin makes it easy to automate report generation. It allows users to create custom schedules to have tailored child reports sent out at regularly scheduled intervals. This can be done in the MainWP dashboard, with the ability to select frequency, send different types of reports, and even format the report to ensure it works well with different devices. With this, users can stay up to date on reports from a single place, eliminating the need to log into individual sites to check for reports.
  • Set Authorized Recipients
  • Create Branded Reports
  • Compare Previous Reports
  • Include User Comments
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