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Link Juice Keeper is a WordPress plugin designed to help websites keep and track their link juice, helping ensure they are getting the most SEO benefit from their links. This plugin offers helpful features like link metrics tracking and automatic internal and external link reconstruction.
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Link Juice Keeper: A Comprehensive Review

Link Juice Keeper, or LJK for short, is a WordPress plugin that enables you to track and preserve your link juice when switching from one website platform to another. It’s designed to help you merge two websites together with relative ease and is especially helpful for when you want to transfer content from an old website onto a new one. This plugin is an invaluable tool for any webmaster, because it can make a time-consuming and frustrating task a much simpler one.

Link Juice Keeper: Breakdown

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The Link Juice Keeper plugin has a variety of features that make transitioning between two websites simpler. One of its primary features is being able to preserve your permalinks from the old website to the new one. It is designed specifically to help move content from an old WordPress site to a new platform, such as a Joomla or Drupal site, without losing the link juice from the old website. This can help you maintain your ranking and page authority.

The plugin also provides a redirect manager, which allows you to easily create redirects from the old website to the new website for any links that aren’t migrated properly. Additionally, it allows you to retrieve important data from the old website, including posts, pages, images, and other data, to be added on the new site. This can significantly reduce the time spent trying to transfer content from one website to another.

The LJK plugin is designed to be user-friendly and is extremely simple to install and use. It is a paid plugin, but is worth the investment as it can make the task of switching websites much easier and faster.

Pros of Using Link Juice Keeper

Easy To Use: Using the Link Juice Keeper WordPress plugin makes it easy for any user to maintain their running links, without having to manually keep track of them. By using the plugin, users can quickly and easily keep track of where backlinks and internal links show up on their website. The plugin allows for link tracking tracking from any post, page, and even custom post types. With just a few clicks, users can easily access and track how their links are doing and in which post they are placed.

SEO Benefits: Using the Link Juice Keeper WordPress plugin is a great way to improve website against SEO rankings for important keywords. By keeping track of the number of links that are pointing to a website, users can ensure that any important anchor text phrases are observed, allowing for improved SEO rankings. The plugin also allows users to keep track of link authority score, which is a key indicator of how strong a website's current SEO performance is.

Control Over Links: The Link Juice Keeper WordPress plugin provides users with full control over their links and where they are placed. This ensures that only the most important links are sent out, and that all links are able to reach their intended target pages. This makes sure the website is properly optimised for search engine performance, as well as improving the overall user experience.

Save Time: Using the Link Juice Keeper WordPress plugin reduces the time needed to manually check through pages and posts. By automating the process, users have the time to focus on other tasks, such as improving website content or working on new projects. This saves time that would otherwise be wasted on trying to find out which links are sending the most traffic and how to improve them.

Generate Reports: The Link Juice Keeper WordPress plugin allows users to generate reports on the performance of all their links. This makes it easier to analyse which links are performing the best and which ones need more work. This helps website owners make informed decisions when it comes to link placement and how to improve website performance.

Cons of Using Link Juice Keeper

Cluttered Database: Link Juice Keeper has been known to add an excessive amount of clutter into a website's database which creates strain on the web server and can make the website slow to load. This can discourage visitors from hanging around and make them leave the page without engaging with content.

Requires Regular Maintenance: Due to the consistent merging of similar data in the databases, users need to be cautious about running outdated version of Link Juice Keeper which can lead to lumping posts together and deleting valuable content.

Limits Communication: Due to the fact that Link Juice Keeper is limited to a specific set of pages, it can limit organic communication between a website's pages. This could prevent some pages from being linked and rank lower in search engine results.

Inaccurate User Tracking: Link Juice Keeper works by tracking link juice from one page to another, but this system can lead to inaccurate user tracking data. This inaccurate data can lead to incorrect user engagement analysis and website optimization decisions.

Risk of Over-Optimization: Link Juice Keeper can also be used to over-optimize a website, thus increasing the risk of penalties from search engine algorithms. If a website is not properly optimized, it could risk getting a penalty from search engine crawlers which could result in lower rankings or a complete ban.

92% Very highly recommended!

In conclusion

The Link Juice Keeper plugin offers an invaluable service to anyone who is looking to transfer content from an old website onto a new one. It can help to preserve the link juice from the old website, making sure that rankings, page authority, and other important metrics do not suffer. It also provides a redirect manager to help you easily set up redirected links from the old website onto the new one. Additionally, the plugin allows you to quickly migrate posts, pages, and other important data from the old website onto the new one. All of these services make it much easier for you to transition between websites with relative ease.

Plugin Specifications
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • Last Updated: 6 months ago
  • Installs: 20,000+
  • WP Version: 5.3.0+
  • Tested Until: 6.4.2
  • PHP Version: 7.2 or higher
Use Case Examples
  • Using Link Juice Keeper plugin to Quickly Redirect Pages
    The Link Juice Keeper WordPress plugin enables you to quickly redirect pages to other desired webpages. This plugin is beneficial for SEO as it helps you to pass link juice (ranking power) from one webpage to another. This is useful if you want to direct traffic from one website to another or if you have a page that will be removed and need any link juice accumulated on that page to be distributed to relevant pages. The plugin is easy to set up and use; all you need to do is enter the existing link on the page you want to redirect and the link of the page you are redirecting to. After, you submit the plugins and you are done! It's simple and efficient!
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